1. David From Canada says

    I’ve heard of One Direction many times but have never paid much attention to them. The video, something like a parody, was very creative, cute and well done. And the Boys were much better singers than I expected them to be. 2 thumbs up.

  2. bandanajack says

    they are fairly gay positive in light of the gay rumors that have dogged them since day one, in fact they egg them on without an ounce of gay panic or malicious intent. they are likable lads singing catchy, instantly forgettable pop. their casual attitude towards gayness and appreciation of their gay fanbase MAY be a more lasting contribution than their music, admittedly not a very high bar…

  3. gregorybrown says

    This was my very first exposure to OD performing. I’ve heard/read about them without feeling any need to do more. The concept of Boy Bands falls outside my interests, much like drag and Reality TV shows. That is nowhere near the revulsion I feel for overuse of “awesome” and the perverse practice of shaved pubes, of course. I was pleasantly surprised by this bit’s energy and the actual talents of the lads beyond burbling bubble gum crap, Justin Bieber could learn from them–he won’t.

  4. aron says

    I think Niall is supposed to be a Harvey Weinstein-type.
    Also they are very gay friendly. Harry actually tweeted when the Westboro nuts picketed their concert that he believes all love is the same, and has previously tweeted support for marriage equality. And he has a lot of sway over a lot of young people.
    They’re good kids.

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