Russian Lawmaker Says Gays Must Be Treated, Re-Educated

A regional Siberian lawmaker has announced he intends to set up a group to protect Russians from gay people, and says they must be treated and re-educated, RIA Novosti reports:

Alexander-Mikhailov“None of these people [homosexuals] are harmless, and they force us to defend ourselves,” said Alexander Mikhalov, a deputy in the Zabaikalsky region legislative assembly. “Real attacks on normal people are underway. We have to re-educate [homosexuals], or treat them. Homosexuality is a dead-end in Russia’s evolution.”

Mikhalov says action must be taken to address growing acceptance of homosexuality, and that action must be severe:

The idea of creating a group to defend citizens against homosexuals is supported by large swathes of society, Mikhailov claimed, adding that gay people were particularly “active” on the internet. “We must attract attention to this problem,” he said.

It is not the first time Mikhailov has made outspoken remarks on the issue. Last month he proposed regional legislation that would allow paratroopers and Cossacks the right to beat homosexuals with a leather whip in public places.

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently signed a law to fine and punish anyone spreading "gay propaganda". He also banned gay adoptions by foreign couples. Earlier today we reported on a warning that gays traveling to Russia could face two weeks jail time before being deported from the country.


  1. SFshawn says

    How can ANYONE use the words Russia and EVOLUTION in the same sentence? This level of stupidity,ignorance and intolerance is unacceptable in 2013. Russia,the Russian Government and the Russian people are the ones in desperate need for re-education and they are going to get it sooner than later as they continue to show how truely barbaric and subhuman they really are by their actions and their words. If they want to emulate Nazi Germany then go for it but don’t expect the world to sit by and listen to it. It’s 2013 not 1943.

  2. ratbastard says

    Everybody: Stay the F away from mother Russia. I’d add much of Eastern Europe to the list. This is all due to an attempt to foster nationalism and pride after being so long under communism. And they’re using [using each other I should say] the orthodox church, which is ultra traditionalist.

  3. Rad says

    Old, white politician making decisions based on his fear, bigotry and ignorance. The only thing missing was the playing of the God card, and he could easily be a contemporary of Louis Gohmert, Rand Paul or Mike Huckabee.

    I think before we chastise Mother Russia, we need to look to clean our own house first.

    I still have NO interest in visiting there, just saying…

  4. Bill says

    @SFshown: The comment, “How can ANYONE use the words Russia and EVOLUTION in the same sentence?” misses something – “evolution” implies change, not progress in the sense of improvement over time. Just look at the software industry – they put out products that evolve with new releases, which initially improves the product and then degenerates to change for the sake of change, with the product sometimes getting worse with each subsequent release as the useless changes introduce more and more bugs.

  5. disgusted american says

    When did Russia get taken over by fundamentalist muslims, christians,etc etc?

    Posted by: Michael Heynz | Jul 9, 2013 1:48:07 PM

  6. bructer says

    This kind of behavior by Russia or any other country will make it a lot more difficult to move the world forward. We will need to be a lot more vigilant, the religious right will for sure use this as an example that we are deviant, and can be cured. They will say “see not everyone believes that gay rights are civil rights” Russia has diffidently returned to the forth century. They have a lot of company the Arab world, Africa, eastern block, southeast Asia, a large part of South America not to mention the Catholic Church, Moron Church, the religious right of USA, and a numerous amount to various wingnuts. Keep up the good work and maybe “We will overcome”

  7. Matt says

    Sick. If this sort of intolerance were exhibited towards any other minority, the Olympics would be in jeopardy. Why isn’t a boycott being seriously discussed?!

  8. simon says

    When is Brian Brown going to Russia to open an office for his NOM International? Haven’t heard much about his recent venture into the French anti-gay market.

  9. pedro says

    Russia lost its soul after the Revolution, they killed all their true artists and the intellectual class was ravaged by Stalin. They are at a disadvantage socially because they need to rebuild a free intellectual class that can call them on their bullsh*t without fear. In this current atmosphere that is really hard to do. Those who want justice in Russia will have to decide and be willing to give up their own happiness for the happiness of future generations. It will be a very long haul until Russia joins the civilized world in the way it treats all minorities, not just sexual minorities, but also political, religious and cultural minorities.

    So sad to think this is the land of Tolstoy and Pushkin…The revolution really did a number on Russia. Not that the Tsar was a saint…but at least there was cultural expression in a way that has not existed since.Communism, like Christianism, and Islamism has always been anti-gay, because homosexuals by their very existence invoke the kind of individualism and rejection of the group-think that Communism demands. The same sh*t happened in Cuba under Castro. Read Reynado Arena’s autobiography, Antes que Anochezca.

  10. Moz's says

    a country where the hero of some people here =snowden praised and sought asylum in and the same’s other hero glen greenwald called a flight TO freedom for snowden

    just saying

  11. spg says

    That part of the world has a long and sorted history with totalitarianism and oppression. From the mongols to the tzars to Stalin, etc.; It’s surprising that figures like this man, Putin, and the Orthodox Church easily filled the vacuum left by the Soviets. Hopefully, as the older generations leave and pressure from the west and far east increase more equality in the law will appear. That said, news stories like this are very frightening. I agree with what pedro said in his comment.

  12. Marc C says

    If this doesn’t give every single LGBT and supportive person, throughout the world, pause to actively boycott the olympics, their marketers, and advertisers, then I can only say that you deserve what is coming. Welcome to the Nazis 2.0. Orchestrated by Lively and Co.

  13. woodroad34d says

    Pseudo-intellectual thinking grounded in bigotry and immaturity. It’s what a drunk does to get his way — issuing “facts” that always support their thinking and ignoring real world facts.

  14. Jason B. says

    Russia has never been a bastion of human rights. The needs of the state have always outweighed those of the individual. I read an interesting story of a visit to England by the Czar’s men to review England’s punitive methods, as they heard they were very effective. This was in the 1700s and while down reviewing the toture methods the English used, one of the Russians wanted to see one of the toture devices in action and the Englishman says, we don’t have anyone deserving of punishment. The Russian said, “that doesn’t matter, use him, pointing to an English guard.” Even in a country that used trture they recognized a form of individual rights. That view has really never been an ideal in any form of Russian government.

  15. todd says

    I think he has it backwards. LGBT is not a dead-end in Russia’s evolution. Chronic lack of human rights is devolving Russia into it’s dead-end. If anyone is curious look up English/Russia on the web. The blogger shows what Russia is really like outside of places like Moscow. It’s dour and bleak. For a country which offers little opportunity to its citizens I don’t see how these marginalization’s will ever help.

  16. al says

    “Old, white politician making decisions based on his fear, bigotry and ignorance.”

    Russia is a white country. What color do you think its politicians should be?

  17. Keith says

    Sounds like the Soviet attitude to political dissidents in the 70s. Namely to send people who demanded their human rights and legal rights under soviet law to mental hospital to be cured of ideas repugnant to communism. Evolution is not the word nut regress to a soviet style system of repression.

  18. Kev C says

    Keith, this lawmaker wants gays to be flogged on their asses in town square. Google Mikhalov Flogging. Alexander believes ass whipping is a method of education.

  19. Chuck Mielke says

    We know that American evangelicals sell their hatred in Africa. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that they’ve extended their marketing efforts to Russia and elsewhere with the aid of the Orthodox Churches.

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