1. says

    Yes, it made me bawl.
    What a struggle just to achieve an equal right which the self righteous tried to take away.

    I am still struggling with how it could ever have been possible that an enlightened State like California -as distinct from the Bible worshipping rednecks- could ever have passed an amendment taking away rights of citizens.

    But watching this vid. it’s easy to see why:
    “Everyone suddenly burst out singing……”

  2. Silent Guy says

    Love…..pure, unfiltered, joyous, REAL…effing LOVE. Damn! Amazing. I honestly can’t understand how any normal human being could be against this.

  3. DickG says

    Is that Shiela James Kuehl(Zelda from Dobie Gillis, now a polititian) in the 2nd picture?

  4. says

    Are there going to be any attractive people marrying in the news media??…or is it exactly what it is..a status to make you look better than unmarried attractive people?..

  5. Larry says

    How can you say this is a “Joyous Day” this is putting California on the fast track to A.I.D.S.ville!