Jewish Anti-Defamation League Condemns ‘Big Brother’ Hate Speech

Abraham H FoxmanCBS's reality show Big Brother likely hasn't had this much attention in years; a shame it's for all the wrong reasons. In a single terrible season, you have racism against blacks and Asians, no small amount of homophobia, and praise for Hitler and hate crimes

Condemnation for the offending contestants has been loud and swift, and has even cost them their jobs once word got out. Meanwhile, fans of gay contestant Andy have set up a fundraising charity to combat homophobia and racism by supporting the Trevor Project.

On July 9th, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League added to the dogpile with an open letter from National Director Abraham H. Foxman to Leslie Moonves, the Chairman of CBS, requesting that the station either remove the contestants from the show, or:

Should you decide to retain them, we suggest that you provide a statement accompanying the feed that not only condemns the hate speech, but states that you are broadcasting it so that viewers will see for themselves how ugly and poisonous such prejudice and bigotry are, and will understand the importance of  standing up to it. 

As of this writing there has been no public response from Mr. Moonves or CBS.


  1. Adam says

    Why hasn’t GLAAD said anything about the anti-gay content? Too busy holding functions for Snooki?

  2. Bob says

    There may be no direct respnse from Moonves, who is Jewish, but the response from his wife, Julie Chen, was immediate.
    On “The Talk”, she seemed shocked to be reminded of the names she was called as a child. I was shocked that she did not realize that folks are using fxg, nxgger, chxnk, etc, every day in America.
    The JDL is wrong to ask them to pull the contestants, but right to ask for a disclaimer.
    I hope members of the TV audience see and hear the crap and understand that it is out there, as well as how bad it makes one sound if you use it

  3. Moz's says

    @ Bob

    had no clue Julie Chen was married to Les Moonves

    learn something new everyday

  4. JMC says

    Please stop posting positively about that bigot Andy just because he’s gay, seriously. He was saying racist bullsh*t about that Asian girl and giggling along with the awful things the rest of the cast were saying about her in the video that was posted on here. Just rewatched the video to confirm this since someone jumped down my throat the last time I said this.

  5. Motard says

    I’m a huge believer that letting bigots have their say is critically important in advancing the general cause of equal rights.

    Only then can the general public recognize the ugly, bitter evil attached to those words, and the moral vacuum from which they spring.

    If there really are that many Julie Chens left, who have somehow insulated themselves from the reality that bigots and prejudice persist in 21st America, then maybe they need the reminder that we’ve still got a long way to go.

  6. trees5 says

    I watch and record the live feeds every day. There’s literally FOUR (out of 16) contestants who haven’t made any derogatory statements about any group of people. Just four. Thankfully, the gay contestant, Andy, is one of those evolved four. The amount of bigotry spewed on the live feeds by the others is deplorable

  7. Jeremy says

    Bull! you’re own homophobia is showing. Andy hasn’t ever made a racist remark all season. You’re just trying to take a shot at the gay contestant. He hasn’t said anything offensive about anyone and if he did, trust me, Big Brother freaks like myself would all be talking about it. You’re a troll.

  8. Meelo says

    they all said horrible things. the black girl named Candice was going off against gay rights and gay people just last week, and everyone was shocked about that because she was being made into a victim and then goes off on a RANT against gay people in America. so, there’s no martyrs in that house!

  9. Jack M says

    They need to cancel this show and never bring it back. It used to be fun, but not anymore.

  10. ratbastard says

    Is this the most troll-like show on TV right now? If so, WHY is it still on the air? Hmmm?