1. Strepsi says

    Blake Skjellerup is a class act. Hope he wears that rainbow pin right up onto the podium.

    I am very proud of my original hometown of Vancouver for Pride House: it obviously made a huge impact to have a refuge for gay athletes. Also, inclusivity is supposed to be part of the Olympic message, not the hate peddled by Putin and his purely evil enablers in the Russian Orthodox Church.

  2. says

    A PIN!? Olympians are EXEMPT from the propaganda law! Every SINGLE Olympian who doesn’t in some way protest this ban with gay propaganda around them or for the cameras is a shameful loser.

  3. JONES says

    ‘So be it’

    Thank you Blake for your bravery in standing up against LGBT oppression everywhere by refusing to be cowed by an Olympic host state. By participating in the Olympics and wearing his LGBT rainbow pin he’ll be silently but proudly proclaiming defiance against how Russia treats it’s LGBT citizens.

    Let’s see if we can get more Olympic Games participants gay or straight from around the world do the same.

  4. Douglas says

    I think that all progressive nations need to add some kind of rainbow inspired emblem as part of their national uniforms to show support for LGBT people and to distance themselves from this oppressive law. I would rather that the people of Russia see this on their tv sets rather than hard working athletes have to boycott the Games entirely.

  5. JONES says

    The more I think about this it grows as a tremendous opportunity to raise awareness to the plight of LGBT globally.

    Blake’s defiance if accompanied by every athlete that believes in equality wearing a rainbow pin and talking about Russian and worldwide oppression on international broadcasts is an opportunity that we should not let pass us by.

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