1. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    GWBush’s PR advisors counseled him to keep his stupid mouth shut if he wants to rehabilitate his legacy. Opening up issues to debate like how we got caught with our pants down on 9/11, how we turned a surplus into a huge deficit, how we invaded the wrong country, how we let Wall Street rape Main Street, how his brother Jeb suppressed the vote in FL to allow an electoral victory to overcome a half-million popular vote loss, etc., etc…
    cannot bode well for his place in history.
    His lack of action on gay rights is the least of his shortcomings.

  2. anon says

    “I shouldn’t be taking a speck out of someone else’s eye when I have a log in my own,” Bush said last week.

    That’s particularly cryptic for W. What does that even mean?

  3. says

    I always liked him! I know he had some shortcomings, but he had good intentions. Not too bad in the sexy department either! His biggest failing is that he didnt control immigration. Way too many Mexicans here now.

    Don’t know why everyone hates on him. I guess they have their own mental issues to deal with. LOL!!

  4. Richard says

    The moron who broke America is still afraid of offending the social conservatives by offering an unequivocal endorsement of gay marriage.

  5. KevinSF says

    Jonathan Karl is no journalist; he is a lick spittle ass kisser for the conservative movement. Karl and Bush both wish to re-write as much American history as possible to make the conservatives the victims.

  6. Gregoire says

    The Bushes had several gay friends during their years in the White House and in their private lives have welcomed gay couples into their home. But he used anti-gay rhetoric to muster up votes, so I would hardly call him any sort of ‘ally’.

  7. Mike in nyc says

    This is the same evil hater who tried to make gays second class citizens forever by re-writting the Constitution.

    And who ran his re-election campaign on the premise the gays are evil and deserve no rights! The cynicism is appalling.

    Of course given the many many failures of GWB, this is another on a long long list.

    As someone who lives in NYC in lower manhattan I saw exactly how great a job he did on 9/11. The greatest failure in Intelligence ever. Not a surprise considering the source, though.

    Kiwi are you high or is the heat messing with you! I generally agree with you, but think your history re GWB could use a re-fresher! :)

  8. MateoM says

    The fake Little Kiwi posting anti-immigration and pro GWB sentiments is actually just Jason/Rick posting as Little Kiwi. Our troll has literally nothing better to do with his time than to try and ruin the reputation of others.

  9. DerrickFromPhilly says

    No, MateoM. That’s the real Kiwi. Go on his blog and you’ll find plenty of stuff there that is consistent with his comment above. I liked him at first, but now it’s pretty clear that he has issues.

  10. simon says

    His citation of the Bible is applicable to people like Cardinal Dolan who should examine himself first before criticizing others. These are words of a true Christian.

  11. Rafael says

    I strive to forgive. But President Bush’s 2004 election strategy deeply hurt me, and I still hold major resentment towards him.

    I don’t see him trying hard enough to redeem himself.

  12. woodroad34d says

    In effect he’s saying that gays have a problem, but that he has a bigger problem and that’s why he didn’t want to sound like a hypocrite. Well, sorry Dumbo, being gay isn’t problem; yet you still have a whole forest in your eye and I frankly hope you go down in flames. He’s the turd without the blossom.

  13. Luke says

    @Little Kiwi, I’ve always liked him too. He does seem like a good person. I’m just happy he’s out of politics, because I disagreed with a lot of his policies. Go W!

  14. Wayne says

    I agree with Little Kiwi. GWB was a heck of a lot better than the boy who is in the WH now. If GWB did one thing for this country, he cut taxes for the people who are actually productive and useful.

  15. Paul says

    So GWB pushing for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage to help his reelection effort is terrible but Clinton doing the exact same thing by signing DOMA is ok and he is to be forgiven?

  16. MateoM says

    Wayne is probably a self loathing republican and should not be taken seriously. I’m guessing its just another alias of Rick/Jason, who has also taken to posting under LittleKiwi, Derrick from Philly, and my own usernames, because he thinks by ruining our credibility he’ll somehow improve his own.

    Pathetic trolls are pathetic.

  17. says


    I hear ya brother! For all of his other faults, at least GWB understood that you don’t tax the makers in order to give to the takers. My dad worked his way up to be the chief financial officer of a company. He didn’t work his butt off to support a bunch of moochers and welfare queens. But he got hit with huuuge taxes cos we were in Canada. Too bad GWB couldn’t be our President too!

  18. MateoM says

    Wow, fake Little Kiwi. You sound an awful lot like a disgruntled Rick/Jason (as does Wayne). That would be curious if we at Towleroad didn’t already know you are all the same person, posting under different names. You’re a tragic individual.

  19. Josh says

    Yowza! It’s like the RepubliKKKlan National Convention up in here. Good Lord. Way too much wealthy white entitlement for my taste.

    Unless a shitload more of you right-wing nutjob sociopaths become historians, your “boy” W. is destined for the trash bin of presidential history.

  20. V-8 says

    oh…. an ex- cokehead and draft dodger whose wife killed someone with her car, all of this before they were in the white-house… well, yeah, way more than a log u have there……

  21. mikeflower says

    Still no word on why faux journalist, male prostitute Jeff Gannon was visiting the Bush White House those many times?
    Still no word on Bush’s long time “friend” Victor Ashe?
    No comment on Laura Bush’s demand that her pro marriage equality statements not be used in SSM ads?

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