Same-Sex Marriage Case Sparks Debate In Ohio AG Race

SPepperame-sex marriage has become a lightning rod in Ohio's race for Attorney General following Monday's ruling by Federal Judge Timothy Black that a Cincinnati couple, Jim Obergefell and John Arthur, must be recognized as legally married in the state of Ohio even though they were married in Maryland. reports that once the decision was handed down, incumbent Mike DeWine made clear that he would appeal Judge Black's ruling. Challenger David Pepper, however, found that unacceptable. In a press release titled, "In Cases of Unconstitutional Treatment, AG Has Duty "To Speak Out"", Pepper attacked DeWine for supporting the state's gay marriage ban and for vowing to fight Judge Black's ruling as the couple in question spend what is most likely to be their last few weeks together, as Mr. Arthur's death is "imminent" as a result of his advanced ALS, commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig's disease. Pepper stated,

Dewine“Above all, an Attorney General takes an oath to support and defend the
U.S. Constitution. This case is a truly sad example of Constitutional rights being violated, and the deep and personal harms that result from
constitutionally unequal treatment. I respectfully call upon Attorney General DeWine to recognize the
clear Constitutional wrongs taking place here. Allow this couple to
spend their final weeks together in dignity.”


  1. Alex Parrish says

    Asking a politician to act with good judgement and compassion? What, are you crazy. Why, that might lead to all kinds of things like…justice..God forbid!

  2. nick says

    Phil Burris and his Citizen’s for Community Values have DeWine and the Republicans in their back pocket in Ohio.
    DeWine will never let the law trump his beliefs. Ever

  3. Nelson says

    Mr. DeWine is an ultra conservative fundmentalist from CEDARVILLE OHIO. If you do not know what those words mean, look up Cedarville University on the web. It’s the ONLY thing in town, and is a super-crazy fundie college.

  4. crazycorgi says

    Mike DeWine knows nothing about human dignity. He and the rest of the GOP/Tea Party idiots that the people in Ohio stupidly elect into office to work against their best interests are the reason why Ohio is no better than the state of Mississippi. They have ran this state into the ground and will continue to do so because the voters in Ohio are too stupid to realize that these so called “good christians” they elect are slowly taking everything they can away from the people of Ohio.

  5. anon says

    With DOMA gone, there’s a good chance that the ruling will stand. A ban on gay marriage in Ohio itself is not the issue, so the appeal would have to be fairly convoluted. They’ve already had gay divorces in places like TX.

  6. Bob R says

    Dignity, compassion, humanity are all words that are anathema to a Republican. They are mindless automatons programmed by their fascist doctrine. Anti-democracy, they are truly enemies of the people and their goal is the subjugation of the republic to conservative religious and political dogma.

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