1. Hey Darlin' says

    The rich white american male looses traction every day and has alienated so many “others” they will never have them on their side. There is currently a “divide and conquer” mentality amongst rich white males and fundamentalist religious institutions to pit different races and sexualities against each other to keep the competition in small groups so they will not recognize the true power of all the “others” banded together.

  2. MikeSin says

    The media engendered a race story where there wasn’t one. They turned a Hispanic male into a white man, just because it fit the narrative better. They manipulated recordings to make it appear as if GZ said an outdated racial slur not popular since the 50’s as opposed to the actual non-denominational expletive he actually said. And now you want me to beat my chest at the shrill Thomas Roberts tirade? The hate he so arrogantly b!tches about is the same one his ilk created, fueled and reveled in. I’m not defending that stupid vigilante who put himself and another in a deadly situation, but I refuse to be led off the cliff by the Al Sharpton types who so readily ignore the actual racism at their own doorstep.

  3. Rick says

    And with this, Tom Roberts joins the club of stupid, delusional, Far Left automatons that are as out of touch with reality as the Far Right automatons on Fox News.

    Earth to Tom Roberts: The defendant in this case was a brown-skinned son of an Ecuadorian immigrant.

    The jury that acquitted him consisted entirely of women.

    The judge in the case was a woman.

    So no matter how desperately you strain, none of this had anything to do with the straight white men you would so desperately like to villify…..while casting every other group in society as an innocent victim of their evil.

    And by the way, every time gay rights has come up for a vote, the “colored folks” you are trying so desperately to form a bond with here have voted against your kind……because they don’t see you as a fellow “minority” or “victim”…, they see you as nothing more than a privileged white c@ck-sucking faggot for whom they have nothing but contempt.

    So all this makes you, Mr. Roberts, look like nothing more than an idiot for having made the statements you did.

  4. Misty says

    It’s doesn’t matter that he was half-Peruvian (which hispanic is not a race, some hispanics ARE white, some are black, asian, native, etc.)

    He still did have a history of following around black men unnecessarily. Not to mention he still did kill and innocent child.

  5. JY says

    Misty, you’re lying. This wasn’t an innocent child. This was a man months away from legal adulthood with a history of legal troubles, drugs in his system, and he was on top of GZ hitting him. If you’re going to hem and haw, and least be honest.

  6. Jack M says

    How true this is. The plain fact is that most of us are “other,” and a small group of people want to spread hate and discord by criminalizing our very existence. Sound like Nazi Germany? Sound like white supremacy? Sound like Christian Evangelicals? You bet.

  7. Chris says

    I’m sick and tired of people like @JY pointing out that Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman. An armed and dangerous man stalked, hunted and attacked an innocent teenage boy who was doing nothing wrong, even after the 911 operator told him to stay in the car. The boy turned the tables on the armed maniac and beat his ass. The armed man shot him. If Zimmerman didn’t want to get attacked he should have stayed in the car like he was told. Or better yet, not go thinking that a person is “suspicious” just because they are black and in a hoody.

    Furthermore, JY, you are contradicting yourself. “A man months away from adulthood” how can a non-adult be a man? Bringing up Trayvons underage legal troubles and traces of “drugs” in his system is nothing more than a victim blaming smear tactic.

  8. northalabama says

    very well put mr. roberts. please continue this line of programming, and maybe, just maybe, a productive discussion will happen regularly in the media.

  9. says

    All have to do is see how Travyon Martin was portrayed on certain media outlets to see there is somethingw wrong. In left-leaning places he was an innocent child who was pursued by a wannabe cop. In others he was a drugged up thugh who was looking for a fight.

    Yet take Adam Lanza the white mentally challenged individual who killed 26 or so school children. There is no dispute about that but across the board he was portrayed as a quiet individual who kept to himself. No one questioned that he must’ve been mentally ill but when a black teen is shot and killed in the neighborhood he had every right to be in, and was doing nothing absolutely nothing but walking home, he’s made out to be a thug and something he clearly wasn’t.

    We give white, child killing psyhcopaths more benefit of the doubt than black teens.

  10. John says

    I guess he is deciding to give up an pretense that he is a journalist and just a talking head no different than those on the right like O’Rielly and Hannity.

    And for the record, there is no law that says any of us have to listen to what a 9-1-1 dispatcher says. It is NOT illegal to disregard their “orders”.

  11. ratbastard says


    The rich white american male? What about the rich black American male? The rich Asian American male? The rich Hispanic American male? The rich WOMAN of any ethnicity, ‘race’, background?


    And in regards to Treyvon Martin…WTF….SERIOUSLY WTF, do ‘white males’ have to do with this sh*t?

    1) It wasn’t a ‘white male’ who shot him; it was a fellow oppressed ‘person of color’



    And what’s with the ‘angry’ hard face the black woman has, but the goofy white guy has a smile? Why do I see so many people trying to act ‘hard’ by having a mean and angry facial expression? I understand why protesters do this, it’s to attract attention, look interesting for photographers, and to what else? Scare people? Who? If someone, anyone, came up to me with some of the angry/scary faces some of these protesters have, I’d burst out laughing. Is an angry face like that woman has suppose to accentuate gravitas or something? Moral superiority? She and other just look like pretentious pr*cks when they do it. And they aren’t scaring anybody, just irritating them.

  12. JY says

    @Chris, sorry if you’re sick and tired of people like me talking about the facts, but they ARE the facts. The situation was a mess, and very much avoidable. However, it’s stupid to call someone a “maniac” or go after him simply because he was armed and didn’t get beat to death. Also, unlike you, I can say that some who is 17 years old is very different than someone who is 12 years old. The photo used by most news outlets was from when he was 12, and I found it insulting that I was essentially being lied to.

    As for saying Zimmerman should or shouldn’t have done this or that, he has just as much of a right to stay in his car, get out of his car, walk around his own neighborhood, and even follow someone. It’s not illegal. Hitting someone for doing those things, however, very much is, and that’s when he clearly crossed from being a victim to someone committing assault.

    Also, your speculation is pretty astounding. The investigators, as well as the FBI ALL concluded that there’s no reason to think that this happened because Martin was black, but here you are, insisting that you know better than ALL of them, AND a jury. Get over yourself. You’re not an emperor with some magical divine insight.

  13. Derrick form Philly says

    @ “Misty, you’re lying. This wasn’t an innocent child. This was a man months away from legal adulthood with a history of legal troubles, drugs in his system…”

    No, JY, you’re the one doing the lying. Trayvon had just turned 17 years old. In Florida that’s a child.

    Legal troubles? Oh, really. Writing graffiti on a school wall…a screw driver and women’s jewelry in his book bag? That’s legal troubles?

    Drugs? Marijuana? Hell, then half the country has drugs in their system.

    So, now in our country if you start a fight with someone and they get the best of you–you have the right to shoot them? Maybe in Florida. In Pennsylvania your azz would be jail. Then again, if your victim is a 17 year old Black boy….maybe you’d walk free.

    @ “And by the way, every time gay rights has come up for a vote, the “colored folks” you are trying so desperately to form a bond with here have voted against your kind……”

    And always vote for candidates who support civil rights for Gay people.

    Rick, it just galls you that most openly Gay White men seem to be politically liberal. Well, what the do you right-wingers have to offer them? Tax cuts with no job security?

  14. ratbastard says

    When my dad died from bottoming for more than a dozen black men within one hour I knew that he was special. When his anus gave out and he died I knew that his purpose in life was the please black men’s genitals, and even though I’m glad Trayvon Martin is dead, at least I can hope that somewhere in Hell my father is being filled up from all ends by the biggest blackest and violent men imaginable. He’d love it!

  15. ratbastard says

    And why is it very good looking, very light skinned ‘black’ women who are the most p*ssy and outraged when it comes to racial issues? And why do they always braid their hair or have cornrolls? To look more ‘black’? Many of these women live very privileged and well off lives, yet they deign to lecture others about discrimination and oppression [racial, economic, whatever]? Please. What’s ironic is there is ‘racism’, very real ‘racism’, in the black community and it revolves around skin tone; the lighter the skin, the more privileged you are within the black community. Extremely light skinned ‘black’ woman are at the top of the heap, along with the dudes.

    This sh*t is unreal. Come back 200 years from now, same sh*t, same song and dance, will still be going on.

  16. ratbastard says

    And of course MSNBC is a JOKE; NOBODY takes it seriously. For that matter, nobody watches it. I don’t watch Fox [don’t watch TV, period], but at least they actually have ratings to brag about.

  17. Rick says

    Derrick, what you liberals don’t understand is that for masculine gay men like me who are not effeminate, our father’s hate you liberal effeminates and so my dad didn’t love me because of you and it’s all your fault that even into my mid-fifties I’m still not out of the closet.

    Don’t you understand how I can’t come out and it’s all your fault and you liberals are the reason that the only time my dad ever touched me was when he would dress me up in drag and use me as his own sextoy? I wanted him inside me, but I did not want to be dressed as a girl while I did it, and it’s all the fault of you liberals that that’s how it went down.

  18. ratbastard says

    I agree, Rick. Those ridiculous liberals are also the reason that I can’t leave my parent’s basement and hang out with other gay people.

  19. gwynethcornrow says

    It’s really amazing to compare the comments on Towleroad to the comments on Joe My God. I don’t know if Joe moderates his comments, but his readers come off as far more educated than the readers of Towleroad. Just saying.

  20. Caliban says

    Look, here’s the most important fact so far as I’m concerned, and it is NOT in dispute.

    Trayvon Martin was a young man who walked to the store to buy a soft drink and candy and he ended up DEAD!

    He wasn’t breaking into houses, taking or dealing drugs, or committing any other crime but now he’s in his grave.

    How is it possible, under ANY scenario, to call that right or justice?

    Because, completely unrelated to this event, he’d gotten in trouble a few times in the past? Because he acted tough on Facebook?!

    Because if those are all the criteria needed for someone to be legally shot to death while walking to the store, I need to call my broker and look into investing in coffins, preferably those sized for teenage boys, because business is going to be BOOMING!

    For an interesting contrast, look into the story of Marissa Alexander, a black woman who was just sentenced to TWENTY YEARS in prison for firing a WARNING SHOT at her physically abusive husband!

  21. JY says

    Way to lie, Caliban. He wasn’t just walking and shot dead on the street. He was on top of GZ when he was shot. That’s ultimately ALL that matters. Also, @Lifesart, it’s stupid to speculate on “if the races were reversed” because in this universe we focus on things that actually happened, instead of judging court cases on what may have happened in Bizarro World.

  22. anon says

    I’m not sure his pious sentiment has a way of becoming reality. How do we “overcome” these problems? In FL you’d have to modify self-defense laws, racist though they might be. Again, the war on drugs is probably the larger problem here, making huge swaths of the population into a criminal class and adding to crime and paranoia about crime.

  23. Joseph says

    For what it’s worth, when I started teaching in Texas high schools a few years back, I was shocked to discover that the greatest mutual bigotry was actually between the blacks and the hispanics — racism is considerably more complex than what is traditionally taught. (Interestingly, the black and hispanic students didn’t have a problem with me being openly gay — but the white students, wow, that was their big prejudice.)

    But I would LOVE to see Roberts and Harris-Perry host a series of discussions about the social contract in this country, and not just racism, but homophobia, misogyny and even classism (the unspoken bigotry in our society). And not do it with talking heads, but with ordinary people.

    At the very least, the media needs to movie away from telling our nation’s narrative strictly from the perspective of the white, straight, protestant male. Our narrative have so many different voices and they need to be heard.

  24. MickyFlip says

    This guy I knew…20 years my senior, right? Basically, he’s a Wasp (Minus the Protestant). Anyways, he always talked crap and made fun of Black folk. You know? Snide remarks, jokes, “N” word etc. One day I just said that’s messed up. And we get into some heated diatribe regarding race relations. To which I point out to him I’m half-white. Being half-caste, I can see both sides of a story. He replied “At least being half-white is considered a step up in this country.”

    I may not be knowledgeable regarding certain topics. But I do know when there are BS excuses regarding this whole incident and the sad loss of a young man’s life. Simply because he was black. I just learn from my own personal experiences. And that’s one I’ve just admitted to you all. Btw…regarding the guy who said that to me. We broke up.

  25. Gigi says

    @RATBASTARD — You live in your parent’s basement. That explains a lot. As far as FOX and their ratings go, Full House and America’s Funniest Videos had good ratings as well. Studies have shown that FOX viewers are LESS INFORMED about current events that people who aren’t even up-to-speed on current events. Ratings do not always equate quality.

  26. says

    What was it about Trayvon Martin that made Zimmerman “Suspicious”?

    He was black. And walking. At night. With his hoodie on. In the rain.

    because nobody uses their hoodie when it’s raining, right?

    so…Zimmerman pursued Trayvon…because? Because why? WHY did he think Trayvon should be pursued?

    Trayvon tried to get away. Zimmerman went after him.

    Oh, boo hoo. You’re saying “Trayvon fought Zimmerman?”

    Let’s see – teenager walking home, being followed by a grown-adult stranger in a car, tries to run, is still pursued, strange man gets out of car and keeps pursuing, and is ARMED.

    Only in the mind of a piece of s**t racist would stalking and pursuing a teen for no reason be seen as “Acceptable’

    how could Zimmerman feel threatened? You don’t feel threatened if you leave your car. you stay in it and demand the cops hurry the F up.

    again, this is something that everyone who isn’t a piece of s**t racist understands.

  27. Caliban says

    It isn’t a lie, JY. Trayvon Martin was JUST walking to the store. If not for the actions of GEORGE ZIMMERMAN that night, he’d still be alive and talking tough on Facebook.

    Zimmerman isn’t a police officer. He followed a young man who MINDING HIS OWN BUSINESS, making that young man feel like HE was the one under threat! In fact if Trayvon Martin had pulled out a gun at that point and shot Zimmerman then it could be argued that Martin was standing HIS ground. But Martin was UNARMED. So he physically attacked the man who was following him at night in a residential area WHERE HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE and was shot to death for it.

  28. says

    exactly, Caliban.

    “stand your ground” only applies to people who shoot black people.

    it certainly doesn’t apply to a teenager who may have used his fists against the grown adult stranger who actively pursued him even as he tried to run away, whist walking alone at night.

  29. Marty says

    Looks like millions of people suddenly graduated from law school. Too bad these new legal experts know nothing about the doctrine of mutual combatant. If only people actually followed the facts and the law rather than their own preconceived notion that racism exists in every instance.

  30. Queer Supremacist says

    George Zimmerman is white. That should have been enough evidence to prove he was/is a racist.

    I really hope he gets lynched.

  31. gomez says

    @jy. um it is illegal to follow someone with a gun. it’s called “stalking”. it’s a crime.

    the Zimmerman apologists are unreal in their disconnection from who was the justifiably wronged party in this situation. smh

  32. ratbastard says

    Jesus H. Christ. Little Canadian needs to be muzzled. This guy, Raymond Miller, is completely insane. People reading this do realize he’s TR’s UBER-MEGA troll, right? Sometimes I think most posts on various threads are actually him using different aliases and arguing with himself. It’s bizarre.

  33. UFFDA says

    Yes, ANDY, it’s time to put a muzzle on Raymond Miller and his fake names, and those of others as well. But LKIWI really is the most vile of them all…if there are any more than him. MY GOD MAN – DO IT. YOU’VE SAID YOU WERE GOING TO.