1. rick scatorum says

    Especially when you’re getting pounded by the minor who is on top of you

  2. Peter says

    Andy, your site is being taken over by white supremacists, and other trash from Stormfront.

    You need to start cleaning out the garbage, or you are going to lose your loyal base.

  3. Moz's says

    the autopsy report shows none of zimmerman’s dna found on trayvon……if there was a struggle then there would be

    also the report stated the gun shot wound showed being fired from a distance not up close

    ^ contradicts zimmerman’s testimony and condemns the jurors and florida forever more

  4. Kev C says

    A british muslim wannabe-journalist who doesn’t like Florida. We must be doing something right.

  5. Caliban says

    @KevC, EVERYBODY knows that Florida is batsh!t insane! Just Google “Florida Man” and join in on the joke. (The Twitter link is best because it has links to the original news stories.) If you want to consider that “doing something right”… well, I just that’s just another example of Florida’s batshittiness.

  6. D.R.H. says

    Give climate change a 100 years and we won’t need to care about Florida anymore.

  7. Matt says

    So after hearing all the evidence, the jury concluded that Zimmerman was innocent. The liberal extremists, who did not hear ALL the evidence, disagree with the verdict and claim the jury must have been anti-black. Nonsense. The jury delivered the right verdict based on the state of the evidence. And Peter, get a life. Just because someone disagrees with you does not mean they are racist. I love how liberals like Peter love censorship.

  8. Frank says

    @Matt. He’s not guilty of 1st & 2nd degree murder and manslaughter. He’s far from innocent. There is a difference.

  9. MichaelJ says

    From what we know for certain about what happened — and as Moz’s points out, there are plenty of reasons to at a minimum doubt and probably best to dismiss GZ’s account of what happened — TM would have been correct to fear for his life. And given the stand-your-ground law, TM would have had every right to pound GZ’s head into the pavement until he was dead. And we all know that if it had played out that way: TM would not have been given the benefit of the doubt and would have been on his way to a lengthy if not lifelong term in prison.

    John Oliver’s reference to Tombstone is spot-on because the abstract logic of stand-your-ground is that in any conflict that turns violent, whoever shoots and kills first is not guilty of doing anything wrong. But in reality of the US (not just Florida), these laws don’t play out in the abstract — they play out with respect to race and other factors (like being gay) where some people are treated much better than others.

  10. anon says

    High profile cases often go awry. There were several un-noted murder convictions this week too.

  11. Moz's says

    @ Matt

    get it right


    far liberal is conservative compared to me

  12. Kev C says

    @Caliban, the british don’t understand self-defense. In britain, self-defense means when someone assaults you, don’t say anything to offend your attacker or you will be charged with a hate crime. You can’t even legally defend yourself in your own home in the UK. That’s how stupid and insane the british are. Criminals rights surpass the law-abiding.

  13. OVER IT says

    Rachel Jeantel insinuated during her testimony–and spelled it out on Piers Morgan last night–that she and Trayvon thought Afro-Peruvian/Jewish George Zimmerman was gay. When Piers asked Jeantel if Trayvon was creeped out by George, she said:

    Rachel Jeantel: “Yes. Definitely. After I say, “Might be a rapist.” For every boys or every man, every WHO’S NOT THAT KINDA WAY [emphasis added], see a grown man following them, would they be creep out?”

    Jeantel: “And people need to understand, he didnt want that creepy ass cracker going to his father or girlfriend’s house to go get–mind you, his little brother was there.”

    So attempted gay basher Trayvon initiated a gay bashing that went wrong. And what do the lock step leftist gays want? Justice for the gay basher. And white people are all racists.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  14. OVER IT says

    And Florida didnt keep unrepentant murderer Ted Kennedy in the Senate for 47 years. That would be socialist paradise Massachusetts. I guess driving your car off a bridge and leaving a 28 year old woman to die inside it doesn’t count as part of the “War on Women” (trademark pending).

    Justice for Mary Jo Kopechne!

  15. rick scatorum says

    Some liberals, including myself, can actually think, and think for myself.

    If gz were black, this would not have been practically the sole event covered by the media for weeks.

    And If u disagree, develop your brain to formulate a response other than a string of insults.

  16. OVER IT says


    If you’re thinking for yourself, you aren’t a liberal.

    An GZ is a person of color. He’s an Afro-Peruvian Semite.

    But the lynch mob keeps calling him white because….because….because….YOU’RE RACIST! And White privilege and something! And social justice!

  17. rick scatorum says

    BTW moz, the coroner’s report indicates the gun was shot at a distance of one to eighteen inches

  18. Brian in Texas says

    If George Zimmerman was black and profiled, followed, and then shot and killed unarmed Trayvon Martin without being charged with a crime it would have been THE EXACT SAME INJUSTICE.

  19. UFFDA says

    MOZ – facts please about the firing distance…or RickS has gotcha and you have misled the rest of us. What’s the TRUTH?

  20. Xyzzy says

    Moz is just making this up out of whole cloth.

    The medical examiner’s report actually states that the bullet wound “is consistent with a wound of entrance of _indeterminate_ range.” I.e., there is no information about the distance of the gun or any discussion about the position of Trayvon Martin relative to the gun.

    There is also no discussion whatsoever in the report about searching the body for “zimmerman’s dna.”


    Some news sources have interpreted this report as showing a close gunshot wound. E.g.: “Presence of stippling indicates that the gun was within 2 feet of the victim’s body when it was discharged.”

    (The report mentions stippling, but doesn’t explain the significance of this finding.)

  21. Zeta says

    @Over It, are you out of your fracking mind? Did you really just accuse Trayon Martin of initiating a gay hate crime? Are you for real??!

  22. SPOT says

    Frankly, considering all the trolls here, I’m just going to block the comments section in firefox.

  23. Moz's says

    per COURT TESTIMONY about the autopsy

    No trayvon DNA on gun grip nor zimmerman DNA on trayvon

    the gun shot wound was from in intermediate range

    a quick google shows there are 3 ranges

    near-contact 9 would result if fired during a struggle as described by zimmerman), intermediate, far range

    @ rick UFDA etc singular troll with multiple names. Facts are facts so go shake your racist fist at the court testimony

  24. db says

    Yeah, in Florida a guy shoots an unarmed teenager and gets away with it. A woman fires a shot in the air and gets 20 years.

    I won’t be planning any trips to that place in the near future.

  25. Rad says

    Having lived in Florduh for six years, I know it’s nothing but a redneck, racist cesspool. Inbred, ignorant people. Period.