Glenn Greenwald Talks Snowden, DOMA, Denounces Gay Smears: AUDIO

In a wide-ranging interview on his SiriusXM show, Michelangelo speaks with The Guardian's Glenn Greenwald about Edward Snowden and the NSA, and the fall-out that has erupted since Greenwald help break the story on U.S. government surveillance.

GreenwaldGreenwald rips MSNBC in the interview, particularly Melissa Harris-Perry who called Greenwald a "jerk" in an open letter she wrote criticizing Snowden for creating a media firestorm around his personal journey which distracted from the real news.

The interview also veered into gay topics, the HuffPost reports:

During the show, Greenwald also called a recent New York Daily News story reporting on his prior business involvement with a gay porn company "homophobia." The report was meant to "smear" his image, Greenwald charged.

“Adult video and pornography standing alone isn’t enough of a smear to even be worth doing,” Greenwald said. “It absolutely was the fact that it was gay adult video that made it –in the eyes of the New York Daily News and whoever fed it to them — something that they thought was worth effectively trying to attack me with. And I think there was unquestionably an element of homophobia, to be talking about the specific titles, highlighting the homoerotic aspects of it.”

As for Greenwald's plans for the future, the U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) last month may mean he'll return to live in the U.S. with his partner. Greenwald has lived in Rio de Janeiro with his Brazilian partner for the past several years because DOMA prevented them, as a bi-national couple, from living together in the country.

Listen to the interview below:

In related news, Signorile is making a big move within SiriusXM today, moving from the station's OutQ channel to launch its new "Progress" channel. We wish him the best.


  1. Eric says

    One thing that has become extremely obvious since this story broke is how the media in the rest of the world has been almost exclusively focused on the actual spying revelations, but the US media has been focused almost exclusively on Snowden and Greenwald, and, in many cases, smearing them.

  2. ratbastard says

    This whole Snowden story smells to high heaven. Snowden’s background, timeline from him being a HS dropout to getting a GED, to going into special operations training as a teenager at army basic training, to breaking his legs and being discharged, to getting a job as a security guard at the NSA {!!!}, to going to work for the CIA with diplomatic cover in Switzerland, to working for a private NSA contractor, to having so much access, to downloading data onto thumb drives {!!!}, to escaping to HK [China] and Russia, the whole thing is absurd. And someone wrote this as a screenplay for a movie or a book, most people would scoff and laugh.

    I don’t know who Snowden really is, who he is really working for and what they’re up to, but it’s not the story we’re all being fed by the Guardian, Greenwald, the media in general.

  3. ratbastard says


    Foreign governments like the Euros, the Brits, Russians, Chinese, etc. ALL DO THE SAME THING. U.S. allies and friends actually benefit very much form NSA spying and they love the fact they do, and have plausible deniability for domestic political reasons. To hear the French and German politicians express ‘outrage’ is hysterical. And the fact the average European appears to actually take everything at face value, and believe they’re squeaky clean while it’s the U.S. that does all the ‘bad’ stuff, is again laughable…and sad; goes to show how brainwashed people are.


    WHY is there almost NOTHING about Snowden’s background and his miraculous rise through the ranks of America’s most secret intelligence organizations, his access to the information he supposedly has, and his ability to download onto thumb drives and walk out the door without being flagged? All this for a guy who was a HS drop out with a GED and who by his mid 20s was a CIA operative with diplomatic cover in Switzerland. Who in their right effing minds believes this story?

  4. Dean Morton says

    Glad to hear that Signorile is leaving OutQ. OutQ, sadly is a terrible station. Bunch of bitchy “queens”.

  5. ratbastard says

    And if the story as presented is actually accurate and true, many high up heads should roll pronto. If this is the case, what’s really going on is a massive cover up to cover up incredible levels of negligence, incompetence, and dysfunctional organizational culture.

  6. Moz's says

    @ Eric how else should the media react when greenwald and snowden constantly MAKE IT ABOUT THEMSELVES

    The most recent greenwald statments about the US should be on its knees due to what snowden has and will reveal is by far not something to help the supposed cause but rather focuses the issue on greenwald and snowden themselves while also turning off the majority of americans……such a statment borders on sedition

    Jonathan Chait an avowed liberal sums it up best

  7. says

    Snowden is no hero in my book. Seems more like a traitor to me. Not so sure that anything he exposed was actually breaking news. If you didn’t already assume all this was going on, then you’ve been living with your head in the sand. As far as Greenwald goes, I’d always sort of respected him before all of this. Now, not so much. Though I am happy he may now bring his partner back to the US, but now I kinda just wish he’d stay away.

  8. AG says

    “Don’t like this guy, don’t know why.”

    But that’s easy. Greenwald is a leftist with principles. While you guys are just low information Dem/Obama hacks. Not surprising that the contrast makes you feel uncomfortable.

  9. Moz's says

    actually AG

    greenwald is not a liberal, he is a libertarian so to snowden by the way

    greenwald is also extremely hyperbolic and illogical = his statements that obama who has limited prism, patriot act, NSA is far wrose than cheney/ bush who started such and in fact was far worse under

    greenwald is a self absorbed libertarian who is very much like ralph nader

  10. franklin says

    Far from being a “hero”, he is a stain on every gay person in America. He will now take advantage of the work of people who care about the country, as he and Snowden and Russian and Chinese agents are in league to harm it and our ability to counter terrorism both here and abroad.

  11. mike/ says

    before all this Snowden stuff following Greenwald was like watching him become the John Stossel & Geraldo Rivera of the left. he was making all sorts of comments that were coming across as off the wall.

    as far as Snowden, i question who designated him a political refugee & dissident. himself? Greenwald? Russia, Assange? China? he’s not committed treason but he sure has questioned the sovereignty of the U.S., much like the teabagges & right…..

  12. Thomas says

    Not that this is the only thing I took out of the interview, but I didn’t know Greenwald was gay. Who run the world? Gays.

  13. anon says

    The CIA has long hired from families with the right connections. The agency was founded by Yalie/Harvard types that all knew each other from boyhood. Not only could they trust each other implicitly, but they could use the insider information to make each other richer than they already are, and help out other cronies in congress and the various administrations. The most corrupt years were probably Truman-Eisenhower, but then reforms put in by Eisenhower and later by Kennedy after the Bay-of-Pigs disaster brought a lot of the insider dealing in line. Almost all Kennedy assassination theories (don’t believe them) involving the CIA point to his ending the careers of many of the founders and their cronies.

  14. ratbastard says

    You know what’s really hysterical? The shills who’ll defend Obama [or fill-in-the-blank] no matter what. Face it; Obama is a hellacious liar, and was/is able to do it with the best straight face money can buy. What the man SAID he was going to do, and what he has done are two entirely different things. But he still has his true believer bum kissers.