Popes Collaborate on New Text That Reiterates Catholic Church’s Opposition to Gay Marriage


Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis have collaborated on a new Encyclical, a papal circular letters addressed to Roman Catholic clergy intended to summarise a pontiff's thoughts on a particular facet of Church life.

The piece of writing released yesterday was begun by Benedict and completed by Francis and reiterates the Catholic church's position rejecting same-sex marriage, the AAP reports:

Francis paid tribute to pope emeritus Benedict XVI in the encyclical, saying that the ex-pontiff had "almost completed" the text before stepping down in a historic resignation this year and that he himself had merely added "further contributions."

The 82-page text stresses that there is no contradiction between the Catholic faith and the modern world and calls for more dialogue with scientists, other religions and non-believers.

It also restates the Catholic Church's position on marriage saying it should be a "stable union of man and woman."
"This union is born of their love, as a sign and presence of God's own love, and of the acknowledgment and acceptance of the goodness of sexual differentiation," reads the text.

While some passages in the encyclical have a more academic and ponderous feel characteristic of Benedict XVI, others contain the simpler expressions and brighter outlook of his successor.


  1. Jerry says

    Child f#ckers are against gay marriage?! What shocking news, and Im glad they made it more clear for us. Id like to make it clear how completely irrelevant their opinions are growing each day.

  2. Matt26 says

    What about those in the church using children for decades? Oh never mind, silence is the answer, gay marriage is so much worse! The Catholic Church is bringing itself down steo by step.
    That pic…

  3. Michaelandfred says

    Oppose all you want. Nobody is asking you to perform same sex weddings, just to leave those that do alone. Mind your own business and you don’t need new language.

  4. nick says

    The Holy See is not in a position to advise people about sexuality or what is acceptable or unacceptable in any way, shape or form.
    –the worst example of hypocrisy among the theocrats—and that is saying something.

  5. Alex Parrish says

    Like — the world should turn to two never-married, childless, supposedly celibate old white men in dresses to tell us how we should (or shouldn’t) be married? Yeah — that’s gonna happen…..

  6. simon says

    May be Francis so far is too coy on this issue. The ex-Pope is forcing him to toe the line. It only shows he has not fully retired and controlling things behind the scene.

  7. woody says

    benedict remains an evil, angry man.
    i guess he won’t be marrying his young, handsome companion georg ganswein. that’s ok, he doesn’t need the tax benefits of marriage like the rest of us do. he’s rich and he and georg live in a lavish four-story home in the vatican gardens. his successor lives in two rooms in the vatican guesthouse.
    benedict, die soon.

  8. from the pen of Benecis? says

    I wonder if they wrote in Latin on parchment with quill pens, you know, the way God intended His encyclicals to be written. And, no cross-outs, God hates that!

  9. Dback says

    I will not be lectured by an institution that demands its parishioners pump out as many kids as possible sans birth control, yet its own leadership and priests are supposedly “celibate” while squirreling away church assets and money to protect them from various sexual abuse scandals and lawsuits.

  10. UFFDA says

    These men can’t help but be corrupt and their dictums idiotic. Their history is the former, their followers the latter. Encycliclicals my ass. Get out of the way.

  11. Mike says

    It is time that we show churches just how totally irrelevant that they are. Eliminate ALL tax free status that churches currently enjoy! That is the only thing that they really care about. We have supported them for free for FAR, FAR too long. Even in poor countries the catholic church is especially bad. They have overwhelming power, undreamed of riches, sickly use an endless supply of choir boys that they deplorably screw up for life. They are totally corrupt and then have the audacity to preach against gay marriage between committed adults. Does anyone remember when blacks and whites could not marry. Any objection was quickly dropped when the churches tax free status was even mentioned. This time we must do much more then mention it. It must cease!

  12. MateoM says

    The first MateoM was Rick posting as me, but this once I’ll forgive it because he was funny.

    But he, like Pope Francis and Pope Benedict, is awful.

  13. Mike says

    @MateoM Posing as you? You too. Bother. This is occurring ALL too often. Seems like this could be stopped dead just by having Type Pad or whatever not post unless your name and E-mail match.

  14. MateoM says

    Mike: It’s frustrating, isn’t it? All Andy needs to do is switch to a new commenting system, but he refuses. You’d think he’d care about his audience a little more.

  15. simon says

    Isn’t it obvious? Francis added just a few sentences under the long pointless essay started by Benedick. It is totally inappropriate for an ex-leader to mess around with policies, in a democratically elected government, which it is not.

  16. Neil says

    @Leroy – They say it that way because they learned it that way. Language is not math and is frequently illogical. “I could care lass” is an idiom, a fixed expression, and really can’t be analyzed word by word. It is possibly more popular in the U.S. than in Britain.

    Think about an expression like “head over heels” which isn’t logical. If anything, you’d expect “heels over head” instead.

  17. RexT says

    Ole Bennie just can’t let go of his reign of terror against the gays! Pre Pope, Pope, now X-Pope (oh joy joy joy, to be alive on the Planet with not one, but TWO Popes … X Pope has been driving the ‘Leadership’ conversation for more than two decades. Twisted Sick Men, Corrupt to the Core, Absolutely without a moral compass amongst the whole gang of their global terrorist network!

  18. simon says

    It is going to be a mess. They now have 3 popes. They said John Paul II is coming back from the grave and performing some miracles. They are going to declare him a saint. May be he can write an article on gay marriage too. It looks more and more like a farce.

  19. Mike says

    @MateoM It is unbelievably FRUSTRATING! Especially when you can not post a comment for an hour or so just because Type Pad or whatever will not fully load. It is an added annoyance when some twit rudely has the arrogance to post in your name! [Grr] Think that we should not automatically castigate Andy for his “refusal” to switch to a new more just system just yet. Might have thought it was easy at first but it is a bit more complicated then that. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and our support FOR NOW. Am certain that it is totally solvable just MUCH more difficult. It would have to recognize ALL punctuation keystrokes! For a while now, use what my friends have called my “COMPUTER DOODLES.” Never realized how important to my own insignificant words they were, until I could not use them. They are little pictures like smileys that can illustrate a simple idea. Unfortunately most use punctuation and other keystrokes that Type Pad will not accommodate. For an example if I am going fishing then I type the following which unfortunately will not show here. Try it and you will see what I mean. Type (1) keystroke for “greater then” (2) keystroke for “lesser then”, [these two look sort of like a “v” on the side, first pointing right then left], (3) keystroke for “greater then”, (4) keystroke for “right paragraph mark”, (5) “keystroke for “right paragraph mark”, (6) “keystroke for right paragraph mark”, (7) “keystroke for “the number zero”, keystroke for “greater then.” For the fishhook switch your keyboard to Spanish. Then just type in (8) a space, end with an upside down “question mark” for the hook.There you have “Worrying a fish”. Try it! It is much easier to do then describe. [It only takes three or four seconds to do.] Hope that the steps translated without error. The errors *sigh* are usually mine . . . I type almost everything on my iPad now but it works the same on a computer or any keypad.

  20. Jerry6 says

    With each passing news release from the Vatican, the Roman Catholic Church takes another step backwards toward total obscurity and irrellivance. It has had it’s day when it had the power to burn its enemies at the stake, and pull their arms and legs off on the Rack. Adios, Amigo!

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