1. says

    While I agree the racist, sexist, and homophobic rhetoric on this show is unacceptable, what is Julie wearing? She looks like she’s wearing a bib! Someone should’ve dressed her a little nicer for this interview. I know it has nothing to do with the issue at hand; but it’s really quite the distraction.

  2. melvin says

    She oughta read towleroad if she wants to see naked racism. I for one am through with this blog after reading today’s garbage dump.

    Anyone with me?

  3. greg says

    Did it really take a Big Brother episode to open this womans eyes to the rampant race issues that have never really vanished?? Was it the Asian remarks that really opened her eyes to what has never left?? Im tired of hearing her whine.. Shes the wife of a network president, no? Girl please.

  4. Chris says

    @Fourstar: Absolutely. And we have the right to voice our disgust and opposition.

    Anti-racism is a leftist position? This is just divine. When our right-wing enemies are as stupid and horrid as you are, it only helps remind us of our inevitable victory.

  5. Jeff says

    Why on earth would anyone’s race be an issue? Let’s all really consider that for just a moment. Racism, xenophobia, homophobia, etc. all wrong. Let’s just think what it is like to be in the others place and how we might feel.

  6. Chuy says

    I have never seen such overt racism before on mainstream TV. I think that’s specifically what Julie is referencing … not that is has ever gone away (I don’t think she is saying that). It’s not just one contestant, either, it’s nearly a house-full of them. I guess I had higher hopes that people growing up after us would be more evolved.

  7. Michael Bedwell says

    FAUX outrage. Chen is STILL getting paid to do the show which gives a platform to these bigots, and, worse, her husband, Les Moonves, is the President and Chief Executive Officer of CBS Corporation, and, thus, has the power through some kind of clause that I’m SURE exists in the contestants’ contracts to throw their asses out of the house and contest. PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS Mr. & Mrs. Moonves.

  8. randolph says

    @Fourstar – If we believe that (primetime) TV viewers in the U.S. should be privy to no holds barred TV, why not show hardcore porn so our 7 year olds can learn a thing or two about ball gags and fisting? All of these reality shows have become so overly low -rent and trashy and sadly,it is now part of our culture. No wonder Europeans think we are classless and stupid.

  9. Bobby says

    If you leave and others who agree with you leave and all that are left are those with whom you disagree, who is left to provide an alternate viewpoint? We cannot all agree on all issues, that is an adult perspective. As adults, we understand that there will always be an opinion that disagrees with out own. It is our responsibility to always speak our truth and hope that we are on the right side of history when we speak that truth.

  10. MIke says

    Lady – the only press Big Brother is getting these days, and the only press for any season – is your guests making controversial statements. Lose the pilgrim outfit and get some pearls to twist.

  11. melvin says

    @Bobby – I certainly don’t expect people to agree with me on a great many things, and they don’t.

    But there is a limit to reasonable discourse and the vicious racism on display here is well outside that limit. They have a right to their opinions, but please consider that I have a right to disassociate myself from any forum where such extreme views are espoused.

    In other words, for the slow kids, sure you can say whatever you want. And I can leave rather than listen to it.

  12. Tom says

    I’m guessing that the comments regarding the “whining,” the “faux outrage” or the “get over it” are being made by people who clearly don’t get it. I’m assuming that the readers of this blog are gay. We are maligned and made fun of daily by others for being gay and that gets us enraged. And rightly so. So are we whining when we speak out against those who say horrible things towards and about us? Should we not be outraged and should we get over it? Be educated enough to understand that although race is the central issue here, it should be extrapolated to include everyone who is excluded for whom they are and for characteristics one is unable to change about themselves.

    And what does it matter that Julie is married to the head of a network? Her marriage is not the only thing that defines her. She is a person in her own right. A person who has the right to feel and is also lucky enough to have a platform in which to give her opinions.

    Much like this blog. This is Andy’s platform and he can write about anything he wishes. If you don’t like it, leave. If you disagree with him, leave a comment. If you don’t like what is on the channel, turn it off.

  13. Steveinde says

    People need to be made aware of the anti-white racism rampant in this country. Once, I was hiring people and my boss told me that if anyone “sounded black” on the phone to not give them an interview. You won’t believe how many black people called about the job. They were wasting my time and forcing me to say “No” more often than I wished to. They were like a lynch mob.

    And I recently found out that one of my ancestors was forced to provide food, clothing, _and_ shelter for each and every one of his slaves.

    Turns out I’ve been being oppressed by minorities since long before I was born!

  14. Chuy says

    Wow. I would think an LGBT blog would be one of the LAST places I’d read ignorant and racist remarks. It’s clear this season of Big Brother is just echoing what is happening out in the real world, unfortunately. The comments here prove that. So sad.

  15. Tommy says

    ^ you’d think gay people would be more sensitive to the troubles of other social groups but nope. seems they’re only leaders of social justice when it comes to protecting their own asses.

  16. Francis #1 says

    Note: Most ridiculous comments are left by a few posters, under several different user names, who intentionally posts inflammatory hate to incite.

  17. Chrisott says

    Why is she now getting outraged, I would like to know. When previous season contestants were making remarks, I saw no such outrage, but suddenly now she wants to speak up about the racist/homophobic remarks? Better late than never I guess.

  18. James says

    You would think this girl burned a cross in the house while murdering a small black child. JESUS CHRIST we have become a nation of victims. Everyone is dying to be offended.

  19. Not Fooled By The Troll says

    There is a troll that exists on most sites including the one on this one evidently. Posting under different aliases with the sole intent of causing dischord – especially when it comes to anything racial.

    Take note – We aren’t fooled, nor swayed.

  20. Chris in Irvine says

    Oh Julie, welcome to the real world. Racism is rampant everywhere in this country. Look at the politicians up in arms because of our President?

    The pain hurts more now because Aaryn made a comment about Asian people, uh?

    I hope you interview her with real tough questions when Aaryn is kicked out of the house.

  21. TampaZeke says

    Wow, Ms. Chen FINALLY has became enraged? After how many seasons of homophobia and racism? Funny that. This is the first year that Asians have been the target of bigotry. I guess, for Chen anyway, racism is very personal. In fact, it’s only offensive and rage inducing when it affects her PERSONALLY.

  22. Dawson says

    Where was the outrage when Obama was called every name in the book including the N word during his first year in office? No one took to task the Republican Party who was stirring the pot because it played to their demographics.

  23. Mabeline Black says

    While I agree the racist, sexist, and homophobic rhetoric on this show is unacceptable, CBS is ultimately benefiting from it. They should have warned Aaryn, Gina Marie et all and/or kicked them off the show.
    And while Julie Chen sleeps (soundly) on her thousands count cotton sheets, Aaryn will likely need a body guard upon her eviction of BB. This could have been handled with intelligence, and class and nipped in the bud immediately instead of spinning into a witch hunt and exploiting the house guests. Julie, no matter now pretty you are and how high you back comb your hair; no matter where you graduated from college, worked in the past or married for that matter, the bottom line is you are the host for the skankiest reality TV shows on the planet. You must be proud. Well done you.

  24. I See You says

    @STEVEINDE – If your ancestors weren’t so LAZY they would have done the work themselves, screwed their own wives (instead of raping slaves) and took responsibility for raising their own children (instead of having slaves do it). Save that crap. The fact that your BOSS told you not to hire anyone who sounds black (and you went right along with it) speaks volumes. I have NO sympathy for you. Your a pathetic excuse for a human being.

  25. I See You says

    @JAMES – Funny how you use Blacks. I wonder how you’d feel if your great grandmother was raped repeatedly by White man, beaten when pregnant with rapists child, while her husband was beaten, tortured and burned off of his land? It’s amazing how people with no truly painful pasts come on here an spout non-sense. God Bless you and your ignorance.

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