1. Joe says

    Why is it that when a gay or bi male artist tries to make it in the music biz, he subscribes to stereotype? It’s ridiculous.

    Oh, and why is Cazwell putting a woman in his video? Is he trying to gain acceptance with all those homophobic young people out there?

    The overall problem is that the music biz is very homophobic towards the concept of male homosexuality. There ARE gay and bisexual men out there in the music charts but their record labels will NOT allow them to publicly state it.

    While I appreciate Andy Towle’s attacks on homophobia in society as a whole, he’s lacking when it comes to attacking the music industry.

  2. Tonez says

    @joe I think you are falling behind on what the music industry is becoming. The industry isn’t one dimensional and all about top 40. Maybe this is just the music he wants to make and have fun.

  3. Phillip says

    Fantastic song. I guess people don’t realize Cazwell does satirical music~ It’s fun, and it makes me laugh: mission accomplished.

  4. Brad says

    Yuck!! I suspect if this guy weren’t good looking and shirtless, nobody would be paying any attention to this awful song.

  5. Michael says

    I’ve had the pleasure of chatting Cazwell up a few times and, if u ever had a chance to talk to him, u would want to lick him up and down.

    Gay men are pathetic when they insist on slamming those they can’t reach.

  6. Wayne says

    @Phillip Totally agree. Cazwell isn’t for everyone, and maybe that is a good thing. Fun song, and for those who like Cazwell, you’ll love it.

  7. atomic says

    I think you have to dig a bit deeper to get Joe’s point. There are prominent, out gay male musicians (e.g., Adam Lambert, Ricky Martin) but it’s exceedingly rare to see that level of visibility combined with a desire to sing *about* loving other men, in the way that heterosexual singers have done since the dawn of pop music. Those that do (Matt Alber, Jay Brannan) tend to be low-profile; they don’t get the big music deals nor do they have the kind of mainstream visibility. They are honest artists getting by on their raw talent, rather than being groomed by the industry to satisfy mainstream tastes. And guys like Cazwell are just satisfying another niche in the way they promote a certain style. He’s simply the modern-day equivalent of the kind of masculinity that catered to gay men in the 90s. It’s just updated with chest tattoos and a rap sound. But it’s not earnest. It’s fluff.

  8. steve says

    this is the kind of song a person writes when they use a lot of drugs and think that living in New York City makes them better than everyone else.

  9. Reality Chek says

    I hardly think some queen with pink smoke caters to masculine men from the 90’s. And clearly he thinks saying “I’m hot” enough times so that someone (maybe himself) might actually believe it. Also, has anyone ever seen this kid or his video or his music anywhere other than this blog? there is no way this kid is successful because unless I come here, I never see his crap.

  10. epic says

    yawn, seems a lot of queers don’t get it…you are making yourselves irrelevant, the world moves on without you, sorry if you didn’t know

  11. Mike says

    Love Cazwell but this song sucks. Who would like it? Probably just narcissistic queens who think that they are the bee’s knees. “I’m Hot”, how deplorable.

  12. Mark says

    I love Cazwell (could stare into those eyes all night and then the next day), but this is just more noise. Give me the old school samples on “All Over Your Face” or “Tonight” any time.

  13. Think 1st says

    Sorry, but the video just reinforces what some heterosexuals think about homosexuality, that it’s demonic. His use of symbolism will only add to their arguments. A completely different and “HOT” video could have been produced, but instead he gave us this??? Really?

  14. atomic says

    @Reality Chek: “I hardly think some queen with pink smoke caters to masculine men from the 90’s.”

    You completely missed the point, probably because you lack basic reading comprehension.

    Cazwell represents the kind of gay pop that is in fashion today, with current trends (e.g., the calligraphic chest tattoos that are even seen in today’s gay male porn models). The same vapid, shallow formula remains the same–it’s simply dressed up in the fads of the time. In the 90s, the ideal gay male image looked different, but what was considered fashionable back then has proven to be just as dated as the mustached look of the early 70s. And the same will hold true here–a few decades down the line, expect a surge in laser tattoo removal, and expect something equally silly to take its place.

    Meanwhile, gay male artists with genuine talent remain largely unrecognized, even within the gay community, and that’s because they’re not spoon-fed to the public as the “hot” thing of the week. It’s a microcosm of mainstream pop culture as a whole.

  15. Eric says

    I certainly don’t think he’s trying to be heteronormative. But the video feels like it’s a class project for a college media course— high concept, and trying to use all of the knobs and buttons. Also, when you have eyes like his, don’t mess them up with special effects.

    The video for Ice Cream Truck was directed by Marco Ovando. But the song was written for the 2010 film “Spork”, a film written and directed by J.B. Ghuman Jr. Ghuman directed this video. Cazwell should really go back to Ovando.

  16. says

    @Yaoi: nah… Die Antwoord isn’t as nice to look at, but they’re more entertaining, their music more original, danceable, unique.

    I was a big Cazwell fan years ago. Lyrics were clever and hooks were infectious. Ever since Ice Cream Truck, not so much. Feels like the over-production is supposed to make up for what’s lacking in originality.

  17. Joe says

    Towleroad- in the future think twice about putting mildly progressive pop/dance music on your site for us to enjoy. It seems most of the people on here are confused and frightened by an artist just wanting to make fun, dance music in time for summer. RELAX EVERYONE.

  18. Rick says

    Man this is lousy — not good for dancing, worthless as music. Give me Socé the Elemental Wizard (best gay rapper ever) over this poser anytime.

  19. Macguffin54 says

    I liked ALL OVER YOUR FACE but most of his work is not up to that standard. This is just kind of annoying. I’m not one of those people who like to be negative or criticize others to make myself feel better about myself. But I have to be honest. I would love to love this song. But it’s far too repetitive. The sound is fine, the energy is fine, but he isn’t really SAYING anything and what he is saying he is just repeating over and over again.

  20. Brion says

    What a lot of discussion about what is just flaming hot pop music! 10 Points for Cazwell!

  21. Brion says

    What a lot of discussion about what is just flaming hot pop music! 10 Points for Cazwell!

  22. John says

    Video, meh… song is a bit catchy and if you know Cazwell, well that’s all there is…

  23. zeddy says

    Love this song. Clearly the commenters on this blog are conservative old farts who only like people like Barbara Streisand.