1. says

    Such disrespect for one’s president. I seriously doubt some of the ultra-right in the GOP would use terminology like that and speak so condescendingly if the man elected had been white, regardless of how liberal his leanings.

  2. JDH1950 says

    ” The most powerful body in Washington D.C. is the United States House of Representatives, of which I’m honored to be a part.””

    Somehow, I don’t think being a member of the Congress with the worst rating in 237 years is something about which one should feel honoured.

  3. UFFDA says

    Put her to sleep. Sew her lips closed with fishing line. Wake her up to a better world.

  4. Just_a_guy says

    @JSB: Eww. Double-yuck. Both Marcus and her wife are grody-repulsive. And Obama is a modern-day Saint of sorts, attractive-enough, but c’mon, leave the guy alone: no.

    @Sparks: dead on. Bachman’s racism and bigotry oozes out of her pores–again.

  5. jed says

    most powerful? whatever happened to the concept of three branches of government with equal power through a system of checks and balances? i thought she was a constitutional expert?

  6. nick says

    good Xtian woman that you are-
    you are projecting —-did you catch Marcus getting spanked by his paid boyfriend again?
    Ask him if you could you a strap-on and maybe that would bring the spice back in the bedroom for the paragons family values that you and your hubby claim to be.

  7. Dave C. says

    Hmm. So she says he needs a spanking. Seems pretty kinky. Perhaps if Marcus let her spank him more, she wouldn’t be fantasizing about the President. Or is it a projection, and she is hoping he will spank her.

  8. ratbastard says

    Bachmann dressed as a French maid, spanking POTUS. Nasty. I just lost my appetite.

  9. thom says

    …Butt whacks all around!. This woman is crazed. Her mind is like a mix-master set on high. The crazy just keeps flying around like shrapnel. My BIG question is this: Who are the people who support her? Has any supporter actually been interviewed? What on earth would they say?..Are they as delusional as she?…man..and she hires the coolest people for staff!…thieves who steal petty cash.I think in a way, that says a lot about her. who out there WOULD work for her?.. other than a creep, thief, crazie, single digit IQ troll et al…Come on folks.she is s national joke and can now be in the official Hall of Fame of Whack-Jobs of which Sarah Palin is a charter member.