1. johnny says

    Trying to figure out the jeans. Just can’t figure out that particular costume choice for aerial ballet, but perhaps they were toning it down. Maybe next time in a g-string?

  2. Chris says

    Before anyone starts in on Howard I suggest you do a quick YouTube search for ‘Howard Stern Gay Rights/Marriage” the man is a huge supporter, very sympathetic to the cause, has regularly called out usages of the word f*g in recent years. Not to mention that his audience is mainly straight men. Anyways…..(rant over) as a Howard Stern superfan I can’t in good mind say anything about this clip. Agt talk has taken up so much of the Stern Shows time since Howard joined. It’s really put a damper on the shows quality, and then with Robin broadcasting from home…ugh. I think he’s only doing agt because of his lawsuit with Sirius.

  3. Dave says

    And once again, the gay community is the butt of a joke from two men straining hard to prove their hettie natures. Both guys are horribly sexist on this show.

    The act by the two guys was a mediocre acrobatic act at best; only interesting to the masses because they happened to be two men. If we want to be equal, we need to be judged equally, and we don’t need this kind of straight snark about ‘gay love’

  4. ratbastard says

    Stern is still around. This guy has done some genuinely horrible, and genuinely mean spirited things, to get the $ he has today. Giving an occasional back handed compliment doesn’t cut it. This is a guy who obviously will do anything for a buck, no matter how low, and no matter who gets hurt. He’s one step above Al Goldstein.

  5. says

    @Dave, the awkward interplay of human sexuality will always be funny. ALWAYS. We are belching, farting sacks of meat that get really really uppity about stuff. There is humor everywhere.

    Also EW, kissing either Howie or Howard.

  6. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    y’know, Dave, your comment says much more about YOUR attitude toward gay men than that of the two judges. Both of these men have been good to gay contestants, and Howie Stern has, for a many years now, shown himself to be a friend of gay people. As to the act, we didn’t see enough of it for you to decide if it were mediocre or not.

    I’ll finish this posting by saying that I bet everyone you know–gay and straight–crosses the street when they see you coming.

  7. Moz's says

    would have rather watched their whole routine as vs the edited version…now have to google the full version

  8. will says

    “Giving an occasional back handed compliment doesn’t cut it.”

    “Phuck the straights and their condescending jocularity”

    “Both guys are horribly sexist on this show.”

    This thread is one of the reasons I dread coming onto this site. People with biased limited information who are then very quick to draw conclusions.

    Howard Stern is an unconditional supporter of gays and gay rights and gay marriage and has been for a long time. He was a loud vocal supporter of gay rights in the 1990s. He embraced gay marriage during MA’s Supreme Court decision.

    Question: Where do mean-spirited & bitchy gay men get off calling straight allies “sexist”? This place is full of mean-spirited not-so-bright people spouting absolute truths.

  9. Rick says

    Not terribly surprising. Both men are well known Liberals. And liberals are notoriously homophobic. They pretend to be for our rights only for publicity and public approval. But when it comes down to it, these people are secretly disgusted by the effeminate gay men that are so popular in today’s society. Perhaps if we dropped the charade of acting like women, straight men would respect us and take us seriously.

  10. Jack M says

    Can’t believe Howard didn’t go in for the smooch. Howie would have freaked out, though, because he’s germ phobic.

  11. will says

    I love how the posting bozos here SCREAM when anybody uses the slightest slur word against them, yet they have absolutely no problem throwing straight supporters right under the bus.

    The gay movement needs activists like some of the posters above like we need a hole in the head.

  12. ratbastard says

    I wasn’t really referencing Stern’s attitude towards gays when I posted my previous comment. I mean the guy’s attitude in general, at least as far as his show and public persona is concerned. He’s a sleazebag. He’s responsible for doing and saying many very demeaning things in the name of humor and his $show$.

  13. doug105 says

    @rick And liberals are notoriously homophobic.

    Compared to conservatives who think we should all be in gay rehab, jail or some kind of death camp?

    Troll it somewhere else.

  14. Icebloo says

    Howard Stern is one of the biggest supporters of gay marriage and has been for years. I think he would have kissed Howie if he thought Howie would have been OK about it.

    As much as I hate Mel B I have to admit she has been a huge gay rights supporter too.

    It may seem like this was all an attack on gay people but silly things like this actually help us. When the majority of people see this on TV they see we can laugh at ourselves and we aren’t a threat to anyone.

  15. Kenneth says

    Poor rick/jason troll, it must be a really quiet day at your favorite glory hole your tragic vitriol has been all over Towleroad today. Maybe the local police have boarded it up, or you’re just so disgusting that even the closet cases who frequent such places won’t go there for fear of running into you. Either way it’s a shame we have to read your nonsensical B.S. I think all the methane from squatting in public toilets has seriously affected your brain.

  16. MIKE says

    Most all my gay friends loved this segment and love the four judges who are ALL gay friendly. I love howard and especially Mel B. All of them have been positive advocates for gay rights