1. Bob in Long Beach says

    The other out member of the city council, Gerrie Schipske, a leading progressive voice in Long Beach, had previously announced her candidacy, before the incumbent announced he wouldn’t seek another term. Schipske was the leading candidate in the race, and on her own seems to have a broader base of support, and she was just recognized by President Obama for work to open up city government.

  2. David From Canada says

    Vice Mayor? Never heard of such a position. Vice President, yes, but a Vice Mayor? Whatever, I wish him lots of luck in his bid to become the new mayor.

  3. Princely says

    I live in LB and know of Garcia relatively well. I will certainly look over ALL the candidates but I hope that Robert can earn my vote.

    Best of luck to ALL the candidates!

  4. PDQ says

    Let’s hope he can put Suja Lowenthal out on the curb! I hear she’s running too, but I’m not sure if her council seat is up for re-election this time.

    Suja needs to stop trading on the Lowenthal family name – she divorced herself out of the family years ago.


  5. One of the CA 36,000 says

    Another LGB resident here…. And with both Robert AND Gerrie running, the choice is tough for me. I like them both! And Gerrie has been fighting for all Long Beach citizens for years and years and years, doing a great job. As Robert has.

    Awful, isn’t it? So much of the country has to choose the lesser of two evils. Now we here in Long Beach have to choose between two worthy members of our Family…!!!

  6. Scooter J says

    25+ gay year resident of LB here. This lovely city is facing significant financial challenges and yet our current city council, Mr. Garcia included seems only focused on green striped bike paths, names of parks, educational farms, etc.

    What is he going to do to bring businesses back to Long Beach? What is he going to do to address the significant gang violence in the city? How is he going to address the absolute financial failure which is the Pike project? What is he going to do about the NIMBYs in this city who block almost every proposed development project? the list of questions is endless.

    Unless our local government stops worrying about outdoor eating and changing our roads to bike paths that no one uses, we will continue our decline.

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