1. Brad says

    Meh. After watching Glee project and seeing the really talented people shuffled off I lost interest. Damian McGinty had one of the best voices on that cast and he barely gave him a chance. Lambert? Not such a big deal.

  2. alex says

    Please let Adam play the new choir teacher. I’ve nothing against Matthew Morrison; but, his character has become a horrible person. Send Will and Emma off into the sunset. That way, Jayma Mays can get on a show with competent writers.

  3. Rad says

    Oh good! I was concerned that they could not find someone to portray a realistic Sophomore…

    I gave up on Glee a few years ago. After getting pulled into a great season where Sue evolves to accept the Glee club after her sisters death, only to have all of that revelation tossed out in the start of the next season, I came to realize it’s nothing but cartoon mockery.

    I will not miss it when the plug is finally pulled.

  4. RedRoseQueen1 says

    Some of the comments here disparaging Lambert just prove what I’ve known for DECADES about the gay community, they eat their own.
    He’s got experience, charm and good looks and he definitely has the vocal chops to be a great addition to Glee.Really @Bollux, “Guyliner”?
    It’s really quite simple folks, if you don’t like the man and/or the show,or if Lambert just isn’t the “right kind of gay” for you, don’t watch.

  5. says

    UGH, I like that stupid show for no good reason and it’s just getting harder and harder to stay into it. Maybe he will be like Kristen C. and only do 5 ep (Which she should have joined the show, she was awesome.)

  6. lukebrux says

    Adam Lambert is Mr nobody outside North America, Glee will give him a popularity on world scale. Please think a bit bigger than US , Glee is a world phenomenon watched even in countries where being gay is illegal.

  7. RedRoseQueen1 says

    @lukebrux? Just to PROVE how full of SH*T you and those like you are, HERE:
    Hold on to your hats, folks! As of 1:00 p.m. Eastern time…. The Glee media cycle in alphabetical order!!!!

    92.1 Kiss FM:
    93.3 Coast:–104650/adam-lambert-joining-next-season-of-11472886/
    95.5 Wild:–104650/adam-lambert-joining-next-season-of-11472886/
    96.1 Kiss:–104650/adam-lambert-joining-next-season-of-11472886/
    97.3 Radio Now:–104650/adam-lambert-joining-next-season-of-11472886/
    100.7 Mix (Tampa Bay):–104658/adam-lambert-joining-next-season-of-11472886/
    101.3 WJDQ:
    101.9 Hot Mix:–104650/adam-lambert-joining-next-season-of-11472886/
    102.9 Now:–104650/adam-lambert-joining-next-season-of-11472886/
    103.5 KTU:–104658/adam-lambert-joining-next-season-of-11472886/
    104.7 WNOK:–104650/adam-lambert-joining-next-season-of-11472886/
    107.7 Mix:–104658/adam-lambert-joining-next-season-of-11472886/
    Z100 (New York):–104650/adam-lambert-joining-next-season-of-11472886/

    ABC Action News:
    Access Hollywood:
    Ace Showbiz:
    ActuaMusic (France):
    Aftonbladet (Sweden) *As per Ninni ‘Sweeden’s biggest newspaper':
    American Idol (Brazil):
    Apelzin (Russia):
    BBC Newsbeat:
    Broadway World:
    Buddy TV:
    Carter Matt:
    CBS News:
    Chicago Go Pride:
    Christian Post:
    CNN – Marquee:
    Cosmopolitan (UK):
    Daily Mai (UK)l:
    Design Trend:
    Digital Spy:
    E Online:
    Entertainment Focus:
    Eparsa (France):
    Eska (Poland):
    ET Canada:
    ET Online:
    Filmweb (Poland):
    Formula TV:
    Fuse TV:
    Gala (Germany):
    Gay Soup:
    Glamour Magazine (UK):
    HD (Sweden):
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    Hollywood Happy Hour:
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    IB Times (Australia):
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    Inside TV EW:
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    Liputan6 (Indonesia):
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    Metro (Sweden):!BchUUIw6Ma5bbGAssCD2w/
    MTV (Australia):
    MTV (Finland):
    MTV (UK):
    MTV Buzzworthy:
    MTV3 (Finland):
    NBC Los Angeles:
    NBC Washington:
    NY Daily News:
    Oh No They Didn’t:
    OK Magazine:
    Press Party:
    Radio Nova (Finland):–28972.html
    Reality TV World:–cast-of-fox-glee-this-fall-15033.php
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    @_ninni Adam Lambert in Swedish media today about Glee:


    Svenska Dagbladet:
    MSN Nöje:


    Helsingborgs Dagblad:
    Norrköpings Tidningar:
    Dalarnas Tidningar:
    Hallands Nyheter:
    Motala & Vadstena Tidning:
    Barometern Oskarshamns-Tidningen:
    Nerikes Allehanda:
    Vestmanlands Läns Tidning:
    Norra Skåne:
    Blekinge läns tidning och Sydöstran:
    Hela Gotland:
    Trollhättans tidning – Elfsborgs läns allehanda:
    Upsala Nya Tidning:
    Södermanlands Nyheter:
    Länstidningen Östersund:
    Ångermanland och Örnsköldsviks Allehanda:
    Trelleborgs Allehanda:
    Ystads Allehanda:
    Borås Tidning:
    Gefle Dagblad:
    Dagbladet i Sundsvall:
    Sundsvalls Tidning:

    RequestAdam1h What a wonderful media cycle on @adamlambert joining @GLEEonFox!

    He IS a world wide STAR, you jealous little nobody. (this was only as of 10AM Pacific Time) MORE have reported since then and even TV shows have announced it.

  8. Crasher says

    @RedRoseQueen1 Do you actually think that out of the thousands upon thousands (if not millions) of radio and entertainment websites there are, your little list is all that impressive? Unless Adam brings in the viewers to Glee, which has plummeted in the ratings (just like Adam’s album sales), your list means nothing anyway. You constantly repeating that he is a worldwide “STAR” does not make it a fact. When he was fresh off Idol, he might have been considered a star in the making, but that was long ago. His album sales prove he is not the star you claim him to be.

  9. RedRoseQueen1 says

    Success is not measured merely by “album sales” in the music business any longer and hasn’t been for pretty much the last 5 or 6 years.If YOU weren’t so busy trying to belittle Lambert to make some twisted point to bolster your own twisted agenda, you’d already know this.His talent and name recognition, crashing Twitter and every major and not-so-major news/entertainment outlet around the world reporting about this gives LIE to what YOU wish to believe. In other words, you’re pathetic and delusional.But don’t let a little thing like TRUTH get in your way, “please proceed Governor”

  10. Crasher says

    Well I guess you told me! LMAO Wow, I think maybe you need to get a grip. I mean seriously, I’m worried about your blood pressure. I have found that when someone doesn’t have the facts or truth on their side, they turn to insults, and that is exactly what you did not only to me, but another person here as well. I won’t call you pathetic like you did me because there is no need for that, but I find it interesting that I am the “delusional” one when you are the one spouting so called “facts” and have nothing to back them up other than a little list of websites and such that mention him being on Glee, a show that is way past it’s prime. You are certainly correct that album sales are not the ONLY measure of success, but it’s a pretty darn good indication. As far as the other “facts” you listed…Talent? I don’t deny he has talent. He has a hell of a voice. Name recognition? Maybe in some circles, but at work tonight I asked my lunch mates what they thought of Adam and I had to remind each of them who he is. Crashing twitter? If only his 2,000,000 followers (including me!) would actually purchase his latest album, then that would be something to brag about. Every major and not-so-major news/entertainment outlet around the world reporting on him? Give me a break. You have NO way of proving this and your silly little list earlier is just that – little in the grand scheme of things. Look, I have no problem with Mr. Lambert. I purchased a couple of his songs off his first cd. I voted for him on American Idol and actually think he should have won. I in no way insulted him (or you for that matter) but only pointed out that he is not the worldwide star that you claim he is and that his album sales have plummeted (FACT!). That is not an insult. My favorite artist hasn’t been a “star” for years. If Adam can reverse this downward ratings spiral Glee has been having, then you *might* have something to brag about. And a word of advice. Don’t be so nasty to people. All it does it make one look desperate, vindictive and just downright sad. There are A LOT of things to get upset about in this world and somebody saying Adam is not a star is not one of them. Try not being so rude and more people will be up for having an actual discussion with you. There is no need to respond because I won’t be back to this page. I have other more important things to do with my time than continue conversing with someone that is so clearly looking for a fight. Lighten up.

  11. Epic says

    So I see there is a “debate” well as long as there is the appearance of a debate there really can’t be a consensus can there, silly gays…

  12. Chris says

    Just so I understand, Adam Lambert doesn’t want to do 80s covers…so he goes on Glee? Isn’t that some sort of oxymoron? Did he not count the number of covers Glee produces?

    Personally, I am disappointed that he has been cast in Glee, as I enjoyed the show, but find Adam Lambert to be incredibly overrated. His glam appearance far outshines any musical accomplishment he has made so far. The show has too many different directions now, focusing on the core is what Glee needs, not more Stunt casting.

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