1. Adam says

    If Lady Gaga is so gay-friendly, why doesn’t she collaborate with openly gay male singers? What’s she afraid of?

    Almost all female singers since Madonna have exploited gay men for their money. We’ve been used.

  2. Brian1 says


    I don’t understand the point of using all these different identities if you’re just going to recycle the same tired points you’ve made hundreds of times before under your own name. At least change some of the words if you want to make believe that these are really different people.

  3. jim says

    as long as she’s done with RedOne, I’ll give this album a listen. the previous production was totally lacking innovation.

    oh, and Adam/Jason, when an ‘artist’ uses their sexuality to gain traction, they’re usually not all that great/worth collaborating with. (I know that sounds kinda dark, but its true)

  4. ripper says

    What a complete mess. I read that wordy nonsense three times, and I still can’t tell what the name of the single is.

    I love that her record label hires an outsource marketing firm to build an app, and she calls them TechHAUS. Sure, Gaga, you have developers on your staff full-time. Are they also the backup dancers?

    It’s also fairly amusing to think that all her batshit crazy insane little monsters are going to join the community on this app, and she thinks they’re going to bring “art culture.” High-larious.

    PS: Pet Shop Boys already titled an album PopArt.

  5. papi_chulo says

    “Wrote Gaga: “Altering the human experience with social media, we bring ARTculture into POP in a reveres Warholian expedition…”

    Well it was her god awful fans on social media that altered my view of her. She used to be enjoyable to me, now she is just a try-hard who condones her fans terrible behavior.

  6. N says

    Ripper, gaga and her manager have their own tech startup that has investors like google. They’ve built a social network backend on which her littlemonsters(dot)com site is built on (search for Backplane)

    Also anyone that collaborates with her closely is part of the haus. Terry Richardson who’s been photographing her on tours for a while is also considered part of the haus.

    Lastly, Popart existed before the pet shop boys album, and Gaga’s concept is to bring art into popular culture, not the opposite (like turning soup cans into art)

  7. ripper says

    Oh please. So Gaga has invested some of her millions into a tech startup that Eric Schmidt, not Google, has also invested in. It still doesn’t mean she has some developer branch as part of her drag queen-inspired “haus.”

    And Terry Richardson is a world-class scum bag.

  8. dj says

    I’m interested in hearing it, but still remain skeptical. And with a “rage of electronic passion and fury” it sounds like she’s once again copying Madonna.

    But I’m also reminded of a few years ago, just before the release of the “Born This Way” disaster, oops, I mean, album… Gags said “it’s going to be the album of the decade!” Hmmm… we’re still in the same decade… so I guess ARTCRAP isn’t gonna be as good as her last effort. Oh well!

  9. Donald says

    @Jim… when an ‘artist’ uses their sexuality to gain traction, they’re usually not all that great/worth collaborating with. (I know that sounds kinda dark, but its true)

    You mean like Mick Jagger, Eartha Kitt, Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury, Annie Lennox, PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, Jim Morrison, and on and on…all of these people used sexuality to draw attention to themselves. Or did you mean sexual preference?

  10. ew says

    You old f*ggy madonna stans are disgusting…always bashed gaga always will….keep badmouthing her hiding behind your screen losers…while she STRENGTHEN her influence in the MUSIC INDUSTRY.

  11. ripper says

    Oh, goodie, the Little Monsters are arriving with their foul mouths and incessant homophobia, all things their idol preaches against. Irony alert.

    It’s look the good ol’ days when David Archuleta fantards used to flock here.

  12. ew says

    Tell me things that madonna did for YOU gays…she once said EXPRESS YOURSELF. but that was for women to dominate their husbands…sorry gays never for you.

    So far Gaga,
    1. Attended the2009 national equality march and spoke against inequality.
    2.Cancel Target deal for being antigay.
    3. Attend grammys with discharged gay troops
    5.Who can belittle the message of BORN THIS WAY.
    6.Met President to discuss equality.
    7. FOUNDATION inspiring kindness,bravery.
    8.Change the national anthen to LAND OF THE GAYS.

  13. tinkerbelle says

    Inez and Chicken Vindaloo have a reputation ? Yeah, for being stoned most of time. Nothing special, their “output”. Gaga isn’t doning anything new here, musical “artists” have been combining art and music since day one. Patty Smith is a relatively good recent example, although maybe one would consider her as not “pop” enough. Besides, wasn’t it reported yesterday on this very site that JayZ is doing a song cycle thing at Gagosian gallery at this very moment? Yawn, why don’t you all just jump on the bandwagon.

    That said, I think she looks fab in the photo (ready for some glass-blowing anyone?) and I am not even remotely a fan.

  14. Chris says

    Here is a Madonna list for you “ew” – and this is what I found in just a couple minutes.
    1. Madonna began promoting a SAFE SEX message as early as 1987 in her Who’s That Girl Tour.
    Madonna releases a commercial “Love Won’t Protect You” in 1988 for Musicians For Life.
    2. Madonna included a SAFE SEX message in her Like A Prayer cd booklet.
    3.Madonna releases an AIDS awareness commercial 1989
    4.Madonna speaks at the AIDS Dance-A-Thon in 1991
    5. 1990 – SAFE SEX brought up in Blond Ambition Tour.
    6.One Blond Ambition show is a charity show for AMFAR
    7. Madonna discusses ‘outing’ and Queer Nation in 1991.
    8.Madonna accepts AMFAR award 1991
    9.Madonna goes topless at a Gaultier AIDS benefit – 1992
    10. 1992 – “In This Life” about AIDS on Erotica and performed on Girlie Show with a speech about AIDS
    11.Madonna appears at AIDS Walk LA in 1998
    12.2012 – Madonna speaks on gay rights in Russia and gets sued

  15. Redebbm says

    Why does this always have to devolve into a anonymous battle between Gaga and Madonna? The cynical comments here is so tiresome. Enjoy the music or don’t. Stop the “my artist is better than yours” tirade that bores us all, and actually add something new to the conversation. I like both of them. A lot of people do. I don’t have to assert one is better than the other because I just listen.

  16. simply taste says

    Gaga is the Martin Luther King Jr of the gay community. Madonna was the one who helped spread AIDS and plenty of her old haggard fans are still dying from it.

  17. Tom says

    i lol’d at the idea (as expressed in an above comment) of Gaga’s foundation inspiring kindness in the gay community

    really? I dont seem much kindness from the gays who are blatantly racist, misogynistic, transphobic, and bi-phobic. its kind of funny really.

  18. Bryan says

    @Tom: not sure what your point is. Can you point out an example where someone trying to spread a message reached the ENTIRE community? There’ll obviously always be people that are different.

  19. Bryan says

    And Ripper sounds like the typical bitter Madonna fan who has a reverse obsession with Gaga, don’t worry, there are loads of your type on the internet.

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