1. Eric says

    I haven’t seen this episode, because I stopped watching with the episode preceding it. This season the writing has been absolutely horrible. For example, I usually couldn’t care less about nudity and cursing, but this season they’ve cranked the cursing up to 11 and inserted it so much that it just sounds awkward (like when adults try to use teenager slang), and there is so much nudity that it reminds me of grade-z soft porn from the 1980s.

  2. abie says

    True Blood is a delightful paradox. The worse it is, the better it is.
    BTW, this wasn’t Kazinsky’s debut, it was at least his third episode.

  3. MarkfromNYC says

    It’s was a good scene. Cute, funny, ironic, sexy.

    But it wasn’t his first episode this season. If I’m not mistaken, he’s been on every episode of the season so far. So, not a debut in any sense.

  4. Matt26 says

    He is my new fav with Ryan and Joe and the scene, as I wrote before, the hottest so far and there have been plenty hot scenes on TB so far.
    @zeddy, Jason looked down and saw he liked his dream – a lot, he’s confused.

  5. Eric says


    You’re ignoring what I actually said so that you can dismiss it. The problem isn’t the cursing or the nudity, per se, it’s that both have been cranked up and inserted with such bad writing that they both appear so out of place that they are awkward.

  6. selrahC says

    @ Adam,

    What do you mean? There was:

    Lafayette & Jesus.
    Russell & His Husband.
    Eric & Russell’s Husband.
    Sam & Bill (dream after drinking his blood)
    Jason & Warlow (dream after drinking blood)

    There’s probably more that I’m missing.

  7. steepike says

    There are gay people in this show but little gay sensuality and absolutely no gay sex. Lafayette and Jesus were the perfect example: a gay couple in the first throes of love who barely touched each other.

  8. hotbeef801 says

    I swear some of you are cray cray and the comment section always good for a laugh.

    This scene was HOT HOT It gave me a boner for that half fay half vampire and I think this season has been great so far!

  9. Tim says

    Some of you guys have to remember, Jason is a very heterosexual guy, remember first season how awkward he was towards Lafayette. It’s in the south where that tolerance isn’t always there. So they stayed true to his character. You don’t have to like it but he’s not gonna be batting for our team anytime soon if at all. In fact we’re lucky we even have gay characters in the story, they aren’t very many in the books.

  10. Kenny says

    Is this Robert even gay friendly? Why do we insist on giving these people attention when the sad reality is most of them are disgusted by us and hate that we are gay? Sighs.

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