1. bcarter3 says

    Watched this when it came out, and it’s well worth seeing. Humorous rather than flat-out funny. It’s semi-autobiographical, and leaves you with the sense that Josh Thomas is intensely uncomfortable being Josh Thomas.

    Wade Briggs, who looks like a young, insanely hot version of Hugh Grant, plays his boyfriend, and steals every scene he’s in.

  2. jeremyrain says

    I want to enjoy the show but the portrait of Asian in this serious is just borderline racist. I know it’s Australian, but c’mon it’s 2013.

  3. Bollux says

    The main character is so unappealing on every level. His Napoleon Dynamite friend. The clueless beard. His cliched schizo mother. The pushy rah-rah “love interest”. In fact, the offensive Asian stereotype is about the best thing going for this show which is just too wrapped up its deadpan direness to be another but smarmy hipster fair.

  4. pedro says

    I watched the whole first season on youtube for free. At first it was fun…but then it just became depressing. I hope season 2 is a little more uplifting than season 1.

  5. AdamK says

    That was just awful. Why does bad, amateurish writing, acting, producing and directing get promoted just because it’s gay? We deserve better.

  6. says

    Saw the series when it was first out. The station that broadcasted it in Australia made it available world wide but then right after the last episode aired they yanked it. I think they were hoping to sell some DVDs. The series is smart, honest, hilarious and awkwardly geeky. Click the link in my name if you’d like to see some gifs from it. I hope so much that there is a season 2

  7. Sid says

    This show is well worth watching. It’s hilarious at times, depressing at times, but always heartfelt and honest. As the comments show, it’s not for everyone, but give it a shot.

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