1. andrew says

    jenny took one seat…

    two are opening up with joy and Elizabeth departing…

    and another will be open next year with barbara’s announced retirement in 2014

  2. SpunkyBunks says

    Now that Hasselcrack is gone, I might give it a go if Margaret goes on. Are they getting rid of Sherri yet? She’s another boring idiot that needs to go.

  3. Thomas says

    I would love to see Margaret talk about her open marriage and sex with trans people and watch Sherri Shepherds Christian head implode.

    Do it Barbra, get Margaret on The View!

  4. Randy says

    Jenny McCarthy? The woman who popularized the idea of opposing common-sense vaccination, which resulted in up to 1,000 children dying from diseases those vaccines would have prevented?

    What kind of people run that show?

  5. DK says

    Margaret Cho in the Joy chair would be awesome. McCarthy obviously fills the revolving conservative chair formerly filled by Hasselbeck.
    I would love to see a story about the positive outcomes of the HPV vaccine while McCarthy is there. And if there were to exist an HIV/AIDS vaccine, that would be even more interesting with McCarthy there as well.

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