1. anon says

    The New Horizons spacecraft will reach Pluto in two years and is already sending back photos.

  2. RWG says

    In Ithaca New York you’ll find the Carl Sagen Memorial which does this, only way better. Each of the solar system objects, starting with the sun, is represented to scale and the planets (also to scale) are embedded in Lucite blocks. It’s a long walk out to the end.

  3. t says

    there’s a fabulous to scale depiction of the solar system at Arecibo radiotelescope in Puerto rico. unbelievable

  4. UFFDA says

    Loved his conclusion that, in effect, human consciousness by the reach of its wonder and expanding comprehension is far “larger” than not just the solar system but than the whole universe which is, in effect, subsumed by us as we learn of it. Though we may not be able to get there yet our knowledge of it instantaneously puts it within our “grasp”. That makes us immesurably significant, not insignificant.

  5. brian says

    This video would have been much more informative to the public in general, if he remembered the USA is imperial based not metric.

  6. JohnS says

    Actually, the US isn’t Imperial, it uses US Customary which is based on units used by King George III, our former British ruler, rather than the improvements of 1824 known as Imperial, which we rejected. However, in recent times (1893) Customary has been secretly based on the metric system. A foot is actually 0.3048 m exactly, and all other distances derive from this.

  7. Rob says

    Carl Sagan was a stud. He lived across from our fraternity house in Ithaca (Delta Chi, if you must know.) Spoke to him a few times. I kinda had a crush I think.

    Great idea. I like how astronomy has a place on towleroad. Gives it texture.

  8. Rob says

    But he should have used a large object to simulate the sun, which is very large. By starting with a grapefruit and going to ever smaller comparisons, he muddles the point about distance. I would start with a large exercise ball as the sun, then go to golf ball, etc. He has the scale all wrong.

  9. Lee says

    All the complaining about ‘scale’ by gay men…whom we all know NEVER get ‘size’ wrong online…. shut up and enjoy the nice Vid. Jeez

  10. Raybob says

    The Metric System is the universal mesauring system in science worldwide. The US is the only industrialized nation that hasn’t adopted it as its measuring standard. Which is sad, because it’s way easier to use.

  11. says

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  12. 3D Printer says

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