1. marc says

    I love this new record!

    Are all the madonna age-haters going to come on here too and tell us that these guys are too old and past their sell-by date?

    Don’t bother!

  2. EO says

    they are amazing; the new album is amazing. have i mentioned how amazing everything is?

  3. don't a tell la says

    I’d rather hear the worst PSB than the best CaCa or Glambert!

    The fact that Glambert is the first openly gay person to have a #1 album is the US means nothing next to the PSB 30 year career!

  4. tweedle says

    I have loved their music since their first record. Here in South Florida they have had ZERO airplay since the very beginning. Nevertheless each of the many times I have seen them play here, the hall is always sold out, and their legions of fans sing along to every one of the songs.
    They have an adoring public that is the envy of many a major pop star.