Rios Radio Show: Teaching Kids About Equality Just Like Teaching Them To Use Crack

Sandy Rios
Sandy Rios of the American Family Association has already warned that the equality "freight train" is fast approaching, demanding God-fearing Christians "to bow the knee or to be crushed." More recently, on an episode of her radio show, Rios resorted to another common fear-mongering tactic: claiming that America's children are in danger. 

Rios devoted part of yesterday's show to discuss the National Education Association. More specifically, she wished to decry the NEA's commitment to including LGBT-inclusive curricula. "The NEA has been for the last twenty years indoctrinating our children," she cautioned, and went on to place the blame of our culture's recent "decline" solely on them. "I think that we can lay at the feet of the National Education Association the reason why this culture has been slouching toward Gomorrah."

Rios then brought on a guest, a South Carolina teacher pastor Ira Thomas. Both attended the NEA's recent conference in Atlanta, and were naturally appalled at the "indoctrination" they saw. Thomas was eventually the one to utter the offending quote, saying that "to me it’s like teaching people about how to use crack. It’s a dangerous game to play on."

Listen to the clip from Rios' show, thanks to Right Wing Watch, AFTER THE JUMP...