Julie Chen Says She is ‘Offended, Hurt’ by Racism, Homophobia on ‘Big Brother': VIDEO


On yesterday's episode of The Talk, Big Brother host Julie Chen discussed the racist, homophobic, sexist remarks that contestants on this year's show have been making.

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Said Chen:

Gries"When I first found out that Aaryn, who is a 22-year-old girl, made anti-gay, anti-black, and anti-Asian comments, I have to be honest, you know...the Asian ones hit me the most. I heard about her describing Asians as 'squinty-eyed' and 'go make a bowl of rice.' She said that about Helen, who is Chinese and in the house. It stung. I took it personally. I'm a human being. And the really sad part was, it took me back to the 70's when I was growing up in Queens and when I was 7 years old getting bullied, being called a 'chink', and people pulling their eyes. But it took me back so many years, and I thought to myself, 'Wow, I haven’t heard comments like that' —  year is 2013. And then I felt ignorant. There are still people in the country who feel that way and act that way? Yes there is, yes there is. And afterwards, it just made me sad because she’s 22 and she’s college educated."

Watch a supercut of all the bigoted remarks HERE.

Chen says that CBS aired the remarks because it is now driving a story:

"CBS and Big Brother showed it because it is now driving a story. It is now affecting how the other players want to see her gone. You know, if it didn’t drive story, and it didn’t have a dynamic on what it is to the elements of the game, it maybe, you can’t just put it in there and say, 'Judge her, everybody.' It has to have to do with the game and the rules of the game...She and the other houseguests have no idea that it has made national headlines."

Tmz_chenTMZ caught up with Chen as well, asking her how she felt about the remarks:

"Personally I was offended. I was offended by all the comments - the anti-gay, the anti-black, but especially the anti-Asian ones for obvious reasons. I think she's young. I'm hopeful that when she gets out, she reads the headlines and that 'll force her to change the way she thinks."

TMZ also asked if Aaryn's modeling agency was right to fire her. Responded Chen:

"I don't know anything about the modeling world. I don't know if she's that famous enough that people will associate her face with those comments."

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Meanwhile, Spencer Clawson's mom insist he's not a bigot. Spencer has praised Hitler and called the gay contestant "Kermit the fag". Spencer's mom insists his bigotry is inspired by peer pressure:

 "Spencer really is a great guy. This is not a guy that’s a bigot or a racist. And he’s not that way at home. He's a great guy...If you're in a group, you go along with the group talk and that is what is happening with him...This is a reality show. The purpose of the show is scheming behind each other's backs."

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TMZ also caught up with Chen: