1. dean says

    Glee is going through growing pains. give it a chance next season. Of course if Murphy spun off Rachel and Kurt into their own show revolving around NYC and NYADA, I would watch it in a heart upeat…unlike that thinly disguised homophobic mess, Smash., which tanked from our household watching schedule the minute every single cast member fell around the feet of the homophobic Real-Life minister at the end of season 1.

  2. gregorybrown says

    I also encourage you to see WHITE FROG. It’s a bit mawkish but has a good heart. It also has a brief scene of HS shooting hoops shirtless.

  3. Sam says

    Now that Rachel is loveless and single again, it will be great to see Chang (Harry) dance into her broken-hearted life and Glee again like an Astaire/ Rogers flick. That would shake up the sagging ratings!

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