Al Qaeda Militants In Yemen Target Another Man After Accusing Him Of Being Gay

Coming just days after Al Qaeda gunmen shot and killed a Yemeni man accused of being gay, it appears another man has been attacked under similar circumstances.

AFP reports:

YemenSuspected Al Qaeda gunmen shot and wounded a Yemeni man accused of being a homosexual, days after killing another one, a security official said on Saturday.

Mohammad Saeed, 25, was standing outside his home in Huta, the capital of the southern Lahj province, when a gunman shot and wounded him, the official said.

Ansar al-Sharia is the local branch of Al Qaeda in Yemen where the network, although weakened, is still active mainly in the southern and eastern parts of the country.

During their control of areas in south Yemen, the Islamist militants imposed a strict version of Sharia (Islamic law) on residents, executing or lashing those they accuse of various crimes.

No further details on Saeed's condition have been released.


  1. jim says

    It’s just so hard to muster any kind of response to this, other than the usual “how horrible.” The feeling of horror is real, don’t read this as snark, but after years of DAILY reports of violence in that part of the world (shootings, bombings,
    whether against gay or straight), I’m just left with a jaded view of the entire area. It just seems there is such a low regard for life there, especially considering that Islam is supposed to be a religion of peace.