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Dan Savage Plans To 'Keep Inseminating His Husband And Keep His Fingers Crossed' For A Baby: VIDEO


Dan Savage stopped by Real Time with Bill Maher yesterday to discuss a bevvy of issues that comprise what Maher called this year's big "surge for 'gay.'" Referencing his article, "I Can Die Now," Savage spoke about the very real financial penalties, vulnerabilities and persecutions that gay couples face on a daily basis. He explained that for fifteen years he lived in constant fear of the huge burden his husband and son would face should he die, leaving exorbitant inheritance taxes not unlike those incurred by Edie Windsor. It was only when the Supreme Court ruled section 3 of DOMA to be unconstitutional that Savage felt a massive weight lifted off his shoulders.

The conversation, which in typical Real Time fashion, covered a broad swath of issues, next touched on Savage's adoption of his now fifteen year old son. At the implication that he and his husband could not biologically have a baby without some outside help, Savage remarked, "I'm always telling people who say two men can't make a baby, anything is possible for God. I'm going to keep inseminating my husband and keep my fingers crossed."

Watch Savage shine and make sure to tune in around the 2:46 mark as he shares his plans for procreation while Grover Norquist glares disapprovingly in the distance AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. bill should have savage on as his cohost all the time, or at least on a weekly basis.

    Posted by: bandanajack | Jul 20, 2013 4:59:36 AM

  2. This is perfection! Oh my god, Dan, I adore you!
    You totally rocked this entire interview. Love, love, love....

    Posted by: Marc | Jul 20, 2013 5:00:01 AM

  3. Social security survivor benefits are tens of thousands of dollars EVERY YEAR. Over time, that's an incredible amount of money lost

    Posted by: rick scatorum | Jul 20, 2013 6:14:19 AM

  4. Funny and instructive.

    Posted by: lukebrux | Jul 20, 2013 6:46:01 AM

  5. Perhaps he's doing them naked. Hopefully

    Posted by: Steve Talbert | Jul 20, 2013 6:57:28 AM


    Posted by: Westwood | Jul 20, 2013 7:37:03 AM

  7. It was surprising (not) that the very anti-tax Grover Norquist stayed quiet about inheritance taxes for gay married couples.

    Posted by: Phoenix Justice | Jul 20, 2013 7:43:21 AM

  8. "He explained that for fifteen years he lived in constant fear of the huge burden his husband and son would face should he die, leaving exorbitant inheritance taxes not unlike those incurred by Edie Windsor."

    And this is why blacks are offended when (white) gays pull the 'Just Like The Civil Rights Movement' card. If inheritance taxes and financial penalties are your most crushing worries, you are living a truly blessed life.

    Posted by: Zeta | Jul 20, 2013 7:51:29 AM

  9. Off topic: how many gay men admit to being the inseminated one, instead of doing the inseminating? Has a study been done on traditional sexual roles in gay and lesbian relationships?

    Posted by: Zeta | Jul 20, 2013 7:54:27 AM

  10. Dan Savage sounds like Jennifer Lopez...not good!!

    Posted by: Alan Brickman | Jul 20, 2013 8:25:10 AM

  11. Gee..Those "Rich Gay Problems" are soooooo awful.....

    Posted by: Ankerich | Jul 20, 2013 8:26:30 AM

  12. Excellent. However Dan Savage needs to refrain from calling people names. It hollows out who we all are. Let people like Santorium do that.

    Posted by: gunther | Jul 20, 2013 8:48:39 AM

  13. As a big fan of Real Time, I am sometimes disappointed with Bill's choice of some conservative guests, especially mouth-breather Norquist. The show was going south until Savage got on brought some real to Real Time. The insemination part was unnecessary but the look on Grover's face was priceless!

    Posted by: azm | Jul 20, 2013 8:50:54 AM

  14. Social Security survivor benefits are not RICH WHITE GAY PEOPLE problems. Everyone who is married is entitled to them. How myopic!

    Posted by: John | Jul 20, 2013 8:58:16 AM

  15. Great interview, and also, Wooooof. Have y'all seen his husband? Okay, so picture that getting seeded. #icant

    Posted by: Munro | Jul 20, 2013 8:58:47 AM

  16. Gee Zeta, I wonder if Oprah Winfrey discussed her most pressing financial issues if most black people would relate. Does that mean that Oprah isn't really black or does it mean that her personal financial issues aren't real? The vast majority of gay people don't have Savage's money and our financial worries are very different than his. Is it that you personally missed that point or are you trying to make the point that OTHER people are unable to realize the obvious?

    Posted by: TampaZeke | Jul 20, 2013 9:04:08 AM

  17. The "rich gay problems" also include being able to inherit a rent-controlled apartment from a spouse, get their social security benefits if they die, visit a loved one in the hospital, have some say as to what happens to their remains when they die--do those "not-rich gays" NOT want these rights? Yes, the financial issues are one thing that's discussed, especially when people like Grover Norquist are on.

    To those of you who have issues with the "rich gay problems", I'd say, if not for the "rich gays" like Edie Windsor fighting for everyone's rights, DOMA would still be the law of the land.

    Posted by: kdknyc | Jul 20, 2013 9:05:48 AM

  18. Surely to god there must be one other gay in the village who can speak, surely!

    Posted by: Ray | Jul 20, 2013 9:08:48 AM

  19. Savage does look good - great shirt, and those arms...

    Posted by: bravo | Jul 20, 2013 9:18:15 AM

  20. Meh Savage is whatever. His husband tho.

    Posted by: Munro | Jul 20, 2013 9:28:35 AM

  21. Even Grover had to crack a smile.

    Posted by: rjp3 | Jul 20, 2013 9:33:39 AM

  22. This interview was almost perfect, Dan is an eloquent speaker, and I agree with every point he made.

    I do think that the inseminating comment was over the top, and unnecessary, but at least it will really bother homophobes and that's a good result.

    As an elderly gay man I understood what he said about those of us that came out 30 years ago.

    Ever since the glorious day when DOMA and H8 died I've had this powerful sense of relief. It's good.

    Posted by: Steve Rider | Jul 20, 2013 9:39:47 AM

  23. Zeta - you are a fool.
    Gay men have been jailed and lobotomized in recent history for being gay.
    They loose jobs and are disinherited or just cut off from families.
    Again - there is a candidate for Gov of Virginia trying to make anything but straight vaginal sex illegal.
    Wake the hell up.

    Posted by: rjp3 | Jul 20, 2013 9:47:59 AM

  24. can't wait to read their son's growing up memoir in a few years.

    Posted by: my2cents | Jul 20, 2013 9:52:57 AM

  25. Dan has the best shtick around. JT

    Posted by: dards | Jul 20, 2013 9:57:18 AM

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