1. David From Canada says

    Another child born with a royal silver spoon in its mouth in the 21st Century. Really…………
    But congrats to the parents and the new baby anyway.

  2. Strepsi says

    I am also from Canada, and I like them. I like the monarchy. The Queen has been an amazing example of service to her country, and (unlike our own bureaucratic political class) her sons and grandchildren all fulfill military duty. The Queen did over 400 engagements last year, and our Canadian parliamentarians just gave themselves a 3 month summer holiday!


  3. Gigi says

    Let me see if I’ve got this straight. Judicial activism is fine if it involves conservative judges deciding in favor of conservative causes but it’s not fine when it’s not? Got it. Thanks for clearing that up.


    If this newborn is lucky enough he himself will see his grandfather be crowned king by the time he bears a grandson. The queen is not in a hurry.

    In other news, given the impending problems of this world (overpopulation, pollution, degrading arable land, etcetera) the last countries holding such an inherently archaic and unnecessary system will have little excuses to hold them on.

  5. CMJ1013 says

    Correction – this is HM’s third great grandchild. In addition, she has two great grandchildren by her eldest grandson, Peter Phillips (the Princess Royal’s son) and his Canadian wife Autumn.

  6. andrew says

    I admit that as the grandson and great grandson of Irish immigrants and also a religious agnostic, the person who sits on the throne of the United Kingdom is about as irrelevant to me as the person who sits on the Papal throne. At best these two institutions are really just modern tourists attractions and sometimes innocent distractions from the labors of our daily lives.

  7. Fancy says

    I have to second the comments above supportive of the monarchy. While certainly the world would not particularly suffer without them (though England might as a tourist destination), they don’t sit around with their silver spoon up their arses. They spend a large percentage of their life in public service for their country. Would we be so fascinated with the United Kingdom were it not for their efforts to keep it relevant? Certainly they do this in some part to remain relevant, but the reality is, I wouldn’t trade my life for that one. It sounds quite dreadful.

    It is a lot like the complaining people do over the Inauguration here. They fail to note the enormous amounts of money that such an event, however necessary it might be, brings to Washington DC. People spend gobs of money on their fascination with the Royal family. Let them have their fun and stop being such a sourpuss. If they didn’t exist, there would still be just as many poor, starving, and sick people in the world. You’d just have one less decent example of service and devotion.

  8. SamIan says

    Couldn’t agree more, FANCY. Here here!

    And dear “Mike” – not sure what “boring” names you’re thinking of, but I like classic names like William, Charles, Henry, etc. They’re much better than a lot of the trendy, hipster bull$hit names that you see these days…

  9. Kev C says

    The royal family are not role models, because their role can not be modeled. Royalty is an entitlement of heredity, pomp and circumstance, and not merit.

    It’s funny how people can claim to be for equality and yet support the notion of royalty, an unequal lark of birth. And from what I can see, their genetics are not really worth enshrining. Real americans reject the notion of royalty.

    If people support royalty simply for the tradition of it, traditions die. Cavemen traditions and medieval traditions fade out and die, and humanity evolves.

  10. Tom Mac says

    I am always happy when a married couple celebrate the birth of their children.

    And I will pray for them from now on to God almighty to be ever much more involved in upholding His Heavenly Word steadfast in their hearts from now on as did the former King James 1st.

    And I am even as happy as any dad can be too, for God also commanded all of mankind in Adam, commanded us all to go forth and multiply.

    And that Kings and Princess and all those that have rule in a nation to uphold all of His Ten Commandments and not to bring them asunder in anyway. And for that we can be greatful too. For it is through God’s providence that He impressed up on King James’ heart to uphold His decree and by that he ordered by his royal decree that the Holy Word of God in its original languages should be reproduced into his kingdoms English Language, and that decree has never been revoked.

    And on a sad note though, it has come to my attention that the majority of the Royal Family is in association with the Jewish Zionists from its earliest days through their connections with the Free Masons….is this really true. I hope it is not so; but if it is, then may God bring about a much needed reformation and revival of His Commandments and Holy Word through this most fortunate new son and a much needed purging of these occultic brotherhoods down on their knees ocne and for all time.

    For this new born son of this amazing new parents has alot to fulfill under God’s reign from now on. And God will bless him more so, if he sticks to God’s Holy Word and Commandments from now on.

    And again I am very happy for all of them HRH’s Father, Mother and new son, and I will continue to pray for this new and happy family and their success in not bowing down to these occultic brotherhoods and only to our Lord Jesus Christ, which is the best future the British Empire and the Isles of Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Shetlands can ever prosper in and by. Amen. Sincerely.

  11. andrew says

    @Tom MAC: So sorry that you a 21st century man still believe in all that biblical NONSENSE. Yahweh, the warrior god of the ancient Israelites, is perhaps the most vile character in all of mythology. Yep, he is the god who drowned all the little children in Noah’s flood. Incinerated all the little children of Sodom. Killed all the children of Jericho, so he could give the land to his chosen people. Killed the child of David to punish his tryst with Bathsheba. Killed all the firstborn of Egypt to force the Pharaoh to let his people go. People of whom there is no record that they were ever in Egypt. Killed 70,000 to punish David for taking a census. Killed a man for gathering wood on the Sabbath etc., etc. Your god is the most vile invention of the human mind. Yet you and yours spin him into our “Heavenly Father”. How ignorant and pathetic you are!!!

  12. Christopher says

    Pleeeeze! Study this family and what they have given–and what they have taken–from their fellow countrymen. Be open minded and you’ll see that this queen has given more than received.

    Odd, to see Americans commenting on the British Royalty. We who created the Kardashians. Kim, Kris and the rest. Who’s the biggest waste of space? The best of them or the worst of the British Royals?

  13. Lee says

    Andrew get a life people can believe in whatever g-d they want and you have no right to condemn them for that. Fact is atheism such as yours is just as bad if not worst than the zeal of the religious it’s just shows you are a piety child looking to steal attention for yourself.

  14. andrew says

    @Tom Mac: I ask you to justify the above horrific acts and the many, many more documented acts of your warrior god Yahweh in your “holy” book.

  15. andrew says

    @Lee: Answer some of the challenges that I spelled out above instead of just saying “get a life”. That is such a lame response. I do have the right to criticize those who wish to impose their MYTHS on the rest of us and will continue to do so. I’m not really an atheist, I just don’t believe in all the small and silly man created gods of Judaism, Islam, Christianity etc. Can you justify any of these childish gods in the face of the splendor of the universe?

  16. Hagatha says

    Oh Kev don’t pee in the punch bowl. Your problem, like so many people, is that you misunderstand the notion of equality. No, political or economic system can produce equality unless misery is the standard. What we stand for is being equal before the law, being citizens and in possession of equal rights. That’s what “All men were created equal” means.

  17. andrew says

    @HAGATHA: Few Americans want a system where everyone has the same amount of material wealth. Most want a system that is fair. Not the dog eat dog unregulated capitalism that is favored by many Republicans who favor lots of benefits for the wealthy but not for the poor. Just the other day, the Republicans in Congress voted for billions in aid for mostly big corporate farms but cut out food stamps for the poor! That’s not the America I pledge allegiance to or served in the U.S.Navy to defend!

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