Sarah Palin Considering Run for U.S. Senate

Sarah Palin may run for the U.S. Senate in Alaska, Politico reports:

Chicken_palin“I’ve considered it because people have requested me considering it, but I’m still waiting to see what the lineup will be and hoping that … there will be some new blood, some new energy,” the former governor told Sean Hannity during an appearance on his radio show.

Two Republicans have already announced challenges to Democratic freshman Sen. Mark Begich: Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell and 2010 GOP nominee Joe Miller.

“We’d meet with any Alaskan interested in challenging Mark Begich,” National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesman Brad Dayspring told POLITICO, “and Governor Palin is right in that Begich abandoned his campaign promises — most notably by being the deciding vote on ObamaCare — and must be repealed and replaced.”


  1. ian says

    she wont run. she’s a fame whore and this is all about keeping her name in the press. if she does run (to keep up the publicity) she’ll quit and play the victim again; oh it’s the party elites who derailed her campaign etc.

  2. Matt26 says

    Of course she is considering, she doesn’t get attention enough at the moment. Hard to believe someone actually would vote for her.

  3. e.c. says

    “…because people have requested me considering it….”

    Hey, Quity McGrifter, how about you consider finishing that 6th grade English class you obviously failed.

  4. Geoff says

    What’s that on her head? Look, if she’s going to wear a hat (now that she’s older), it should be set off at a jaunty angle. Gad. If I didn’t know better I’d think it was a hair-piece she’d found down in a basement somewhere – a very damp basement, indeed. Poor, old thing.

  5. johnny says

    1. It’s another bullsh*t publicity stunt, just like any other fame whore.

    2. Who would honestly “request her to consider it” in that state? Those people are sick to death of her and they know she’s a quitter.

  6. Butch says

    I agree with John Oliver that just because you walked into a turd supermarket doesn’t mean you have to buy anything. Why keep giving this woman oxygen by publicizing her nonsense?

  7. Jason says

    “I’ve considered it because people have requested me considering it, but I’m still waiting to see what the lineup will be and hoping that …” WTF???? It should be a basic requirement of all people seeking a public office…YOU MUST BE PROFICIENT IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE to qualify. Why can these politicians not construct a simple sentence?

  8. Donald says

    The good news is….if she does run and win, she’ll end up quitting before her term ends anyway.

  9. mike says

    Please oh please, run. The circus would be a nice humiliating distraction from the GOP and force the party to put resources behind her, and a final resounding defeat would be a delicious end to her too-long career on my tv.

  10. mike/ says

    best comment i’ve read/heard so far – “Does she realize that it’s for 6 years?”

  11. noteasilyoffended says

    Oh good! Another job she can quit or get fired from. Those who would elect her deserve what they get.

  12. noteasilyoffended says

    Her ego is MASSIVE. Her words would suggest that she sees herself as some sort of savior when in reality she is just a big-mouthed, fame-seeking blowhard who is a (documented) quitter. This woman is not going away as long as there is a news line or a TV camera within 50 feet. She loves hearing herself talk.

  13. Gerry says

    She’s not running for anything… this is just another publicity ploy… and apparently it is working…if I were the Democrat I’d be praying she would enter the race… but that would be too much of a gift…

  14. Gerry says

    P.S. Not to be catty… (well, actually I am) but looking at that photo again, she needs to ease up on the botox… either that or she has had a recent lobotomy…

  15. Griff says

    I highly doubt she ever COULD run for public office in Alaska again. Being Alaskan myself, I can tell you that Alaskans are fiercely loyal to other Alaskans in entertainment/politics/etc right up until they abandon their Alaskan heritage and/or make Alaskans look bad. She did both when she abandoned her post as governor, and as a result even my most republican relatives despise her.

  16. Seattle Mike says

    She won’t run. How do I know? Because it would actually require her to do something and this is one of the laziest women on the planet.

  17. David says

    I usually don’t comment on peoples looks but considering what a disgrace this woman and everything she stands for is to humanity, I will make an exception. She looks like a worn out old prostitute.

  18. thom says

    ..Come on Sarah, lose that “Bumpit” on your mess of a hair-don’t.They are SO over.She is beginning to look like what comes out of a pick-up bar at 2:00am…alone.
    This being America, she can do whatever she wants to do, including being an over-paid clown of the GOP and Fox News.They need her, even though most sane (relative term when applied to the GOP) potential supporters adhere to the old adage, “Don’t get bit by the same dog twice”..but few ever learn, really. After all, GW Bush was elected TWICE! ‘Nuf said.Go away Scara, shoo.