1. Jonty Coppersmith says

    Hey Christian- I don’t mean to be a jerk, but this is either bad writing or bad editing. Read your first sentence above. The way you have written it you’re saying that the victim was motivated by anti-gay animus.
    I’m glad the guy was caught at any rate and that it was only a BB gun.

  2. John says

    What does an assault with a BB gun have to do with the second amendment? Referring to the battery victim as a “shooting victim” as a crass form of attempted emotional association is beneath this site. This post is a joke and the author should be humiliated to have his name attached to it.

    It’s things like this that make legitimate concerns about the second amendment, such as stronger background checks or waiting periods, so hard to get passed into law. Normal, intelligent people won’t take those real issues seriously when they see this sort of vapid histrionic nonsense.

    This news story has nothing to do with gun rights. A bigoted, anti-gay bully committed battery against a gay person due to his sexual orientation, making it a hate crime. That’s the story. It’s bad enough on its own; you don’t have to attempt to tie them to tangentially related political issues to make a point. The audience is smarter than that.

  3. Lucrece says

    This post belongs in Salon or Daily Kos, not here.

    You can replace a BB gun with a paintball gun and the result will be the same — and all the gun restrictions in the world do not cover these.

    I’m tired of a website purportedly covering gay news being hijacked as a platform for progressive propaganda.

  4. for pete's sake says

    The shooter looks like a drag queen in the making! Yeah, it’s only a bb gun but it could have easily been a shotgun (or worst)….Imagine if it would of been an ethnic group attacked by a white guy saying derogative words then shot someone, they’d be charged with a hate crime – no questions asked.

  5. atomic says

    Welcome to America, where people think it’s more disgraceful to be scantily clad than it is to shoot others with guns.

    A BB gun is still a gun. It will still maim you. If you think it’s any less of a weapon than a gun that fires bullets, then I suggest you have someone fire one right at your head, after which you are more than welcome to say it’s not dangerous.

  6. Kev C says

    What was this fashion critic doing at a gay pride parade anyway? Just looking, I guess.

  7. Leroy Laflamme says

    ‘…there are kids around here’ so it’s okay to point a gun at someone & pull the trigger.

  8. David Hearne says

    It’s interesting that the largest Gay Pride Parade in the South, with 125,000 people in attendance, was only covered by this website when a minor incident wandered across the consciousness of somebody with posting access.

    People come from many states away to this event. The gay and gayish resorts, which are nicer than anything gay that San Francisco has to offer, are full as well as some genpop resorts which convert to gay resorts for the weekend.

    And all you can write about it some 20 year old who does something stupid. I’m surprised that you didn’t call it a racially motivated crime.

    Yes, there are kids there. Most people in the St Pete Pride Parade have more self respect than the folks who think it’s national naked freak day. Most people in St Pete want to have a Pride Parade that we can be proud of. For the most part it is. However, this is a resort, and in general you won’t see anyone in the Pride Parade wearing less than the Eastern Europeans do on the beach.

  9. ratbastard says

    Shot with a BB gun? A BB gun is basically a toy. So aren’t airsoft ‘guns’, but they [airsoft] are VERY realistic looking; paint the orange tip black, and they can easily pass as a real handgun unless you have it in your hands. Cops have shot and killed people who were found to have been carrying airsoft ‘guns’. But airsoft, like BB, won’t hurt you unless aimed at your eye at close range or something like that.

    I assume this person was shot with a pellet gun, 17.5 or .22. A pellet gun or rifle uses the aforementioned caliber lead pellets. Some also fire metal balls/BBs. Some pellet rifles and guns can fire @ 800 to 1000 FPS and can absolutely hurt you, break skin, penetrate bone. Under the right circumstances, they can be deadly. Many people use them to hunt small game or kill small vermin or pest critters.

  10. mmike1969 says

    Hell, this is Flori-Duh! Everyone should of just pulled THEIR own gun (NOT the one between a guy’s legs :p) and shot this punk at least 50 times.

    The worst part? Tax payers are now going to have to pay for this B***h to sit in jail with his new boyfriend, Bubba.

  11. says

    Gays vote 75% Democrat. Gays ally themselves with race hustlers and claim common cause. Yet you’re surprised that thugs roam your streets, beat and shoot you and call you names.

    The leader of genius must have the ability to make different opponents appear as if they belonged to one category.
    Adolf Hitler

  12. says

    and gay republicans contribute to the racism, anti-gay bigotry and easily-accessed guns that result in a culture of, drumroll please, gun violence, and anti-gay prejudice.

    so congrats, ex-leftist, on being a wimp who became a part of the problem!

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Every Niqqer is a star…”

    Posted by: hine | Jul 3, 2013 10:13:41 AM

    And you will be one too, hine. You just keep doing that Paula Deen impersonation. I bet when you’re in drag you look just like her…well, with the right make-up you’ll give the illusion of being young enough to look just like her.

    And where do you do this drag show at the trailer park? Do you put up a make-shift stage in from of the dumpster?

    Work hard, honey, and soon you’ll have enough money to purchase some dentures…then you’ll be the spitting image of Paula.

  14. says

    @Little One I have a black stepfather and thug relatives. The kind of people you’d hide under a rock to avoid. Democrats keep them poor, embittered and hopeless. They can get guns anywhere regardless of the law. Shut your mouth until you know what you’re talking about.

  15. Jim says

    As Jonty pointed out, your opening sentence is incoherent. Replace the “and” with “who”: a man was shot with a BB gun by 20-year-old Cornelius Davis [who] was apparently motivated by anti-gay animus…

  16. ratbastard says

    Put Mr. Miller [Little Kiwi] in an East NY or Bronx housing project for 6 months, don’t let him leave on weekends, holidays, force him to live, eat, shop, breath, sh*t, shower and shave 6 months in a NYC housing project. Mr. Miller, the son of a well off accountant CFO, who has only know privilege [compared to the vast majority of humans on planet Earth] his whole life, whose most pressing ‘problem’ was and is he’s gay and fem [talk about a classic, textbook first world ‘problem’]. This Mr. Miller who loves to talk down to and lecture others on how bada** he is. Please.

  17. says

    just remember, ratbastard – your obsession with me won’t change the fact that in this life you are completely unloved.

    and despite your obsession with me, i will continue to work to make the world a better place for LGBT people. even self-hating cowards like yourself.

    you’re welcome :)

  18. says

    i’m glad you think i’m fem, though.

    as an apparently-fem gay dude i’ve managed to, somehow or other, get a tonne of non-gay folks to actively join in being Visible and Vocal Advocates for the LGBT communities.

    my family, my straight friends, not only marching with us in Pride by in their day-to-day lives, adopting a stance as Equality Advocates.

    nice to know that you feel “fem gays” are the ones doing the best work. kudos!

  19. Mark says

    You Second Amendment and freedom hater who wrote this article need to open your eyes to the political and media manipulation you are falling victim to. I started to read this article to get some facts. Instead I read half-baked opinion that my rights to protect myself from criminals and a tyrannical government should be taken away.