1. J says

    Love this project. Coming out stories are what inspired me to come out and find the motivation. This was lovely.

  2. Klien says

    Very nice work they are doing. We have to get our message out to gay youth that it’s ok to be gay and many of us have come out and experienced amazing joy.

  3. Two Dads says

    I totally love this. I work with LGBT young people with the trevor project and so many use the internet as a tool to help with the coming out process and clips like this help that platform.

  4. Truth says

    Fakeoutrage is a poster named Zeta. Please look up their trolling history on this site. Just another religious nut job trolling on here, but we need to expose the trolls to disqualify anyone taking their BS serious. It’s coming from a hetero troll pretending to be gay. Read their posting history.

    You’ve been exposed Fakeoutrage/ Zeta/ will