1. T.s. says

    So…Robertson and the clerics of Iran see eye to eye on yet another issue. Cut from the same wretched, vicious cloth…

  2. Robert M. says

    I believe the old bigot is getting senile. As evidence, look at the last ten years of comments..

  3. Mona says

    Who wants to bet he just misheard the question? Retraction/clarification in 3… 2… 1…

  4. Michael says

    I smell a HUGE rat. On the same day we have Robertson saying being transexual isn’t a sin and the Pope saying he’s not judging gay people.

    Sorry but there’s just no way all of a sudden both men change their tune on the same day. Something is up BIG time IMHO.

  5. says

    What a complete idiot. I am surprised he can string words together. Just a hodge podge of rules and grammar that mimic a brain in that man.

  6. thom says

    This man is like the ubiquitous cockroach…eternal and hard to get rid of .. I especially am intrigued with this comment from his rambling:”However, I don’t think there’s any sin associated with that. I don’t condemn somebody for doing that, it’s not for you to decide or to judge.”…..uh, Pat, hello?….you say it is not up to anyone to judge, but are you admitting that condemning is okay?… some circumstances warrant a “condemnation”? double-speak is allowable in a Christian home. Yep. Let’s keep him around for a while though, shall we? He is great comic relief and to be able to witness his meltdown as he creaks into senility is rather fun….so “condemn” me for wanting that…or not.

  7. anon says

    I’m sure they will issue a correction in the coming days. However, trans issues rarely come up among evangelicals.

  8. Rick says

    Trans people are not godly. They’re just mutilated and gross. Pat got a lot less hot in my eyes for this. I still would kick him out of bed though. I don’t have the spine for that.

  9. Rick says

    *wouldn’t kick him out of bed. Sorry for the typo. Pat had my so hot and bothered I had to type one-handed.

  10. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Trans people are not godly. They’re just mutilated and gross.”

    So, you WERE posting comments under a different name on last week’s topic concerning the Justice Department protecting the rights of Transgender kids.

    What’s the f.cking point, Rick, of posting under different names? It’s not the same thing as Little Kiwi’s parodies of you. Kiwi’s parodies were deliberatley outrageous to make fun of your outrageous views. What you’re doing is just plain peculiar.

    And by the way, not all Transgender folk are Transsexual (Lord, how many times do we have to remind your anti-Trans bigots of that?)

  11. JakeAZ says

    “Rick”, or whoever else you are today, STFU with your trans-hatred.

    I and mine are neither “mutilated” nor “gross”. How is such a vile mouthful of Scheisse from you any different from the Catholics’ “gay relationships are intrinsically disordered”?

  12. Male Bug Fan says

    Wait, I thought that LGBT was justified because homophobes don’t distinguish between LGBs and Ts but lump us together. It seems that isn’t true. Seems that even a geriatric bigot like Pat Robertson can see that there is a difference between LGB and T.

    Robertson probably also understands that many Ts are both straight and homophobic and so has sympathy for them.

  13. QJ201 says

    Ah he must be taking clues from Iran where gay men are forced to have sex changes.

  14. TheDrDonna says

    Yes, Bug Fan, because one person isn’t as bigoted as is claimed, obviously that proves there’s no association whatsoever.

  15. Truth SERUM says

    I’ve always felt passable transgenders are pretty privileged. And they know it.

  16. Male Bug Fan says

    DrDonna – He’s not just one person. He is a hugely important figure in the Christian Right. This is the founder of the Christian Coalition and the ACLJ. This is a former Presidential candidate. And he knows that LGB and T are different.

    And he isn’t the only one. In fact, when it comes to other components of “T” such as hermaphrodites, I’d say the vast majority of homophobes know the difference between T and LGB.

    Now, don’t get me wrong. Even if all of them erroneously believed that LGB and T were the same thing, that wouldn’t be any justification for LGBT. But since the trans activists claim that this is a valid justification, it is great to see this exposed as yet one more trans activist lie.

  17. TheDrDonna says

    Well, he’s a pundit. That means he is supposed to reflect what his people think, rather than tell them what to think. If he said tomorrow that gay people are ok and we should all have equal rights, they’d punt him out the window and find some other bigot who will whisper sweet obscenities in their ear. I have no doubt there will be either a retraction from him or condemnation from other groups. Regardless, there are many reasons why the LGB and T belong together, and this doesn’t even invalidate the one reason you’ve chosen to make it about.

  18. Bill says

    @Mona: From listening to the video, I don’t think he misheard it. His comment sounded like he was simply saying something to get out of the discussion and on to a different topic.

  19. Male Bug Fan says

    Yeah, there’s lots of great reasons for gay people to lump themselves in with crossdressers. It’s worked out so well.

    Well, actually, it has worked out pretty well for shemales, who now have a kind of slave army of “cis” people doing all their work for them and handing over to shemale causes their money and political capital.

    LGBT is a huge scam and like many scams, it only works so long as the marks are kept ignorant. Which is why you always come here to post only on trans stories. You can’t let the LGBs talk among themselves about trans issues unsupervised or else they’ll realize that they are being conned.

  20. Derek says

    @Male Bug Fan,

    I hate to say it but I agree. LGBT doesn’t help us, it hurts us.One of my dearest friends lives in Anchorage and they felt like they had a really good chance to pass a gay rights law there.But the gay group that has been working on this for something like 30 years was strongarmed into including transgender identity.The oponents focused on that and they lost. 30 years of effort down the drain.

  21. SAYTHETRUTH says

    So he is accepting his fellow heterosexual fellows. Nothing new or revolutionary for a bigot there. In Iran (but not only) they even “force” gay people into a faulty gender transition as that is the only way they can understand that to work.

  22. Squickie says

    I think you’re wrong, male bug. Most transsexuals are LGB, so they belong in here with us.

  23. Bradford says

    I don’t find it hard to believe that he has a stance like this. I come from a strong evangelical background, and I know quite a few people who would agree with him.

    In their eyes, trans and gay people all suffer from a mental and/or medical condition. By going through gender reassignment, trans people are actually seeking treatment, and that is to be applauded. It’s the same reason they so fervently support(ted) “pray the gay away” treatment; it shows that a gay person is seeking to correct the “problem.”

  24. Thedrdonna says

    For the record, “male bug fan” means he’s a fan of Cathy “Bug” Brennan. CB is a notorious transphobe (google her!) who not only thinks that trans women should be forced to use men’s restrooms, but has also advocated forcibly detransitioning trans people. She’s outed trans folk who dared to disagree with her, and creates smear sites to attack people she disagrees with. She holds that trans folk are a tool of the patriarchy, who are supposed to “steal” femaleness from “real” women. Just, y’know, FYI.

  25. GRivera says

    BOO! Who gives a crap what a grown man who thinks he talks to a god in the clouds thinks? He is a horrible human being and has already done damage to gays and lesbians – alive and dead!