Colbert Skewers FreedomWorks, Who Told Young People To Burn Their Nonexistent Obamacare Cards – VIDEO

Colbert Obamacare

What's currently posing the biggest threat to you right now? Is it homophobes in Russia? Some sort of terrorist group? Is there salmonella contaminating vegetables again? No. According to FreedomWorks, it's healthcare.

As Stephen Colbert says to his audience: "you gotta lock your lungs and batten down your colon...because Obamacare is coming."

The much-debated individual mandate takes effect at the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2014, a fact that recently sparked outrage from the uber-conservative nonprofit FreedomWorks. Who cares if it has already started decreasing premiums in 11 states? Such nit-picky details are irrelevant. Among the many ways that FreedomWorks encouraged supporters to express their indignation was to "burn their Obamacare cards", similar to protests during the Vietnam War in which young men burned their draft cards. What's that you say? Obamacare cards don't exist? DETAILS! IRRELEVANT!

Fortunately, FreedomWorks offered a solution. They'll create the design for a symbolic Obamacare card that protesters can print out themselves and then burn. Of course, Colbert finds that gesture to be a little too symbolic. He quipped...

"FreedomWorks is opening up a whole new world of fighting symbols of injustice that don't exist. You know what? They should rent a bus, order themselves to sit at the back of the bus, then refuse to sit at the back of their own bus!"

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