1. David From Canada says

    “….People are free to be what God made them to be”. Amazing! And nor do you need anyone`s permission to be what you are.
    Tutu is Tops!!

  2. Gigi says

    I’d gladly spend an eternity in “hell” with Desmond Tutu and other like-minded indivduals than spend even 10 minutes with the likes of Michele Bachmann or Pat Robertson.

  3. plaintom says

    I never have understood why these fundamentalists ever thought spending eternity in the same place as them is a selling point.

  4. will says

    Desmond would get more comments here if he were younger and atrractive and an underwear model.

  5. David From Canada says

    Note To Will: For doing all his good deeds, Desmond Tutu will be a young, attractive, underwear model in his next life.
    But in this life he has much to offer just as he is.

  6. Jaan says

    Courageous and upstanding comments from a respected community leader. Thank you for standing up and speaking out, Desmond Tutu.

  7. walter says

    This what religion is supposed be not the hat bigotry and intolerance of people like pat robertson brian brown bryan fischer or cardinal dolan.

  8. Dw says

    He’s always been inspiring, but this is a new high point.
    Is Mugabe (or any other number of African leaders) listening?

  9. Rowan says


    If he doesn’t get made a saint when he dies (he’s well or into his 80’s??), I will go insane.

  10. Austin says

    Yeah to all theses cynical comments I say this: I would not have commented except to say this, and while I might be more likely to comment on some guy who would give me a woodie or some controversial piece… a year from now I’m more likely to remember that Desmond Tutu said this and not that some guy gave me a woodie.

    Comments, or lack thereof, do not always correlate with the impact of a news piece. There’s no need to say anything on this one, because we all agree he’s awesome for saying it.

  11. Bill says

    @Rowan: he probably won’t be made a “saint” because that is a Roman Catholic thing. Protestants might use the word “saint” informally but there is no procedure for officially making or declaring a person to be a “saint”.

    The idea in Catholicism seems to be that you can route a “prayer-gram” to a recognized saint in Heaven for special handling, so you can have someone on the inside arguing on your behalf. It’s like saying, “You should bet on Glue Pot in the next race – my barber knows the jockey and found out that the race is fixed.”