Meet Robert Oscar Lopez, The Homophobe Who Is Self-Publishing Gay Fiction

Robert Oscar Lopez 2

Robert Oscar Lopez is currently a rising star in anti-gay circles. ThinkProgress has previously described him as "an 'ex-gay' bisexual who blames his adult social dysfunction on having been raised by a lesbian mom." Lopez's "testimonies" have been used by the likes of NOM and the American Family Association to perpetuate the erroneous idea that gay parenting is inherently related to child abuse, and increases their risks of falling victim to to exploitation and child abuse. He also runs a blog, the "English Manif". He has also testified against marriage equality in Minnesota.

Robert Oscar LopezRecently, Equality Matters profiled another, unusual aspect of Lopez's career, that of a gay fiction author. It began in December 2012, with a column in American Thinker entitled "Mean Gays". The column decried the "backstabbing cliques" embedded in the gay community. 

"It is time for a Mean Gays moment: a film or something to wake gays up. They need to stop being mean. Unless they can, nothing political will lift the cloud from their lives and allow them the joys felt by those they envy."

That "something, was a three part book series of the same name, which he announced later that month on his blog, Wild West Coconut. 

"The three books coming out over 2013 go together in the "Mean Gays" series, following up on an article I wrote for American Thinker earlier this year. Mean Girls was such a pivotal moment for pop culture, because it forced girls and women to examine their interactions and use storytelling to imagine other possibilities."

Lopez even created Twitter and UStream accounts to promote the series. So far, Lopez has only published one book in the series, entitled Johnson Park: Five Gay Boys, One Street, Too Much Shade, or "Johnson Park" for short. The description for Johnson Park on Amazon is as follows: 

"JOHNSON PARK is about five gay boys, a city falling apart in the Rust Belt, and a sleazy street wedged between a gayborhood and the barrio. From the county holding center to the drag catwalk to a landscaping nursery; Joseph Mancuso, Angel Morales, Agosto Cruz, Harry Litwin, and Riley Murdock search for their place in a world that doesn't seem to understand them. Sometimes the best you can ask for is a set of doors made of colorful plate glass." 

Johnson Park coverEquality Matters gave their own summary of the convoluted plot, concluding at the end "If you’re having a hard time keeping up, don’t worry. This book is terrible." Beyond literary critiques, however, they also made sure to summarize how the book perpetuates "damaging ideas about gay people". According to their analysis, Lopez "repeatedly employs the idea that gay men seek out young boys for sex,"  and depicts every single gay character as being "miserable" and "comfortable mocking other gay men and using anti-gay slurs." They were also kind enough to include an excerpt from one of the book's (at least) ten graphic and unrealistic sex scenes:

"[Harry] pulled out buckets of flowers, lifting them over his head and emptying them onto the table. Joseph slowly calmed himself, lying passively while Harry pelleted him with lilies, roses, daffodils, daisies, tulips, carnations, lilacs and irises. He rubbed the flowers against Joseph’s skin, letting their fragrances soak into his chest, his arms, and his legs. He went softly at first, tickling Joseph’s nipples and thighs with the stems. Then he probed deeper into Joseph’s skin, rubbing the red, white, orange, violet, and yellow petals into him, painting him with spots of soft, moist perfume."

The second installment of the series, Gay Wars, was due out on June 15, but has not yet been released. Equality Matters noted that the description for the book "sounds like something Lopez came up with during history’s most intense gay fever dream."

"This is a fantasy epic about twenty-six supernatural showdowns between gay ideas, gay people, gay concepts, gay characters. They use weapons both celestial and carnal to duel each other. The whole thing is chronicled by "Coco Rico," an Internet phantom who led the gaywars in 2010, on a defunct site called The Wild West Coconut Show. 

There are cameos from everyone ranging from Jack and Ennis to J. Edgar Hoover, Adam Lambert to Coco Chanel, the fifth French Republic to Pandora, and more! It all culminates in the final, cataclysmic showdown for ownership of the gay soul – yes, Ovid's famed characters Narcissus and Hyacinthus will battle it out just beyond the seventh bridge to nowhere, while Marlowe coaches one side against a motley collection of stolen Shakespeare characters on the other side, and Sor Juana and Emily Dickinson form a proto-lesbian cheering section. You won't want to miss this one!"

It is not yet clear exactly how the plot to either book will supposedly stop gays from "being mean to each other". It is also rather unclear as to why such a vocal ex-gay activist, who has previously referred to gay people as “rutting, uncontrolled animals,” harbors such an apparent obsession with the film Mean Girls. Thanks to his fiction, though, one can enjoy "a fascinating look into Lopez’s tortured personal views on same-sex relationships and homosexuality generally." That is, if they are willing to read through over 600 pages of "cringe-worthy" writing. 


  1. Jack M says

    This guy needs a lifetime of therapy. Or just a few encounters at an adult bookstore.

  2. Nat says

    It has been apparent for some time that Lopez is suffering from mental illness. Even before his anti-gay rhetoric ramped up over post-November, he made numerous comments denouncing his academic work environment and his colleagues.

  3. Nat says

    So I’m not that surprised that he might channel his pathology and conflicting desires into a book like this.

  4. disgusted american says

    all I can say is – HIS POOR MOTHER….what a disgrace he turned out to be

  5. Gigi says

    So “backstabbing cliques” only exist in the gayborhood? Got it. Lopez should move to Virginia if The Cooch becomes their Supreme Leader. He’d fit right in.

  6. Jay says

    This person has serious issues. I hope he can work them out, just not at the expense of hate and nonsense.

  7. Scooter says

    It does hurt when one is denied the affections of one’s obsession, so one becomes a demon merely serving to plague the living. Burn down the house if you don’t get the one you want, seems to be his perspective. Discrediting this creep is the least that should be done.

  8. HadenoughBS says

    I, too, have known a few “mean gays”; however, I’ve known a hell of a lot more “mean straights”. All of the “mean people” in my life today are – thank God – not those with whom I have any personal interaction but those I read about, primarily, members of the so-called ex-gay movement (I’m talkin’ about you, ROL) and right wing homophobes. Some of these meanies are off the chart on the “meanness scale”. I don’t expect them ever, EVER to get any nicer toward the LGBT community.

  9. scott says

    Thanks-great work, RJ!! This is soooo freakin’ weird…. and I went to his regular blog…. geez, the obsession with divas!!!

    Can’t wait for this to all blow up in his face….. and it better! ‘Cuz you can’t scream that gay people are evil and need to drop their gay identity, which he does, and then turn around and use gay and bi interchangeably when describing oneself, after saying pple should become straight.

  10. says

    I couldn’t help but laugh. It’s like a gay sex scene written by a 12 year old girl. Has he ever even had sex? That doesn’t sound like anything I’ve ever done or ever heard of anyone doing. It wasn’t even erotic, just silly.

  11. Stuart says

    I am friends with the Lopez family and I can say that Robert is deeply delusional. He did not grow up being raised by a lesbian mother, but rather when he was an adult, his mother left his father for a another women. He would have nothing of substance to say about growing up with lesbian mother or in a household led by same sex parents. His own homosexuality is a conversation worth having as I have never met a more self-loathing man in my life. About the only career that Robert has succeeded in has been is that of a virulent homophobe. HIs brother and two sisters are estranged from him, is his father. He is half Filipino and half Puerto Rican…his deceased mother was Puerto Rican and his father is Filipino. HIs conversations about race are as tortured as those about homosexuality. This is a man with deep psychological troubles, none which has anything to do with how he was raised but do have everything to do with some degree of mental illness within himself.

  12. Michael says

    Mean gays? You mean like gays who say stuff like why is it homophobic men always appear to be the men who couldn’t get laid even w/$50 and one desperate hooker?

  13. Bill says

    Dear Robert Lopez – you’re fat, ugly, mean, bitter and a liar. Go write about that.

  14. no typos anyway says

    If he’s self-publishing he won’t make any money, probably lose whatever he spends.

    He looks like a tool that some anti-gay organizations will try to use.

  15. ripper says

    “I have never met a more self-loathing man in my life.”

    Oh, honey, stick around this blog for a while. I’m sure Jason, Rick, of UFFDA will be around any moment.

  16. says

    “Mean Girls was such a pivotal moment for pop culture, because it forced girls and women to examine their interactions and use storytelling to imagine other possibilities.”


  17. anon says

    Write what you know? It’s entirely possible he had a lousy childhood, but it doesn’t follow that other gay men have lousy childhoods. I suppose this expose is meant to discredit him, but the point is lost somewhere. The book doesn’t contradict anything he’s said, but rather confirms his biases. His arguments are not sustained by the facts. It’s as simple as that.

  18. Acronym Jim says

    “It is time for a Mean Gays moment: a film or something to wake gays up. They need to stop being mean.”

    It’s been done. Has he never seen “The Boys in the Band?”

  19. Walt NYC says

    I’ve read some of his garbage on American Thinker (an oxymoron if there ever was one). As far as I am concerned, EVERYTHING he writes is fiction.

  20. Ray says

    MARCO! He does have a point. Like all social movements fighting for equality we have left out many of the injurious things that happen inside our community.

    Substance abuse, sexual addictions, loneliness, and alienation are all things that don’t get nearly enough ink.

    As for this Lopez guy. Self loathing on speed. Sad, poor guy.

  21. Mona says

    He is obviously a very troubled man. What’s really disturbing is how quickly he has become a mouthpiece for the anti-gay crowd and how elected officials seem to be giving him a venue for all his dysfunction.

  22. Princely says

    He’s clearly off kilter and I await how NOM and the other users/supporters of his react when he does something tragic to himself or someone else. It seems headed that way to me. Poor guy.

  23. says

    HILARITY! writes his own mastubation material, with enough of a supposed bent to pretend it’s “politically pointed”.

    one sad homosexual.

  24. Arch says

    Is it just me or is the ex-gay movement and all these pro-family groups brim full of seriously messed up men.

  25. Arch says

    Is it just me or is the ex-gay movement and all these pro-family groups brim full of seriously messed up men.

  26. Bob R says

    He appears to have a very fleeting relationship with sanity. Many very famous and talented writers were mentally ill. Sadly, Mr. Lopez is neither a talented writer, nor very famous. Just mentally ill, it would seem. But of course, in Mr. Lopez’s mind I am no doubt one of the “mean girls”. Get legitimate help Robert before your demons devour you.

  27. Martin says

    The whole “gay men are mean” stereotype is sad to me. If it weren’t for my beautiful friendships with other gay men, I don’t know where I would be right now.

  28. Jonathan says

    Stuart, I have been in contact with the Lopez family and they assure me that have in no way abandoned their brother. The Lopez family loves Robert and while not agreeing with many things he says or writes, fully supports his right to say what he believes. So please refrain from writing anything further regarding your opinions regarding the Lopez family and Robert. They love and cherish their brother.

    Thank you.

  29. lee says

    Doesn’t he also post to sites like Anglican Mainstream as an author: “gentlemind”? The stuff is self-serving, illogical, and actually almost unreadable…a bit like the sh*t cited in this article.

  30. gradstudent says

    English professor?! The guy’s editorial about his childhood reads like something by my boyfriend’s community college writing 101 students: A stream of ridiculous generalizations based on claims without any factual basis or even a traceable argument.

  31. D says

    Being anti-gay is not homophobic, that’s only what fags want people to believe, like it’s some sort of hate crime. Being anti-fag is not from fear, and I won’t be subjected to your fag filth.