35 LGBT Rights Organizations Sign Open Letter Calling for Justice for Trayvon Martin

All Out
American Civil Liberties Union
Believe Out Loud
Bisexual Resource Center
Center for Black Equity
CenterLink: The Community of LGBT Centers
Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals
Equality Federation
Family Equality Council
Freedom to Work
Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network
Gay-Straight Alliance Network (GSA Network)
Harvey Milk Foundation
Human Rights Campaign
Immigration Equality
Lambda Legal
Movement Advancement Project
National Black Justice Coalition
National Center for Lesbian Rights
National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs
National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
National Minority AIDS Council
National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance
Out & Equal Workplace Advocates
PFLAG National
The Trevor Project
Trans Advocacy Network
Transgender Law Center
Trans People of Color Coalition


  1. Factoid says


    For gay people, who are subject to bashing and death, this stalking and killing of people who are considered “other” and less than human, really should be a no brainer.

    What surprises me is that occasionally I see bigoted statements here, but then, I can only hope those people are just trolls.

    The fact you are including this here certainly raises my respect for your site.

    Thank you.

  2. bierce says

    Every day, across the nation, there are people saying that our court system has denied them justice. We want perfect justice, but we will never get it, partly because we want what WE believe is justice and not what the laws and courts and juries say it is.

  3. argeejay says

    Pat Mahaney, 46 year old man beaten by 4 or 5 teenagers a year ago in a suburb of Cincinnati, “just ’cause we were bored,” has died of his injuries. Care to guess the ethnicity of Mahaney? How ’bout that of the teenage murders? Guess? How ’bout some media coverage of that “incident?” Where be ‘da Rev. Big Al “Tawana Brawley” Shawp-ton and his National Action peeps? Google the name. Will Towleroad post it?

  4. Enough says

    Wasn’t there just a trial and jury of his peers that found GZ not guilty? Seems they’re looking for only a verdict of guilty not justice.

  5. Factoid says

    I spoke too soon.

    I hope his site does something about the racism.

    At least put on a moderation filter, which most sites have at this point to screen them out.

  6. gomez says

    @factoid. utter pathetic and racist of yourself to downplay and ignore other horrific crimes.

  7. argeejay says

    These “groups” do NOT speak for me. I was not there, I do not know what happened. The media fanned the flames resulting in the original charges that could NOT be proved in a court of law. Now the Rev Big Al “Tawana Brawley” and Duke LaCrosse fan Shawp-ton wants the media to continue to fan the flames. I refuse to be a part of it. Shame on you, Towle. I never realized until now just how much of a “sheep” you are.

  8. MattBMO says

    This is why I find it difficult to support many of these groups – they jump on any bandwagon. A court of law, and a jury of his peers, found George Zimmerman Not Guilty. How is it “Justice” to keep persecuting the man? To me it seems like a perversion of the system, not justice. If you think they got the verdict wrong, were you there? Did you see what happened? Were you at the trial where all the evidence was presented to the jury? Because if you really believe that Zimmerman should have been guilty, you are basing it entirely off of TV, newspapers, magazines and the Internet. I know you weren’t there because you would have been a witness at the trial. Why do you think you know better than the jurors who were given all of the evidence? Media whores, that’s what these organizations are. They know nothing except that they don’t like the verdict. Nobody ever promised that Justice would be what you want it to be. Get mad at the prosecution if you want to for not presenting enough evidence in the right way to get the jury to convict. Don’t blame George. This thing is already going to affect the rest of his life, and his family’s lives. There’s this thing we used to have called “Double Jeopardy”. You can’t prosecute someone for the same thing twice. Now they get around that by filing CIVIL charges instead of criminal charges. The only thing a civil trial can do is levy fines against him that he can’t pay. How will that help anyone? The whole thing is ridiculous and out of hand. I would have to recommend that George and his family move to another country; it’s the only way they’ll have a decent rest of their lives. The people in this country have judged and found him guilty, and will punish him for the rest of his life.

  9. says

    OY VEY.

    Quit it already.

    This is a disgrace that our supposed ‘LGBT’ orgs are now jumping the band wagon to defend that homophobic wanna-be thug trayvon martin.

    The verdict is in. The courts have spoken. Deal with it.

    Funny these are the same stupid orgs (that represent us) that lauded the same justice system that shut down DOMA and demanded that anti-gays respect the decision on that — but here we are now going against our own values and contradict ourselves.

    Trayvon Martin needs to be exposed for the anti-gay bigot that he was, and as I explained in my blog, what killed him was not racism, but his own homophobia against Zimmerman.

    Again, here we have gays defending homophobic blacks. and then we totally forget about the GAY blacks who have been killed and beaten up. Where’s their justice? Where is the media outrage for these men?


  10. gwyneth cornrow says

    Dear Andy,
    Or whoever is editing this site,
    Thank you for this article. But your comments section leaves me wondering: at what point do you decide that your trolls have taken over your comments, making any reasonable and productive discussion and debate impossible?
    I used to read this blog religiously, but lately I’ve been weaning myself off and reading other blogs with more intelligent views and smarter coverage. One less reader is no skin off your ass, I’m sure, but this blog is increasingly becoming identified with the racist, right-wing trolls who seem to take over any discussion. Although I am sure there are a percentage of gay men out there who are, indeed, racist, self-loathing, and uneducated, I refuse to believe that your comments section is indicative of the gay community at large. I hope advertisers will take note of this as well.

  11. truthteller says

    What racists posts?

    Racism exists but I don’t see it on the posts above and censoring the site with filters so only posts that support your point of view or to control the conversation to enforce your point of view is the antithesis to a conversation that will help us heal and live in harmony.

    Way to try and stifle the conversation by calling posters racist!

  12. truthteller says

    I wrote my comment before Jose Soto posted his.

    To Jose Soto:
    This case has nothing to do with homophobia or gay issues. Stop trying to contaminate the already heated conversation and stick to the facts of the case.

    Using this case to inject your own issues is foul!

    ps. I doubt your name is Jose Soto. I suspect you are trying to instigate anger between the Black and Latino community. It won’t happen!

  13. says

    I don’t believe it is Andy’s total fault. He’s just reporting the news. Even though I suspect that he agrees with these orgs are doing, I nonetheless am thankful that this was brought to our attention again.

    Gay orgs jumping the gun on this one is really a bad move. Zimmerman was defending himself against an aggressive homophobic teen who was pounding his head on the concrete. He had every right to pull that trigger. Period. And gay orgs foaming at the mouth will not do anything to change that fact (only by growing suspicion of them).

  14. truthteller says

    Again, Jose,

    Zimmerman is not gay and there was no evidence of homophobia in this case.

    I do agree that the jury of his peers have found him not guilty and that should be the end of that. No double jeopardy.

    I don’t get how people can second guess the jury who reached a decision based on the evidence presented to them. If people have a problem with that they should be angry at the prosecutors.

  15. says

    I suspect Truthteller is a very dubious name for a person that refuses to learn the FACTS of the case:
    FACT: Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend told him to be careful because Z could be a gay man who wants to rape him.
    FACT: Trayvon Martin suspected that Zimmerman was a gay man too, and he described Z to his girlfriend as a ‘creepy-ass cracker’ which is a gay slur used by blacks against gay white males.
    FACT: Trayvon Martin was on top of Z yelling and hurling anti-gay slurs.

    So truthteller wants me to ignore these facts? NOT A CHANCE.

    I HATE homophobes, regardless of their race. But it appears to me that a certain race remains untouchable and its homophobia is is hereby excused. This is nothing but another form of racism.

  16. says

    Justice for Trayvon, and for all people of color who live and die amid suspicion and prejudice, is and should be an issue for all LGBT people who have a heart, an ability to connect their own marginalization with the oppression of others, and a desire for justice and equality. Shut your selfish mouths, trolls.

  17. andrew says

    I have very little respect for these people who are second guessing the juries verdict. This was a very complicated case. The demonstrators are all jacked up about this one horrible case. Where is their outrage over the facts that THOUSANDS of young blacks are killed every year in America? Their outrage is kind of muted because the killers are young black males. It is hard to play the outraged role when the killers are from your own community. Black leaders in America have no idea how to stop the slaughter of young blacks by blacks, so they stay fairly quiet. Let the killer he of another race and they wax eloquent about what is wrong with America. They are frauds and headline hunters who do little to solve the real problems.

  18. truthteller says


    I followed the trail very closely and there was no evidence whatsoever introduced in the trail of what you say.

    Can you post links to your assertions? You don’t get to say something is a fact without any evidence.

    IF Martin’s girlfriend told him to be careful because Zimmerman could be gay, that is on her, not him.

    I have never heard creepy-ass-cr*acker for gay people; it is racist but not homophobic.

    Zimmerman never claimed Martin used homophobic slurs against him. Hearsay is not evidence but you seem to chose the “facts” that fit your opinion and exclude all others.

  19. truthteller says


    I followed the trail very closely and there was no evidence whatsoever introduced in the trail of what you say.

    Can you post links to your assertions? You don’t get to say something is a fact without any evidence.

    IF Martin’s girlfriend told him to be careful because Zimmerman could be gay, that is on her, not him.

    I have never heard creepy-ass-cr*acker for gay people; it is racist but not homophobic.

    Zimmerman never claimed Martin used homophobic slurs against him. Hearsay is not evidence but you seem to chose the “facts” that fit your opinion and exclude all others.

  20. says

    Funny how those people who are seeking justice are also demanding that others “shut up.”

    Fine. You can try and shut people up Mr. Justice for all (unless if you disagree with me). But shutting people up will not change the fact that Zimmerman is a free man and you people CANNOT prove otherwise.

    Sorry. But I don’t jump on bandwagons until there is a good evidence to support its existence. This is just, and always has been, a media circus and a complete farce by race baiters. Simple as that.

  21. truthteller says

    @ David Groff,

    The trial went through the justice system. If you don’t like the verdict blame the prosecutors.

    You don’t get to charge someone with double jeopardy just because you disagree with the jury. They were there, you were not.

    That mindset puts us all in peril of abuse by those in power.

  22. says

    According to African American studies materials that I’ve studied, ‘creepy-ass cracker’ is used by blacks as a homophobic slur against white males who are perceived to be, or are, gay.

    Witnesses have stated that Martin was using anti-gay slurs. As to Z not saying anything about it is irrelevant because other witnesses did hear Martin say those slurs.

    BTW, if you really follow case law, like I do, you should know that the burden of proof lies with YOUR side and not Zimmerman. Your side had a good enough chance to prove its case with evidence. The Jury didn’t buy it, and neither am I.

    What these gay orgs are doing is engaging in the lowest form of race baiting. Which is racist in of itself.

  23. ernstroehm's ghost says

    Glad to see that several of my fellow gays are talking sense for once! Zimmerman never should have been tried at all. Before the case became political, the local authorities investigated and decided that the law had not been broken. After various left-wing demonstrators raised enough stink, the authorities caved-in and filed bogus charges. But they weren’t actually willing to frame Z. The facts were the facts. The law was the law. The jury was not willing to convict Z. unjustly to please the country’s left wing. Good for them. In America, we have the rule of law.

  24. truthteller says


    I don’t have a side and the burden of proof is on the DA not the defendant, as you correctly state. The DA didn’t prove their case and he was acquitted. That is the law.

    This is not a sporting event where I have a side and all others are my opponents. That is how the media manipulate us. What’s so hard to understand about that?

    BYW, I’m still waiting for those links and if you follow case law closely, then you know hearsay is not evidence and you are also deeply aware that witness testimony is unreliable and they constantly contradict each other.

    This was a self-defense case and injecting race and homophobia, which are not substantiated by the evidence presented in court is the same thing as jumping on a bandwagon.

    BTW, I agree that these orgs are a bunch of sheep.

  25. ratbastard says


    There are MANY Pat Mahaney’s and to answer your question, no. The list in America of people RANDOMLY [not targeted because they belonged to a rival gang or drug crew] assaulted, maimed and murdered by what the media euphemistically refer to as ‘urban youth’ is WAY too long to list. It’s of course of EPIDEMIC proportions in America. And it affects people of all ‘races’, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations [well to be blunt and upfront; if you’re gay and especially gay+effeminate male, you are loathed and especially targeted by our ‘urban’ culture…be forewarned and don’t let political correctness cause you to be one more victim, one more statistic; ditto ‘butch’ lesbians] so-called ‘people of color’ and us translucent folks.

    Trayvon Martin, AKA No Limit N-word, was NO ANGEL. There was a fair trial, the prosecution and defense agreed on the make up of the jury, the prosecution didn’t convince the jury BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. Florida has laws that say you don’t have to run away or flee an attacker, you’re allowed even to used deadly force. The jury thinks Zimmerman was the party who was being assaulted and agreed he was legally entitled to defend himself against an assault by a physically much bigger and younger assailant.

    Martin’s death is being used by certain individuals and organizations to stir up sh*t, instigate, pander, extrapolate into a much wider agenda. At least SIXTY PLUS INNOCENT PEOPLE haven’t been attacked and murdered in rioting like what occurred in L.A. after Reginald Denny [ANOTHER CAREER BUM], but it’s still early. We shall see.

  26. argeejay says

    What? I may be a “cracker,” but I am no “creepy-ass cracker. Mah ass is damn fine, thank you.

  27. ratbastard says

    Creepy Ass Cracker should have been trademarked by somebody. They’d have made a small fortune. Something tells me C.A.C. t shirts, caps, bumper stickers are going fly off the shelves.

    Ditto No Limit N-word

  28. ToThePoint says

    This did not become a race-based case until the prosecution manufactured it to be so. An effort to win at all costs so they based it racism to create outrage – which backfired and resulted in acquittal. If they had gone after the case as manslaughter to begin with and leave racism out of it, they would likely have been much more successful at getting a conviction. BTW, if someone is beating anyone’s head against concrete it is NOT to give them a bump on the head…..it is to KILL the person who’s head they are bashing…..plain and simple.

  29. ChristopherM says

    That’s it Andy. I’m done. The racism that flourishes in the comments here is frankly nauseating. Put in some sort of moderation settings, or just decide that you’re going to leave your otherwise excellent blog to the racist trolls.

  30. UFFDA says

    The gay orgs don’t represent me, at best they represent silly fairy heartbreak in a new form of reverse lynch mob. How and why in the world would anyone think they know more than the appointed jury?

  31. truthteller says

    @ ChristopherM

    Can you post quotes of examples of racism on these posts?

    This, in my opinion, was a political prosecution. Chief Lee refused to charge Zimmerman based on the evidence and the governor and DA decided to oust him and charge him on their own. It turns out he was vindicated by the verdict.

    The interests groups and the media made it out to be about race and racism when no evidence of it was presented in court.

    Pointing out facts about race baiting is not the same as racism.

  32. ratbastard says



    I’ve posted stuff you likely strongly disagreed with, but I wasn’t ‘racist’. On the other hand, I’ve read genuine what I believe to be troll posts filled with all kinds of bizarre off the wall sh*t and name calling. And there’s one poster on TR named Raymond Miller, AKA Little Kiwi who is hellacious in baiting and trolling, including anonymously pretending to be a ‘racist, and ‘homophobic’ and posting crazy sh*t.

  33. Bob says

    OK, let me answer:
    “Should not have been tried” — yes, it should have been tried, but it ended up lacking adequate evidence.
    “Was not racist” — since it’s Florida, I am gonna believe that Z would have likely taken a different approach to a White kid. And YES, Black kids are more likely to react strongly when “dissed”
    “No business of the Gays” — that is harder. Many Gay organizations seem to be populated with softhearted, lefty lesbians (the reason Prop 8 won), and that may be the case with the above groups

    but GAYS NEED TO BE SEEN AS CHAMPIONING ALL CIVIL RIGHTS — otherwise we are no better than anyone else who only cares for his own interests

  34. trg says

    Racist, homophobic slurs by either of the two don’t apply here.
    Unless you want to say Trayvon attacked Z first because he thought he was gay. Or Z attacked Trayvon first because he was black.

    The bottom line is who attacked who first? We may never know. And justice, in this case, wont be served in our eyes until we do.

  35. melvin says

    @jJose Soto – with all your vast experience it should be no trouble at all to CITE some of your material. Or are you just full of sh*t?

    I know you won’t bother answering. Your kind never does.

  36. melvin says

    ChristoperM is entirely correct. Those of you who don’t see the racism running rampant on towleroad are like fish who don’t notice the water.

    It is utterly nauseating.

    And by the way Andy, it is the reason I never recommend this site to anyone.

  37. truthteller says

    @ Bob,

    Trying cases with, “lacking adequate evidence,” is a misuse of justice and a waste of taxpayers money. You cannot just charge anyone with a crime where you don’t have the preponderance of evidence to prove it.

    You can believe whatever you want but believing something is racist doesn’t make it so. You need evidence.

    Gays should champion all civil rights but this is not about civil rights. This was a case about the killing of a young man and self-defense.

    I’m not even going to comment on the lesbian comment because it seems misogynist on your part.

    If we truly care about civil rights for all then we should address the root causes of violence: Poverty, lack of access to resources, education, the brutality of the police department towards minorities, just to name a few.

    Let’s fix those and you will see a vast change. There are brilliant minds who are unable to develop and share their gifts with us because of the circumstances they find themselves in.

  38. Joey Y says

    If people want to complain about THIS court verdict, I better hear no whining when people want to use the same logic to force the return of DOMA and Prop 8. I was under the impression that we actually had courts for a reason.

  39. gwynethcornrow says

    I guess you answered your own question. Also, some of the earlier posts, like argeejay’s are hardly befitting of contributions that will “help us live in harmony.” Thank you for playing, though. Next.

  40. Factoid is racist says

    What is really racist is portraying everyone and everything you disagree with as racist.

  41. Coffee&Chicory says

    Thank you for the post! So glad to see some solidarity from LGBT organizations. It’s the only way we can even begin to oppose systemic oppression!

  42. Watcher says

    @ernstroehm’s ghost | Jul 15, 2013 8:49:45 PM

    Of course the murder of Trayvon Martin deserved a trial, despite the fact that Zimmerman was a wanna-be-cop with a retired judge for a father. Just about anyone else would not have been released (certainly not if Martin was a different race).

    I would like to thank the LGBT organizations for standing up for justice. The pathetic posters about do not speak for most of us.

  43. CzarM says

    Most of these various, vacuous racist comments, signed by multiple names, are obviously being posted by the same 1 or 2 posters. Same writing style, same sentence structure, same theme, and suspiciously close timed posts. You give yourselves away every time. Just like you failed Remedial English in the fifth grade, clearly you got a ✓- in Online Trolling 101. The Internet is 30 years old, and has been popular for almost 20, such amateur-style trolling is frankly unacceptable. Seriously, do better, or continued to get laughed at.

    What I wouldn’t give for Andy to — just once — come in a troll heavy thread and expose users who ‘coincidentally’ have the same IP addresses. And if he forced users to log in with a Facebook account in order to comment, I suspect clowns like Ratbastard suddenly disappear.


    That being said, I am glad that these 30-some LGBT groups are standing in solidarity with the hordes of people who want justice for Treyvon Martin (who was an honor student with a 3.7 GPA, had been accepted into college on a full scholarship…and in life probably had a larger IQ and penis than all of these cowardly and moronic short d!ck trolls who, because they’re frustrated at not having balls big enough to say it to anyone’s face IRL, have to escape to the anonymity of cyber space to talk sh!t), after a blatant miscarriage of justice was announced on Saturday night.

    The Martin family, along with the NAACP, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson (and all the other cliche names thrown out in these comments by these tired trolls in between masturbating to Internet porn), the AA community — along with the sizable number of white people and other race/ethnicities — who took to the streets in NYC and LA over the weekend to protest the horrendous mistake the jury made would all appreciate it, I’m sure.

    Keep rockin’ LGBT-supportive groups. Things like this only serve to unite, and build bridges, while leaving outnumbered Towleroad trolls behind and bitter.

  44. MIKE says

    The word F A G G O T T was probably common use for Trayvon. And look at all you queens defending him.

    He was tragically killed by a BI-RACIAL guy who used to tutor disadvantaged african-american teens. AGAIN: he used to tutor young african-americans.

    This whole “racist” BS is just a sensationalized media story. There are thousands of young african-american teens killed each year by other black kids, but no one cares about that.


  45. fervently8885 says

    Meanwhile, in Chicago, 17 black teens were killed by other black teens last weekend. No one cares about that though.

  46. ratbastard says

    There’s an interview video of Trayvon’s friend who testified, Jeantel. She was person he was on the phone with,and told her he was being followed by a ‘creepy ass cracka’. She states in this interview, which you can find if google it, that she said to Trayvon that Zimmerman could be a rapist. She also claims ‘cracka’ isn’t an insulting slang word some black people use for whites. Bear in mind Zimmerman is a ‘person of color’, i.e. a ‘brown’ so-called Hispanic, or at least that’s what ‘progressives’ would have referred to him as prior to the incident. Now many of them refer to as a ‘white Hispanic’. Jeantel also refers to the jury as ‘old’ and old school’.

    You can’t make this sh*t up. Higher and deaper. Put on your boots.

  47. melvin says

    What comment thread would be complete without the maniacal ravings of ratbastard’s ignorant ass?

  48. simon says

    Let’s consider an imaginary situation:
    Martin also carried a gun. He saw Zimmerman pulling out his gun. Martin acted like Clint Eastwood and shot Zimmerman first. I guess the Jury would also find Martin not guilty because his life was in danger.

  49. Matthew Kercher says

    If I had some stupid punk beating me up, I would have shot him too. Leave Zimmerman alone. He may be a wannabe cop, but he isn’t in the fault whatsoever. I lost a lot of respect for these organizations today.

  50. Tony C says

    First:: you need to serve on a jury before you even think about commenting . I have served twice and once as a foreman.. You are given a concrete set of rules and everything out of that “box” is not important a second:: I’ve lived in Florida for over 2 years in the 80s. Its a whole other head then the north.,they sleep with guns under their pillow, under the Front seats oif their cars., I just never understood how so many people have access. In come the NRA:: we have a right to bare arms!! These demonstrations made me feel good only because people again cared about a cause but I do think that this should have been done when all those children were gunned down in Conn. In their school.. guns are dangerous in the wrong hands..period

  51. says

    Trayvon Martin has nothing to do with gay rights whatsoever. So innapropriate for gay orgs to add fuel to these fires. A jury spoke and that is the end of this matter. Racial inequality needs to be addressed at the ballot box, not through petitions about a settled case.

  52. says

    To all those saying that these groups pledging their support of TM and condemning the atrocity of acquitting a murderer like GZ don’t speak for you, they’re not trying to. You’re hate filled bigots and losers in life, who do nothing but bring down the movement, the culture and society as a whole. You’re right, they don’t speak for you, they speak for the enlightened and people of good will; those who have better things to do with their time than troll internet blogs with incendiary remarks for attention. That excludes you. Retreat to your own little island because quite frankly you don’t speak for me!

  53. amdrew says

    Where is the outrage for the deaths of thousands of mostly young black men killed by young black men in America every year? Most of the self appointed leaders of Black America and the knee jerk liberals are silent on this horrific slaughter. They only get energized when, on a rare occasion, the killer is a person of another race. Only then do they get on their soap boxes and go before the TV cameras and decry these killings. Shame on them. They should be out every day calling for an end to this Black on Black slaughter. But they can’t look at the enormous problems that exist in the Black community and work to root them out because they fear being called racists and Uncle Toms. It is easier to look outward and blame others. If they keep doing that, young Black men will continue being killed. How sad!!!

  54. Adam says

    Stop trying to divert and derail the topic “AMDREW” <== LOL Black on black crime is an issue… another issue. Just because it exists and is a problem doesn’t negate a 17 y/o black boy who was minding his own business while simply trying to walk back home from the store being racially profiled by a racist wannabe cop who ultimately murdered him. You’re attempting to change the subject into something else entirely is transparent and I’m not fooled. BTW people can usually spell their own name. LOL Things that make you go hmmm.

  55. Kev C says

    I’m surprised that all these quasi-legal organizations don’t understand or respect the law. Trayvon Martin was not profiled but was legally observed until he became the aggressor in a physical attack, and is fully responsible for his actions which resulted in his death. That’s what the law and the facts of the trial showed. Sure it’s tragic, but that’s what sometimes happens when you choose to assault people.

  56. JohnAGJ says

    This case wasn’t about race by either of the parties. It was 2 people that had reason to suspect the intentions of the other, made stupid mistakes (understandable though they might be) which fed the fears of the other and led to an avoidable and tragic outcome. The best take I’ve seen on this comes from Slate: http://mobile.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/frame_game/2013/07/trayvon_martin_verdict_racism_hate_crimes_prosecution_and_other_overreactions.html?original_referrer=http%3A%2F%2Face.mu.nu%2F

    The verdict was right IMO because the State failed to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt, which by no means says that Zimmerman was completely innocent of any wrongdoing that night. The fact is that he made stupid mistakes as did Martin. Beyond this there really isn’t much else to say or to engage in further activity, except maybe as a lesson to be very careful what you assume about some strangwr in the neighborhood and how you approach them (that goes for both Z and M). It was a local case that should never have been on the national stage.

  57. MickeySedgwick says

    The verdict was correct, based on the law, and based on the evidence.

    LGBT groups jumping on this bandwagon is a really bad move, and in this instance, they certainly don’t represent me.

    My eyes have been opened by this trial. I’m the biggest MSNBC fan there is. But I stopped watching, as practically the entire network was in the tank for the prosecution, right from the start. I was really shocked. Political correctness is now running amuck, facts be damned. I’m not in any way conservative, but where does this craziness leave me?

    And I do think the data about Trayvon’s, fist-fighting reputation, his getting caught with the backpack full of stolen jewelry and a burglary tool, as well as the tweets on his twitter account (self-titled “NO_LIMIT_NIGGA”) need to be aired and discussed.

    Very dishonest to portray him as an innocent “child” with Skittles, complete with a photo of him as about a 12-year-old. Some critical thought is needed here, not this mob mentality.

  58. RonCharles says

    Justice was served. Both the prosecution and the defence presented their cases in court. The jury felt that the defence had a stronger case. That is what happens in our system of justice; there is no predetermined outcome. If you want to live in a country where the outcome of the trial is known before it is even held, maybe you should move to Cuba, North Korea or the Islamic Republic of Iran.

  59. truthteller says

    @ gwynethcornrow,
    What are you talking about? I answered my own question?

    I know where I stand on this issue and have followed the facts as they have been aired during the trail.

    Questioning someone about their assertions does not mean I don’t know what I’m talking about; it’s about forcing them to prove their point with facts.

    And that, “thanks for playing,” comment it’s just bitchy! This is not a sport. A young life was lost.

  60. Bill Michael says

    This is one time that gay people need to keep their nose out of business like this. People that are unhappy with the verdict in this case need to be reminded that they didn’t sit on the jury nor did they hear the evidence. What the hell is wrong with people? Would we all be dancing in the streets if George Zimmerman had been murdered? Trayvon Martin was not a child. Trayvon Martin was s street thug, the kind that grows up to bash gay people. Take a deep breath and think about that. If I had been in George Zimmerman’s shoes, I’d have done the same thing. If I’d have been Trayvon Martin, I would never have picked a fight with George Zimmerman, I’d have taken my Skittles and gone home. This whole affair is all about race-baiting by our president and this nation’s black leadership.

  61. truthteller says

    Oh Stephan Haddad,

    You claim to be “enlightened” and to be a person of “good will” and this is the vile trash you spew at your fellow gay brethren who believe in the justice system? The jury has spoken and as President Obama stated, the verdict must be respected?

    You wrote:
    “To all those saying that these groups pledging their support of TM and condemning the atrocity of acquitting a murderer like GZ don’t speak for you, they’re not trying to. You’re hate filled bigots and losers in life, who do nothing but bring down the movement, the culture and society as a whole. You’re right, they don’t speak for you, they speak for the enlightened and people of good will; those who have better things to do with their time than troll internet blogs with incendiary remarks for attention. That excludes you. Retreat to your own little island because quite frankly you don’t speak for me!”

    The vitriol you just spewed betrays the facade of your “good will” and “enlightenment” by revealing the poisonous hatred in your heart. No enlightened human being would ever denigrate another the way you just did. Not Gandhi, not, MLK, not Cesar Chavez or any other conscientious civil rights leader.

    We have a legal system in this country and the final authority is the jury. You do not get to try someone over and over until you get the result you want. If you don’t like it change the system.

    Further, you disrespect the jury and all the hard work they did. You DO NOT have the facts they have so all you have are feelings and those are a dime a dozen and very temporary.

  62. truthteller says

    Jose carrabbas,
    Is not a real Latino. How do I know? There is no double bb in the Spanish language and that last name is totally non-existent and made-up. Plus the “Spanish” about taco bell is gibberish! The tense is wrong, the conjugation is wrong… everything is wrong and it means nothing. Poser!

    He is a troll hiding behind a Latino name to inflame race relations.

  63. Derrick form Philly says

    Lord, why did I just read all of this sh.t?

    Zimmerman should’ve kept his stinkin’ paranoid azz in his car. Courage, only with a gun.

  64. jamal49 says

    ARGEEJAY go f*ck yourself.

    An unarmed 17-year old was murdered in cold blood by an aggressive older man with a concealed weapon.

    Zimmerman might be “not guilty” under the farcical laws of the state of Florida, but Zimmerman is not innocent of his crime.

  65. Martin says

    I’ve seen a lot of racism in the gay white male segment of our community.


  66. Disappointed in My Species says

    Zimmerman CHOSE to carry a gun.
    Zimmerman CHOSE to pursue Martin.
    Zimmerman CHOSE to disregard the 911 instruction to stop following Martin.
    Martin reacted to Zimmerman’s choices. Yeah, a 17-year-old may not make the best choices, but one would think a 29-yr-old would at least not be turned on by “playing cop” and ignoring the professionals (911).
    If Zimmerman isn’t up for dealing with what might happen to him based on his CHOICES, then maybe he shouldn’t carry a gun, maybe he shouldn’t act like he’s the sherriff, and maybe he should listen to 911. If he isn’t up for APPROPRIATELY responding to the reaction from an UNARMED kid he is hunting down, then he should just stay home with a big bag of chips and watch reruns of COPS and CSI all night. Zimmerman murdered Martin.

  67. says

    George Zimmerman’s history shows a civic minded individual. He helped troubled black youths, he helped get police officers involved in the beating of a black man disciplined and he took his role in his neighborhood watch group seriously. He didn’t sit on the sidelines of life. Not only that but his gay brother loves and appreciates him so much for his support that he goes on TV and Twitter and puts himself in the line of fire. What is his reward? He’s judged a racist and dismissed as a wannabe cop. His mother is hispanic, rather than his father, he has an English last name and is kind of light skinned, so he’s held up as racist whitey. Leftists race-baiters have no shame.

  68. Johnny says

    The law has spoken, self defense. You all just wait….more stuff will come out about this aggressor and you will all look like fools for supporting him. Time to hope off the band wagon…the ride is over! NOT GUILTY!!!

  69. andrew says

    @Adam: You are right Black on Black crime is another issue. My point is: Why aren’t the people who are outraged at the death of Trayvon even more outraged by the deaths of probably thousands of young Black men in America every year. Why do they seem to get morally outraged only when the killer is White or Hispanic but remain relatively silent when the killer is Black, which is most often the case?

  70. aregeejay says

    Ouch, Jamaaaaal…you really hurt my feelings. Now go punish yourself. Nitwit. 503 BLACK children were killed in Chicago since 2008….where was Big Al? Where was ‘da Rev. JACK-sun, where was Obammy? Holder? Where’s the outrage against convenient stores? No stores, no Skittles. Problem solved.

  71. Kev C says

    Zimmerman may have been cruising for gay sex and was following Trayvon to rape him, according to his friend Rachel Jeantel speaking on Piers Morgan, while explaining her “creepy ass cracka” comment.

    Creepy Ass = Gay Rapist
    Cracka = Afro-Peruvian White Hispanic

  72. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Why do they seem to get morally outraged only when the killer is White or Hispanic but remain relatively silent when the killer is Black, which is most often the case?”

    The motivation of the killer(s), Andrew. When it’s inter-racial violence it brings back bad memories going back many decades.

  73. andrew says

    @DERRICK: And so they muster up all the moral outrage when, on the few occasions the killing is inter-racial, and remain relatively silent when the massive number of killings are intra-racial. This hypocrisy and silence by the leaders of Black America and liberal allies is one of the main reasons that the slaughter of young Black Men continues.

  74. Derrick from Philly says


    remember part of the reason for the protest was the reaction of law enforcement and Florida’s criminal justice system. The parents of Trayvon Martin called upon Reverend Sharpton and others to come and help them. They saw the murderer of their son go free. They wanted help–they wanted Zimmerman arrested.

  75. Texan says

    It’s ironic that all of these LGBT groups support Trayvon, when he called Z a “creepy ass-cracker” because he thought he was gay and going to rape him or his little brother.

  76. Kev C says

    The perception is that gays, such as these gay rights groups, support Trayvon because they want to jump black boys for sex. I don’t think this is a fair perception and it’s probably wrong. But I can’t speak for every gay group, and some may be supporting Trayvon for reasons of sexual attraction.

  77. melvin says

    Just when you think you’ve heard it all, someone conjures out of thin air some sort of black twink NAMBLA caucus that’s driving the community and its discussion. Sure, that sounds reasonable, and monkeys are flying out of my ass.

  78. truthteller says

    How is pointing out the truth racist?

    Making up a fake Latino name and slaughtering the Spanish language for your amusement is disrespectful, at the least, and racist at worst. The “Spanish” gibberish you wrote is meaningless and an insult to the Spanish Language. And you claim to be fighting for someone’s civil rights? How about respecting others’ heritage? That’s how peace is born!

    Prove I’m a racist. Go ahead, quote from any of my posts!


    You call me: “Shut up r@cist f@g!”

    calling someone a f@g when you are gay saddens me to the core, not because being gay is bad, it isn’t, it is a gift from God, but because you are a self-loathing homosexual who thinks being gay is inferior to being heterosexual, you use, f@g, as a slur to demean a perceived gay man.

    Also, personal attacks are the weapon of the weak-minded who attack when their lies are exposed.

  79. andrew says

    @Derrick: I’m not talking about one protest or about the Martin family reaching out for help. I am talking about the nation wide reaction of Black and Liberal individuals and groups to this one tragic event and their usual silence about the horrific slaughter of young Black Men that goes on every day in America. The number of killings of young Black Men, usually by other young Black men, that has been taking place in America for decades almost approaches the statistics you read about in war zones. Yet appropriate outrage is largely missing.

  80. ted says

    “And people need to understand, he didn’t want that creepy ass cracker going to his father or girlfriend’s house to go get — mind you, his little brother was there. You know — now, mind you, I told you — I told Trayvon it might have been a rapist.”

    Thanks Jeantel.

    She also mentioned how Trayvon was gonna open up whoop ass on Z. That is a premeditated attack, and he unfortunately chose ot attack an armed man.

    Extrememly srprised and pleased to see a very high number of people here supporting the verdict and Z’s position.

    More gay people should carry. Two or three incidentes where a gay basher gets his face shot off woulf pretty much end gay bashing for sport. Just as CCW stopped carjackings in New Orleans.