Jesse Tyler Ferguson And Justin Mikita Marry

The couple, who announced their engagement last September, said their "I dos" in New York yesterday in a ceremony officiated by Tony Kushner. According to Us magazine, guests included Padma Lakshmi, Julie Bowen, Ty Burell, Jerry O' Connell, Rebecca Romijn, Zachary Quinto, Isaac Mizrahi and husband, Arnold Germer, Nigel Barker, Cat Deely, Mary Murphy, Tyce Diorio, and Eric Stonestreet.

Ferguson sent out a tweet just before midnight last night: "Never been happier."

Congrats, guys!


  1. Adam B says

    I also saw that both Broadway Wicked stars Shoshana Bean and Eden Espinoza were there as well (Justin and Jesse had one of those photobooth rentals and Shoshana posted it on her instagram acct).

  2. says

    This story is also being reported on Yahoo!/OMG! via Us Weekly. The comments below the story are 100% homophobic. They are calling gay people mentally ill, perverts, deviants, sick, etc. It’s not just a few comments, it’s tons of them. There are a lot of people out there that hate, HATE gay people. Their words to describe gays are becoming more dehumanizing, more violent in tone. That will lead to more violence against the gay community.

    Arm yourselves. Protect yourselves. At this point, there is no excuse for not being prepared.

  3. Stephen Stillwell says

    This would be more exciting if I had ever heard of these two guys or ever seen them before. Never heard of a single person from the guest list either.

    Almost all entertainment “news” I read here escapes me.

    I guess that this comes from being old. I have been gay & out & living with my husband for 42 years now.

  4. jjose712 says

    Wow: That’s not surprising, yahoo news comments are full of racism and homophobia, so nothing new

    Stephen Stillwell. That has nothing to do with being old, it has to do with not being interested with tv shows, because Jesse is one of the main characters in one of the most succesfull tw shows right now

  5. Strepsi says

    Wonderful guys, wonderful couple

    @STEPHEN STILLWELL: you should still be excited because there are out celebrities getting married in entertainment news, and that’s good.

    FYI: Jesse Tyler Ferguson was a Broadway star who is one of the leads on ABC’s most popular hit comedy, “Modern Family” — it is hilarious, heartfelt and well worth watching !

  6. Stephen Stillwell says

    @Strepsi — I am glad that people are out and always rejoice at marriage. I did not recognize them as celebrities. Have never seen them before, have never heard of them before, have never seen Modern Family – don’t even know what it is about. This is a problem in society and that is that one assumes that everyone knows and / or cares about the television / the movies and the assumption that everyone who has ever been in front of a camera is a celebrity.

  7. bambinoitaliano says

    @ Stephen Stillwell, do you come to this site often? It’s not a requirement to know every celebrities in the world. I would say towleroad daily news pretty much cover every gay celebrities there is at least within the U S of A. I don’t know everyone of every news article either. But I move on or I googled it. If you do not care to know about quasi celebrities on this site, there are other sites to serve your need better. It is not a problem unless you make it one.

  8. ty says

    @Steven Stillwell There is a singer called Ke$ha, yes she actually puts the dollar sign in her name and has sold a couple million records. Time sneaks up on us and before we know it we are antiques. You aren’t expected to know every celebrity, but out gay celebs, Yes

  9. emjayay says

    Yeah, but Kei$ha is a mediocre manufactured pop music product intentionally devoid of much meaning, and Modern Family is a very intelligently and innovatively conceived and well directed, acted, and written television comedy that has all kinds of social significance and is watched by huge numbers of people so no doubt is part of changing attitudes about a lot of stuff, gay issues in particular but also others.

  10. joey says

    Congratulations, Jesse and Justin. And thanks for what you’ve done in support of marriage equality.

    Now, could you please stay out of the spotlight for a little while? Never met a person who needs adulation more than Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

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