Glenn Greenwald Talks Snowden, DOMA, Denounces Gay Smears: AUDIO

In a wide-ranging interview on his SiriusXM show, Michelangelo speaks with The Guardian's Glenn Greenwald about Edward Snowden and the NSA, and the fall-out that has erupted since Greenwald help break the story on U.S. government surveillance.

GreenwaldGreenwald rips MSNBC in the interview, particularly Melissa Harris-Perry who called Greenwald a "jerk" in an open letter she wrote criticizing Snowden for creating a media firestorm around his personal journey which distracted from the real news.

The interview also veered into gay topics, the HuffPost reports:

During the show, Greenwald also called a recent New York Daily News story reporting on his prior business involvement with a gay porn company "homophobia." The report was meant to "smear" his image, Greenwald charged.

“Adult video and pornography standing alone isn’t enough of a smear to even be worth doing,” Greenwald said. “It absolutely was the fact that it was gay adult video that made it –in the eyes of the New York Daily News and whoever fed it to them — something that they thought was worth effectively trying to attack me with. And I think there was unquestionably an element of homophobia, to be talking about the specific titles, highlighting the homoerotic aspects of it.”

As for Greenwald's plans for the future, the U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) last month may mean he'll return to live in the U.S. with his partner. Greenwald has lived in Rio de Janeiro with his Brazilian partner for the past several years because DOMA prevented them, as a bi-national couple, from living together in the country.

Listen to the interview below:

In related news, Signorile is making a big move within SiriusXM today, moving from the station's OutQ channel to launch its new "Progress" channel. We wish him the best.