1. says

    “…. Ceded to these Nine tyrants…..”

    And this delusional creep thinks he believes in the Constitution. Was the Supreme Court and its nine justices ratified by the States ?

    I’m so relieved that he loves us sinners but hates our sin -our self destructive behavior ?
    Old man your name will live on the lists of bigotry forever.

  2. Mike Ryan says

    All I can do is laugh at this fool. His bigotry is so incredibly hateful and ridiculous. He has no idea what the Constitution says and means and for that, I can only laugh at the buffoon.

  3. jexer says

    Fishhead… you idiot. Behavior may be a choice, but ‘preference’ is not.

    And identical twins have a 50% chance of both being gay if one is gay. Fraternal twins, chances are 10% if one is gay, both will be.

  4. mike says

    Why should we care about his opinion? We already know that he is a highly toxic individual.

  5. JONES says

    Somebody please make a dub loop of Fischer saying ‘I am for homosexuals’.

    LOVE me some David Pakman.
    By ‘we’ I mean you.
    Did you cry?

  6. Frank says

    I find the whole “love the sinner, hate the sin” so patronizing. Hey…guess what!?….I don’t buy into ANY of your religion crap, so I’m not a sinner, and I have not committed any sin…so STUFF IT.

    You look at everyone through your lens of religion. But some of us just have nothing to do with your so called “god.”

  7. Rob says

    More predictable BS from the AFA’s head bigot in chief. He is becoming so irrelevant with his fact resistance. He keeps trying to jam his square viewpoint into the shrinking round hole.

  8. plaintom says

    Just viewing the clip I feel the need for a full silkwood shower.Bryan puts the B in bigot

  9. Jim says

    Why does David Pakman keep interviewing this clown? Is he that needy for guests? The man has no influence; nothing he says matters; he’s just an AFA jerk talking to empty air. Why interview him? Why accord him any attention at all?

  10. Richard says

    Why would any self-respecting radio host broadcast the vile thoughts of this bigot?

  11. misha says

    I am curious if the media paid as much attention to the crowd of people who were so opposed to the civil rights movement and sought their opinions on such things as today’s media seems so hell-bent on. As much as she can irk me sometimes, Pelosi got it right…”who cares?”

    Why not interview the people whose lives are now changed for the better, or the droves of couples who have remained together throughout the years; who lived together without such protections and tried to make it work as much as possible and now face a much brighter future. Let’s stop giving credulity to those who are incredulous about our very existence.

  12. says

    Yeah, David Pakman is such excellent boyfriend material, strong, handsome and liberal.
    But about this BS; all the bigots, especially the Catholic Church, have been peddling this BS about loving the sinner….blah blah blah.

    I have never heard them loving us; they have denounced us at every opportunity; they have used a coordinated campaign with other Churches and Evangelicals to try to link homosexuality and paedophilia; they have even thrown a few of their own priests to the wolves by denouncing them as homosexuals and abusers.
    They have put into their Cathecism of Doctrine that homosexuals are “intrinsically disordered”.
    The last thing they want is equality for us.

    These are the lowest of the low.
    Fisher is among them still peddling the BS of loving us as sinners; I agree with Frank, I do not consider myself a sinner; these medievalists are the stinking hypocrites and sinners……..

  13. Paul in Honolulu says

    Did anyone notice how Fischer turned scarlet and was barely able to suppress his homophobic rage when David took him down on his own lie about his self-identification as anti-gay? This is just symptomatic of how Fischer operates, on a mountain of lies, denial and corrupt deceptions. He’s the definition of satanic: one who worships the Father of Lies.

  14. AriesMatt says

    Ugh! I can’t believe I actually made it through the entire video. LOVE David Pakman. Bryan Fischer disgusts me. Such a sad man.

  15. joel says

    The sadness of a diseased mind. Although surely money plays a hand in his relentless cluelessness.

  16. Randy says

    I believe that showing this clown more often actually helps our cause. It’s good that people see what he really thinks and that the whole “traditional marriage” crowd doesn’t give a damn about marriage, but is 100% anti gay.

    I say expose these people — it’ only helps us.

  17. Zack says

    Showing this guy is important. Keep in mind Rand Paul and Ted Cruz as well as Tim Pawlenty and other Republicans have appeared on this guy’s show.

  18. johnny says

    What I really like about Pakman is how he does not denigrate our enemies, but just let’s them dig their own graves by spouting what their truth is. These people hang themselves with their own words and their own hypocrisy.

    In one instance the man is OK with the supreme court decision (guns) but then says they’re tyrants later (gays). By that logic, the supreme court is only good as long as it agrees with bigot Fischer.

    I agree with Pakman continually exposing these hate-mongers for the people they are. This video shows how small-minded his type are so that more people can condemn them.

  19. says

    Quite true, Johnny. Pakman’s approach to interviews runs counter to the “confrontation” mode of the mainstream media. That’s why it’s so effective.

  20. Jaysus Crist says

    Pakman adds nothing to the discourse by having this bigot on. They get to spew their hate, but in a nice way, so they don’t seem so unreasonable. The tactic doesn’t work. These aren’t images of Birmingham police fire hosing and beating civil rights activists; this is a guy who gets a free forum to express bigotry.

    Other than Pakman being cute, I don’t see how his show really adds anything. Free Speech TV needs more Amy Goodman, and less millennial tripe like this. Unfortunately, Goodman’s kind of hard-hitting reporting isn’t exciting and salacious enough for audiences, I suppose, and so now we’ll start to see left-leaning Limbaughs like Pakman pontificating about everything, signifying nothing.

  21. Jerry6 says

    Keep it up David. Every time Fischer opens his mouth, only drivel comes out. He only has bigotry and stupidity on his side.

    Sometimes I think that these people only say what they do because they know there are a lot ignorant church goers that would not know a gay person if they fell over one, but have been endoctranated to fear us like the plagh. sp?)

  22. jamal49 says

    In other words: it’s OK if the decision goes my way; it’s not OK if the decision goes against me.


  23. Hey Darlin' says

    Bryan Fischer is the king of double speak and selective hearing. If he really wants to follow the Constitution then let’s remember that the Constitution is the document guaranteeing us all the right to religious freedom and the right to not be persecuted on the grounds of someone else’s religious ideals. I don’t quantify myself based on anyone’s religious viewpoint but my own, nor should I have to, especially in the United States. Our founding fathers put in place safeguards to protect us from the very people like Bryan Fischer.