1. Mike8787 says

    YES. Let’s make ALL consensual adult activity legal. I know you’re trying to be hyperbolic and ironic, but that you hit the nail on the head.

  2. Jude says

    Mr. Huckabee, I don’t know whether you’re a hater or not, but you’re definitely a moron.

  3. Jack M says

    I don’t hate anybody, I just want laws put in place to discriminate against people who I consider to be second-class citizens. Stuff it, Huckleberry!

  4. MarkRocks says

    Why does anyone pay attention to this moron? He believes angels guide his bullets when he hunts antelope. He rejects the silliness of science (including gravity), and described his education as “majoring in miracles, not math”.

    On the other hand, his crazy irrationality just helps our cause more. His frothing arguments and linking of gay marriage to suicide and prostitution help any sane person with the ability to think critically realize the truth: Mike Huckabee is hatred.

  5. kit says

    The world would be a better place if assisted suicide and prostitution were legal. As for the big sodas, I don’t drink them, so I don’t have an issue with them… Like if Huckabee is not planning to have a SSM, he really shouldn’t have an issue with them.

  6. e.c. says

    Mike, just because legalized gay marraige is a “new thing” doesn’t mean that gay couples haven’t been living in long-term committed relationships since FOREVER! Heck, Edie Winsor ( you know, the plaintive in the case you’re blathering about) and her wife were together 40+ years. That’s probably as long as you’ve been married.

  7. Lee says

    “…then we should immediately release those incarcerated for practicing polygamy or bigamy.”

    Does the US (I assume that’s what he means with “we”) put people in jail for poly- or bigamy?!


    I wouldn’t expect anything else from a man who advocated placing people living with HIV/AIDS in internment camps. Huckabee is a freak extraordinaire.

  9. JONES says

    Biblical & natural laws. No.
    ‘SELECTIVE’ interpretation of biblical passages for an audience that won’t take the time to understand your duplicity and a complete avoidance of how NATURE makes homosexuals not only in humans but in hundreds of animal species.

  10. Ken says

    He’s not on the right side of history, he’s history. He’s the past. We’re the future.

  11. Jerry says

    Sorry Mike- you’re full of it as usual. The latest Gallup Poll states that fully 55% of the American public back same-sex marriage. Only your fellow neanderthal republicans are bucking the trend, and still fighting what’s right. But since your newly acquired status as the minority party is probably permanent- it doesn’t matter.

  12. Hey Darlin' says

    Technically he’s right, he’s not a homophobe OR a hater, he’s proven that he’s both.

  13. Hey Darlin' says

    People like Grand Ol’ Mike here surround themselves with ego stroking sycophants and obsess over causes that have absolutely no bearing on their lives. Their coddled minds wouldn’t know what the real world thinks about ANY subject if Jesus himself confirmed it.

  14. Caliban says

    Yeah, for Huckabee to say that “gay marriage is newer than the iPod” is both untrue and incredibly disingenuous. There have been gay pair-bonds throughout all of recorded history and that doesn’t seem to have affected heterosexuality in the least. The ONLY difference here is giving legal recognition and protection to those relationships instead of the law pretending those couples are just “friends.”

    And Huckabee IS a homophobe no matter what he’d like to believe. He’s advocating legal disenfranchisement of gay people and that’s pretty much the definition of the term. Because if that’s the kind of friend he is to the gay community we don’t need any enemies.

    And on a side topic, his time would be better spent keeping an eye on his sociopathic son who beat, stabbed, and hanged a stray dog at a Boy Scout camp when he was a counselor there!

  15. RWG says

    No word on whether former-governor, now just plain Reverend Huckabee, was equally outraged by the Supreme Court “overturning” the will of Congress by gutting the Voting Rights Act or by the Citizens United decision which voided 150 years of campaign finance laws.

  16. Joseph Singer says

    They shouldn’t let some people on the radio. Huck’s one of them.

    They shouldn’t let Pat Robertson on TV either.

  17. says

    But I guess it WOULD have been okay if they had struck down ACA? What a hypocrite! It’s the job of the courts to be a check on the executive and legislative branches. That means sometimes ruling laws and executive actions to be unconstitutional.

  18. EO says

    If the SCOTUS had ruled against marriage equality it would have been “God’s will”. When they rule in favor of equality, they’re “renegade judges” who are “redefining marriage for 300 million people”.

    These GOP people are sad and all these fools will be laughable footnotes in history, if they’re lucky enough for anyone to even remember their names.

  19. says

    Smartphones are newer than same sex marriage. I bet he has a number of relationships with them throughout the years, sometimes concurrently too.

  20. Ted says

    If this clown would open his bible and actually read it, he would find it is FULL of plural marriages. So exactly where does this one man one woman idea come from? Certainly not their “holy” book.

  21. Walt NYC says

    What is so “extreme” about guaranteed equality under the law for tax-paying, law-abiding citizens? Huckabee is just another in a long list of obsolete crybabies who have lost absolutely nothing as a result of the SCOTUS ruling.

  22. john patrick says

    Mike, if you have to keep saying you are neither a homophobe nor a hater, it might just mean that you are both, but that you just can’t admit it to yourself.

  23. dixichuk says

    His “adult behaviors” are choices, just like religion. His rhetoric is warped, just like religion. DOMA is newer than waffle irons and vacuum cleaners, but also newer than playstations, cell phones, imax, Viagra and Mike Huckbee.

  24. says

    The voice of segregation.
    The voice of bigotry.
    The voice of delusional zealotry.
    The voice of craven tokenism.
    The voice of homophobia.
    The voice of a hater.

    And the world and the generations marched on without his stinking siren calls.

  25. says

    Funny how Mr. Huckabee has no issue with the Supreme Court overriding the will of the legislature (and being rather activist while doing so) in regards to voting rights.

  26. says

    Huckabee was so upset he went out and joined his son in their favourite Father Son Activity – torturing and killing stray dogs. Again.

  27. Bayhuntr says

    First, exactly how many people are in jail for just polygamy? And is it even against the law to have 5 wives but only legally married to one? Everyone, gay or straight should be allowed one marriage licence. There is a reason polygamy is illegal and it’s obvious. Don’t play that game tha if gays can marry, so should polygamist. Not the same thing, neither is marring your dog.

  28. Randy says

    He slams the court for it’s decision on DOMA, but he praised the same court for it’s decision on the Voting Rights Act. As usual, the hypocrisy of these people!

  29. Tarc says

    Well, it’s obvious that when you are an ultra!extremist in the Taliban vein like Huckabee, normal would seem ‘extreme’. Of course, reality quickly asserts itself. And Jesus wept… with joy.

  30. Huck is a snake says

    Ironically, if anything, gay marriages help sustain the institution of marriage.

    And everyone should be able to do it, but I’m not so sure it’s good for anybody — the legal commitment part. Child support is a separate issue, and that is because of the very high divorce rate, which is so far a heterosexual activity.

  31. StudioTodd says

    1. He’s not a governor, he’s a FORMER governor.

    2. He’s either started getting some really bad hair plugs put in or he’s using a can of that spray-on hair from RonCo. Either way, he’s not fooling anyone about his hair loss OR his rabid homophobia.

  32. JJ says

    DOMA is newer than cell phones and the Internet, so it hadn’t really earned its place either.

  33. says

    The Huckster can literally blow me, (I mean not really literally, that guy is gross).

    No matter how well you play the geeetarrr Huckster, nobody gives a shite about your opposition to gay marriage. I mean the highest court of the land give you THE HAND. Get over it Huckey.