1. Sam says

    Did the Eiffel Tower just use it’s death ray to zap something and make it explode? That’s so cool.

  2. UFFDA says

    GILBERT – are you saying that the rainbow Eiffel Tower is more about the French Revolution than marriage equality? Is it? To the French I think so.

  3. oakpope says

    UFFDA : No, French news report it as a sign for the marriage equality law. The fact about women of Paris leading a march to Versailles carrying a ten colored Rainbow flag is not at all well known in France.

  4. says

    There’s more history behind the symbolism of the rainbow and the Rainbow Flag than most are aware of . The connection to the French Revolution is an arcane point of vexillographic irony. Surely most would agree that the Eiffel Tower display of Rainbow lighting is a statement about marriage equality in France today.

  5. candide001 says

    It had the rainbow colors for a whole TWO minutes during the fireworks show.

    Don’t forget France is still a very homophobic country despite the socialists getting marriage and adoption through.

  6. spatial79 says

    CANDIDE – you are delusional. France is “very” homophobic” – compared to who????

    France is more tolerant/accepting than 98% of the rest of the world.

    How about ALL of Africa? ALL of the Middle East?

    You’re a moron.

  7. Jerry says

    @Candide Paris has had a gay mayor and they have gay marriage. I live there part time and I assure you that you have no idea what you’re commenting about. Big surprise, here.

  8. candide001 says

    lol. I guess a country where more than half the citizens don’t think gays are fit to adopt children doesn’t qualify as homophobic. (In the US even Paul Ryan has endorsed gay adoption.) While France is tolerant of gay sex, it still has a very strong heterosexist bias and regards gays as inferior. In a recent interview the mayor of Marseille (France’s second largest city) said emphatically that his city was NOT gay-friendly. He said there are a few clubs where “those who approve of homosexuality” can go. But the city itself is not supportive. I live in France half the year too. (As to Paris having a gay mayor, Houston has a gay mayor. I don’t think that means Texas isn’t a homophobic state.)