1. Jack M says

    Why isn’t he busy figuring out how to divert more of the Church’s money to avoid paying penalties in pedophile lawsuits? That’s all he seems to be good at doing.

  2. mike/ says

    why is this man still the ‘leader’ of the U.S. church after the recent revelations of what he did in Milwaukee to cover up & also hide money in the abuse scandal? he is no pillar of society; he should be a pillar of salt to use an Old Testament metaphor.

    btw, this entire sex thing with the church, not just lgbtq but non-missionary, can all be traced back to Saul of Tarsus. his epistles stated that everyone should give up sex for Jesus with one the exception being to have a kid. really stupid thinking back then & totally out of historical context given the Roman world.

  3. says

    because that “above all things, love thy neighbor” is just too gosh darn hard.

    *massive eye-roll*

    even the Pope’s comment is mediocre, at best. who cares what a Pope thinks? these dudes believe that Gandhi and Anne Frank share a holding-cell in “Hell” for not accepting “Christ as their personal savior and the one true son of God”

    it speaks volumes about where we are as a society that an online ticker-tape parade gets thrown when a major religious leader makes a statement that is only barely less-homophobic and ignorant than his thoughts of the previous day.

  4. renovato says

    So, Mr Dolan we are still “intrinsicly disordered” and an “abomination” yada yada ya, but for now you’ll be all nicey, nicey because you want our money to offset what you’ve spent on defaming us and attempting to prevent us having equal rights and to help impose your “heavenly doctrines” on us and every one else in America; with the force of law, (and contrary to the constitution, because gods law is above all that nonsense) and you need to refill your coffers after having to defend your “religion” from covering up for your child abusing clerics.
    Let me tell you Mr. Dolan Instilling in children and young people a sense of inferiority for who they are because of their sexuality is pure and simple child abuse too and causes immence harm and thats before your attempts to prevent secular anti-discrimination laws – but you love us really…
    Nah, not buying it Same nonsense different “tone”, but then not so much.

  5. JoyZeeBoy says

    You don’t get to be the cardinal archbishop of New York by being “Mister Sweetheart.” You get it by sticking knives in other priests’ backs — even the back of the pope – smiling the whole time.

  6. HereinDC says

    I saw this interview this morning live.
    You could tell Charlie Rose was almost quite dumbfounded at what was coming out of the boobs mouth. Charlie gave him at lest 4 opportuntities to try and say what we all THOUGHT what the Pope meant. BUT DOLAN….Dug in his heels harder to EXPRESS “his own” opinion

  7. Bebo says

    What a relief that the bad guy rears his ugly head after the Papal mutterings. Gays need these bad guys, or they have no reason to get up in the morning. It sharpens their inbred rage, from a lifetime of non acceptance since June 2013.

  8. Michael says

    Give me a flipping break. For once I wish someone would say, “Look, it’s obvious you’re totally gay. Isn’t that a bit hypocritical of you?”

  9. northalabama says

    he can take his book of old jewish bedtime stories, along with his invisable friends, and go preach somewhere else.

    and, the next time he hears voices talking to him, or he decides to talk to himself, i want him sent to a professional for evaluation.

    oh, and the cult he helps lead, along with brainwashing activities he participates in, should be prosecuted by the local authroities as hate crimes against gays.

  10. walter says

    shouldn’t he be in jail for cover up of sexual abuse of a minor , diverting money, fraud , and obstruction of justice. just another bigoted self loathing closet case, sounds gayer than marcus bachmann

  11. Geoff says

    Balderdash. Begone, Dolan – you have no power here. Religion gazes up and kills – then rolls over in martyrdom if the killing is interrupted. Please.

  12. MateoM says

    Dale is just Rick/Jason. Our resident troll’s normal, properly worded looney responses aren’t getting him the same response anymore, so he has devolved into this Dale character.

  13. Pete N SFO says

    I saw the interview live as well… let me say first, I LOATHE his Excellency. That said, I suspect he got the memo b/c this was the least inflammatory, most conciliatory interview I’ve ever seen him give. I actually had to wait for them to put his name on the screen, I was in such disbelief.

    I suspect, Dolan understands, with all his PR debacles & showings of privilege (he took a private jet to Rome & back) that he himself may be a target of Pope Francis, a man known for humility & who clearly intends to clean up some of the ridiculous politics of which Dolan is most definitely a part of.

    If he ends up out on his ass, I suspect many will smile w/ relief.

  14. anon says

    The church always uses tons of nuance when they change doctrine. When the church changed its mind about the guilt of all Jews in the death of Jesus, they had to put a mighty spin on it, otherwise, the course change would have been too great for the masses to handle. It took about 100 years.

  15. Rob says

    Dolan was also on the Today show. They preceeded his interview with a segment of “person on the street” commentaries – most were wonderful – how great it was that the chruch might move in teh direction of valuing all people and stop focussing on sin and deviance. Except for one a guy from Chicago who talked about teh “sins against nature” of gay marriage and (poor thing he couldn’t stop himself “teh deviance of homosexuals” – he came across as a bitter, hate-filled person. So, of course, Dolan selected him out for praise in recognizing the “true nature” of the Pope’s comment. It won’t happen, but I would love for the Pope to say, “No, Cardinal I meant what I said.”

    Talk about teh gay mafia, hah the str8 mafia has their work cut out for them bringing this popr around.

  16. Bob says


    Why are we not picketing every catholic church, before the bishops mess with the next round of States trying to pass equality?

  17. Caliban says

    I wonder if Pope Francis knows he has a self-appointed “translator” of his message in America?

    Dolan is right in that what Francis said was basically in keeping with previous statements by the church, that *being* gay is OK but having gay sex is not. But he ignores the many divisive and hateful statements by Pope Ratfvcker and Francis’s CLEAR attempts to move on from that to a more positive message, one of humility, concern for poverty, and stepping away from the forefront of (ultimately secular) social issues. What did Francis have to say during France’s hissy-fit about gay marriage? Not a word.

    Look. Pope Francis is the head of the Catholic church and he is NOT going to become a gay rights supporter. The Catholic church are second only to geology when it comes to change and sometimes tectonic plates move faster!

    But in addition to whatever direct power a Pope has it’s also a “bully pulpit” (literally in this case) not unlike the US Presidency. The Pope sets the tone for those beneath him. Pope Benny took shots at gays every chance he got and that empowered Dolan and every other Cardinal to issue their own p!ssy missives, threatening to withhold communion from marriage equality supporters, purging schools of gay teachers, etc.

    I’m not Catholic, but from the moment he took office I think Francis has been trying to position himself as the anti-Rat. He refused to reside in the opulent and isolated Papal quarters, deciding instead to live in a dormitory with other priests. He had Benny’s gilded throne (and it *was* a THRONE) removed and replaced with a simpler (though still impressive) wooden chair for his “audiences.” He’s said that priests (like Dolan) need to stop using fancy cars and basically living like kings. He went to Brazil without using the bullet-proof “popemobile.”

    IMO, *FOR A POPE* he’s about the best we could ask for after the Nazi POS who just left. To me it seems as if he’s trying to be less divisive, focusing instead on other, more important things, and I doubt he appreciates Dolan using this as an opportunity to reiterate his usual homophobia, the exact divisiveness Francis is trying to avoid.

    And why wasn’t Dolan asked about his emailed recommendation to hide church money in a cemetery upkeep fund so it wouldn’t be accessible to priest-child-abuse victims? If you’re going to have him on a show why let him limit the discussion to what HE wants to say? He has a LOT of sh!t to answer for and it’s poor journalism not to challenge him at all.

  18. Ken says

    As the pope urges his cardinals to be less ostentatious, his biggest battle will be with Dolan, a gluttonous, money grubbing prelate who can never have enough money for himself. Luxury is his middle name. Poor pope is stuck with folks like this.

  19. aregeejay says

    I simply have no concern whatever way the camera points concerning Miss Dolan. She is a publicity whore, making the rounds of New York media, keeping her name before the public for the next Papal election.

  20. Bob says

    I keep suggesting that Gays, their friends and families protest in front of every catholic church, and, particularly, the residences of Dolan and Cordileone (prop 8 author, bish-queen of San Francisco now)


  21. Rich says

    What the HELL (if you believe there is a Hell) is he talking about?

    “irreconcilable with the nature and the definition of marriage as established by Divine law.”???

    Sorry honey, but last time I checked, the mantra of “one man-one woman” is entirely created by humans. I guess when you are Cardinal for a long time, you get to stop studying and you forget things. Even I, as a novice on spiritual studies and an ex-Catholic, know that marriage in the Bible (which is supposedly the direct “capital W-Word of capital G-God”) is not about love, not about sex, not even primarily about family. It is about ownership – a contract to obtain another human being, and all that comes with them. Dowries, treaties, land mergers… it’s all about commerce. Continuing a family’s blood line was important, but that isn’t about family, it’s about survival, and it wasn’t done one man-woman couple at a time. The only reason Adam and Eve (if you take that fable as history) were a heterosexual monogamous couple is because there was nobody else around – and look how that turned out.

    To the best of my recollection, though it has been a long time since I read any of it: if you take the capital W-Word as law by following the actual text of the Bible, then polygamy IS part of the divine law. So is forced marriage. So is selling your child to another person for marriage – in effect, slavery. In many cases, a man “loving” his wife is actually a man “favoring” one wife over his many other companions – and often it doesn’t say that they are all women!

    Attributing all of this man-made narrow-mindedness about marriage to “God” – hmmm, smacks of Pride to me (capital P because they say it is one of the “deadly sins”).

    Love the sinner, hate the sin is an impossibility, by the way, because you can’t love and persecute someone at the same time. Like hugging your friend so you can reach around and lift their wallet. Or more to the point, “I’m only killing you because I love you!” Most people I know of who have said that are incarcerated because they are criminal or locked up for being just plain looney.

    Mediocre as the new Pope’s message might have been, it is at least an honest interpretation of what the Catholic religion espouses to be about – “Who am I to judge?” Usually Catholic leaders say that is supposed to be God’s job, but then they go around policing everyone, making sure everyone is nicely pre-judged. Maybe they are trying to make God’s job easier?

  22. Jerry6 says

    Why don’t these dress wearing so-called “Men of the Cloth” go out and really earn a living by doing something productive; Like street sweeping, or Garbage Collection, or being a Nurses Aide in a Hospital. You know; really help people.

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