Dealing with reality is not a big strength of people in general and gays are not the exception. Furthermore, as their impossibilities are increased also are their fantasies, with its pros and cons. A big step into maturity is having leaned to differentiate wishful thinking from reality. Mostly.

  2. Just_a_guy says

    Not very nuanced. Something close to dumb or mere whimsy? And by the plot line, it’s not even clear that the guy he pines after cant reciprocate the feelings; if he just watches him from afar and sees him kiss a girl, how would it be inevitable he’s not bisexual? Further, the subject matter lacks depth: how could he love a guy he only sees from afar.

    Dully, the object of the gaze is merely objectified in this short; the admirer never knows or befriends him. The water bottle scene nearly symbolizes friendship, but even that is treated as off limits. Wierd. Wrong. And stupid.

    Also, it’s cliche to have the gay guy be artsy and the straight guy be all in shape. In my experience with this dilemma, the straight guy is the one who seems gay–hence the initial confusion. But enduring friendships are worth it. Be yourself!

  3. bluedogj says

    So much promise. So little substance. I’m all for artistic expression and innovative storytelling, but this went absolutely nowhere. It was neither charming nor truly dark – either of which would have made this a much more interesting effort.

  4. Jacques says

    To me it’s a sweet reminiscence of something most of us probably experienced to some extent during our youth. No need to analyze it to death.

  5. mateom says

    Needs to be about half as long, with less overbearing music.

    Too much wait for too little payoff. No payoff whatsover, in fact.

    This didn’t merit a posting, not even on Towleroad.

  6. dana says

    Really well done. Who can’t relate to falling for someone you know you’ll never be able to be with? He did a great job using color, music, and basic imagery to help tell the story. Those of us in the gay-geek community know guys who dress/act/look like the video’s dreamer. He’s probably shy… feels self conscious about his looks…and maybe sees his affection toward a slim, outgoing, handsome, and athletic guy as a non-possibility… It’s a sad story but one most of us can probably relate to in some way.

  7. dana says

    @Just_A_Guy…. he doesn’t know the guy’s not bi…but that’s not the point. The guys is obviously interested in someone else; female or otherwise, and his affections will go un-reciprocated. His whole book is sketches of this guy so obviously this isn’t the first time he’s seen him…there’s a story behind the 10 minute video. Also, how is Artsy Gay Guy/In-Shape Straight guy a cliche? The cliche is that gay men are all gym bunnies. It’s not cliche to have the gay be be overweight and unable to dress himself. What’s ironic is that you then posted that someone can “seem gay”…that’s cliche…. Don’t be so hard on this guy… he tried to tell a good story and you just crap on it.

  8. Dback says

    I’m with you, Dana–I thought it was evocative, funny, and bittersweet. Yes, the lovestruck guy came across as a little too intense and over-the-top in his barely-suppressed feelings; nonetheless, everyone who’s never made a complete ass of themselves at least once in life over an unattainable guy, please raise your hands. (Both of mine are currently airborne and waving.) I remember those youthful days of wondering if love was ever even a possibility; many years later, I know it is (and he’s sleeping upstairs as I write this). But every now and then it’s good to look back and remember the rough times, just so we don’t forget them and take the good, happy times we’ve found for granted.

  9. says


    Because artists imitate life.

    But totally creepy and certainly isn’t something I want straight people to see. We don’t need them thinking that every gay guy they see is after their boyfriends. Ugh.

  10. Matthew says

    We have a borderline stalker and of course there is the cliché notion of pining over a straight guy. In the real world of gay man that schlub has ZERO chance with the object of his “affection”.

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