1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    He would go gay for Will Smith in “the most non-sexual way”.


  2. Mike Ryan says

    He does know that the entire Will Smith family are long-time members of and heavy supporters of the homophobic Scientology organization, right? Why on earth would you publicly announce you would “go gay” for such a repulsive person?

  3. Icebloo says

    I’ve always thought Louis was gay. I still think he is. What a shame he has bad taste in men.

  4. Absolutely says

    @Icebloo – Who cares what you think? You’re one of those gay men that thinks everyone is gay! And Will Smith is a catch at any age. I’m willing to bet neither would choose you anyway.

  5. jexer says

    And the Creepy Flustered Interviewer of the Week award goes to this guy… for “Pectorally Uplifting”. *eyeroll*