1. throwslikeagirl says

    No one… NO ONE… even comes close. I believe in life after love. Not sure if I believe in life, at least as we know it, after Cher!

  2. GMB says

    a) Someone needs to learn how to edit a video.

    b) It’s hilarious how DULL gay Americans are when we host parties. I’m a perfectly proud American, but all you have to do is step foot inside a straight dance party — or any gay party overseas — to realize how depressingly blasé we are. Especially in things like the Pier Dance (or any major circuit party). For a community that’s supposedly so over the top and “fabulous,” the reality is that most gay parties in America consist of everyone standing around step-touching and trying not too look too outlandish. Are they butching it up? Are they all just zombified from the drugs? Who knows, but I’m praying a generation of younger gays can actually allow themselves to cut loose and have FUN, just for the heck of it.

  3. Drew says

    I was there. It was an average performance with absolutely no mention by Cher of the support she receives from the gay community or the progress made this week with the supreme court rulings. I just felt she could’ve had a few words of thanks or congratulations.

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