PM David Cameron Applauds Passage of Marriage Equality Law, Says More Work to Be Done

Prime Minister David Cameron has penned a piece in the Evening Standard praising passage of Britain's marriage equality law but warning that there are other LGBT subjects to tackle.

CameronWrites Cameron, in part:

I have backed this reform because I believe in commitment, responsibility and family. I don’t want to see people’s love divided by law.  Making marriage available to everyone says so much about the society that we are and the society that we want to live in — one which respects individuals regardless of their sexuality. If a group is told again and again that they are less valuable, over time they may start to believe it. In addition to the personal damage that this can cause, it inhibits the potential of a nation. For this reason too, I am pleased that we have had the courage to change…

…The UK is rated as the best place in Europe for LGBT equality — but we cannot be complacent. There are subjects we must continue to tackle: not least taking a zero-tolerance approach to homophobic bullying, and caring for elderly members of the LGBT community. Rest assured, this Government will work tirelessly to make sure this happens.


  1. TampaZeke says

    It’s unbelievable how quickly the Tories moved on this. The Tory leadership has made an amazing about face on gay rights. Too bad the rank and file Conservatives, in Parliament and on the streets, aren’t on board with their leadership. The majority of Tories in Parliament voted against the equal marriage bill or refused to vote.

    But kudos to David Cameron for putting his power behind this historic step forward. He did what Labour wouldn’t. In fact, the Labour Party didn’t endorse marriage equality until AFTER they were voted out of power.

  2. anon says

    This was both a promise made to coalition parters in the Lib Dem party and a way to get past the Tory sex scandals of the late nineties. Blair won huge majorities owing to Tory corruption and sex scandals, and general hypocrisy.

  3. Randal Oulton says

    What’s really unfortunate is that the Tory party could have used this as a chance to say, “We are no longer the nasty party.” As others have pointed out, Cameron championed it but it was MPs of other parties that got it through. The majority of Tory MPs used this as a chance to say, “Darn tootin’, we is still the nasty party!” Like Republicans hug tightly their branding as the Nasty Party of America.

  4. Icebloo says

    David Cameron is the biggest snake in UK politics ! NEVER trust him. He is desperately trying to rebrand his evil Conservative Party because they don’t stand a chance of winning a General Election on their own. His own party fought against the introduction of gay marriage – the only reason it passed is because the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats voted for it in massive numbers.
    The Conservative Party have a terrible and terrifying record on gay rights. This hasn’t changed a thing.

    THANK YOU Labour Party and Liberal Democrats for voting for equality. I hope David Cameron and his Conserative Party rot in hell !

  5. Icebloo says

    Gay marriage would not have happened in the UK if Tony Blair and his Labour Party had not advanced gay rights so quickly when he was in power. Tony Blair did more for gay rights in his time as Prime Minister than anyone else. Not only was he SAYING he supported us but he was actually changing laws for us – a LOT of them !
    So you can all jump on the bandwagon of hating Blair but the fact is he did incredible things for human rights. When he gave us civil unions it opened the door for marriage by changing people’s perceptions of us.

    It is a shame his bad decision on Iraq overshadows all the good things he did for the UK.

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