1. bandanajack says

    i am NOT blaming the victim, but do we have to continue picking up strangers and bringing them into our homes? i’m not that bright, but i got over that 3 decades ago. i don’t want to die at the hands of a stranger. i risk getting piled on by saying i don’t walk around town, even cold sober, at 3am any more either. if i want to risk my life i’ll take up cliff diving.

  2. Kevin LS says

    bandanajack is right.

    This kind of stuff happens a lot more than people realize.

    The number of missing persons continues to explode, and I believe many of them are gay.

    The FBI released a report in mid or late 2012 that estimated that gang member numbers increased 40% in the last 2 years.

    There are thousands and thousands of Matthew Shepard types of crimes every year, and most of which will never be known, as I believe, because most of them are missing.

    And most of use ‘gays’ don’t want to deal with that reality because we already have to deal with so much negativity from oppression and persecution that will just can’t take anymore sometime.

    If you’re gay, and not a gay rights activist, you need to become one, myself included.

    Someone has to put these pieces of trash in prison, and we can’t count on law enforcement and the government to do real due-diligence in all cases.

  3. ratbastard says


    There are bad gay and bi men and women with bad intent, who prey on gay and bi men and women. Not every murder of a gay man involves an evil homophobic ‘straight’, less still gang initiation.

    Is it a wise thing to leave a bar with a stranger you’ve only slightly know and go home with him? No, it’s not.

  4. ratbastard says

    Guys who do things like what this murderer did are usually desperate, often serious drug addicts, excons, etc., He and pretty much everybody else know perfectly well there are CCTV cameras all over the place and in this case he was observed by witnesses and cameras leaving the bar with his victim, entering and leaving his victim’s condo building. They do it anyway. Go figure. Hopefully, somebody who knows him, and maybe needs to cop a plea for their own criminal charges, will rat him out. Or he’ll get caught some other way and claim it was an accident or some such BS.

  5. Nick Pierdomenico says

    They arrested this guy yesterday. He admitted to beating the victim in the head with a hammer then cutting his throat. Such a horrific crime.

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