Where the U.S. Stands on Marriage Equality and Bans: MAP


A new map from HRC indicates the states with marriage equality (solid blue), civil unions (lighter blue), domestic partnerships (lighter blue striped), constitutional marriage bans (gray), laws banning marriage equality (red), neither marriage equality nor a ban (turquoise).

They also write:

As we approach a Supreme Court decision on the Perry case, we’ve put pen to paper and calculated what the various percentages of Americans living in marriage equality states would be if the Court returns marriage to California: 30 percent. If the Court were to find in favor of the “9 State Solution” (now seven states because of marriage victories in two states), it would be 41 percent. Obviously, if the Court were to find in favor of a fundamental right, it would be 100 percen.

Check out the full map with more detailed explanation below:

Marriage Map


  1. ratbastard says

    If it wasn’t for PA and Jersey [especially PA], the northeast would be a solid blue. Maybe we can get the west coast an entire blue, but something tells me Oregon won’t fly.

  2. Jere says

    I get the feeling that Christie isn’t really an opponent of marriage equality so much as an ambitious politician who has his sights sets on national office. And to succeed in the GOP nationwide, he thinks he has to be seen as anti-marriage. And he may be right about that. His stance of hiding behind his religion is cowardly, but I believe he has also said that he wouldn’t stand in the way of marriage equality if there was a push in the courts or via referendum. He just wants to be able to go to the national GOP and say that he did what he could to hold back the tide. So nothing is going to happen in NJ for a few years unless the courts intervene, a referendum happens, or the veto can be overturned. Christie is running for re-election and seems to have no real competition from NJ Democrats…The Asbury Park Press, a major NJ paper, just ran a cover story this weekend asking if the presumptive Democratic nominee (a state senator) is even a viable candidate, due to lack of fundraising. New Jersey is Chris Christie’s world and welcome to it.

  3. Macguffin54 says

    Just because I am THAT guy, your color key is off. I live in NJ and couldn’t figure out if it was considered turquoise or “lighter blue”. But there is no “lighter blue” category on the source map. The problem is there are no domestic partnerships reflected on the map, just civil unions, yet you show both. Just wanted to clear that up.

  4. Patric says

    Jere, I’m not sure whether your speculation as to what Chris Christie feels inside is well-founded or not but what does it matter? In my opinion, it only makes it more loathsome if his sole reason for supporting bigotry and discrimination is political self-interest. The bottom line is that New Jersey represents literally the one and only instance in the entire nation where a single individual is all that stands in the way of marriage equality. The legislature has passed marriage equality and we only need a governor who will sign it. It may be quite, quite unlikely that Ms. Buono can make this a race (though let’s not forget past examples, including the 1997 New Jersey gubernatorial election and the 2009 NYC mayoral election, of seemingly invincible Republicanish front-runners ending up with much tighter races than expected) but, regardless, any LGBT or other progressive New Jerseyite with an ounce of self-respect will do her or his part by getting out to support our ally Sen. Buono. And shame on those who betray our community by supporting Christie.

    Btw, the linked map in fact makes no distinction between states with CUs and states with DPs. The stripes merely reflect that most of the states with CUs or DPs also currently have constitutional bans on marriage equality.

  5. Hey Darlin' says

    For many couples the need for gay marriage comes directly from the governments rules and restrictions about inheritance rights, hospital visitation rights, green card rights and other basic married couple rights not to mention tax benefits. If the federal government isn’t going to do anything to allow access to these basic human/financial rights to gay couples who are already all BUT legally married, due to state interference, I forsee many lawsuits against the grey states.

  6. Hey Darlin' says

    We aren’t blind, we see neighboring states finally allowing their citizens the dignity of having full marriage rights. If the grey states are going to continue to be allowed to interfere with access to federal benefits, they should be held financially responsible.

  7. Francis #1 says

    Chris Christie is an a**hole for his stance, period. He knows there is not enough votes to overturn a veto on marriage equality so he’s basically holding marriage equality hostage in Jersey, although the majority of NJ citizens want it. Very unfortunate, but highlights the importance of voting and canvassing and fighting for equality-minded candidates.

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