UC Davis Pepper Spray Cop Claims Psychiatric Injury, Files Worker’s Comp

UC Davis Pepper-Spraying
Perhaps you remember the incident at UC Davis on November 18, 2011 where a bunch of students peacefully protesting tuition hikes were pepper sprayed by campus police, homophobic Lt. John Pike in particular. The former Marine and seasoned officer with 17 years in law enforcement is now filing for worker's comp, claiming he suffered psychiatric injury from the incident. While the specifics of his psychiatric injury were not available as of this writing, if approved his disability benefits would cover income, health and other benefits until he turns 65. Pike also retains retirement credit for his years of service as a UCD employee.

Pike's settlement conference is scheduled to be held on August 13th in Sacramento, and Davis attorney Bernie Goldsmith anticipates protests being held outside the courthouse. If no settlement is reached, the case will likely move forward to trial.


  1. johnny says

    OK, let me get this straight… big dumb, homophobic cop pepper sprays innocent, non-violent students full blast in the face and now HE wants to claim a psychiatric injury…?

    OK, just checking.

  2. Caliban says

    Let me guess, this POS suffered “psychiatric injury” when the photo of him spraying non-violent protesters in the face with pepper-spray made news across the country.

    Well bless his heart! /sarcasm

  3. Jerry says

    You left out the BEST part. He was making $121,000 a year as campus security! He was spraying the people protesting tuition hikes to pay his bloated salary.

  4. Jonster says

    Disgusting. Just look at him! He looks exactly like the type of redneck victim who joined the police force so he could one day luck into a “disability ploy.” Maybe people found out his phone number and started harassing him, hence the reason for his claim. I hope so.

  5. MateoM says

    This guy really has some nerve to claim psychiatric disability. As a former UC student forced to pay extremely bloated tuition prices while this schmuck was being paid far, far more than he deserved, I hope his request is denied. This incompetent oaf should just disappear. He’s a disgrace.

  6. anon says

    A huge percentage of cops retire on disability since there is no review of the claims and it greatly increases their overall income. There is nothing unusual about this case except that it’s being reported. The proper reform would be for the union to offer disability insurance for their members, rather than relying on the public to finance it.

  7. Redboy says

    In New York State – there is a 60 day or 90 day between incident and worker comp filing….No wonder California almost went broke – security guards earning $120,00 a year plus 2 years or more to file worker comp?…..

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