1. Sean White says

    As someone living here in Australia I can tell you that the Australian Capital Territory (ACT)is probably going to be the first. However this isn’t a state by law, just a territory. NSW COULD be the first state as there is a definite push there (thank you Mardi Gras) but there have been other states in recent years who have brought legislation forward only to be denied at some point in the approval process. Tasmania comes to mind here where last year premier Lara Giddings introduced marriage laws which passed the lower house but got stopped by the upper.

  2. Adam says

    When it comes to gay marriage, Australia is so far behind the times, it’s not funny. Sydney’s gay Mardi Gras is a sad display of narcissism and fetishes as sponsored by gay corporate whoredom. It is no more indicative of gay progress than a zoo is of animal rights.

    Australia’s gays tend to suffer from ‘disturbed disco bunny’ syndrome. This means they prefer dancing to thinking about gay rights.

  3. Brian1 says


    A poster here named Jason hates women, minorities and Australians, just like you! Any chance you know each other?

  4. AussieSteve says

    The same bill was defeated here in South Australia. They wanted to “wait to see what happens in NSW”. I’m not kidding.

  5. Malcolm says

    Gays in Australia need to organize and get serious about equality. Mardi Gras should be replaced with serious activism and rallies. The image of Aussie gays is very frivolous, partyholic, and immature. They also need to challenge heterosexuals to speak out in favor of equality, including celebrities.

  6. Tristram says

    I do wish Australian gay people would turn the mardi gras march into a serious protest – currently it keeps our public image to the level of court jeste.